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Ok so I am a 50 yrs old mum of 4. I weigh 52kilos...

Ok so I am a 50 yrs old mum of 4. I weigh 52kilos and am pretty fit. I work out every other day but nothing can get rid of the extra skin I have from giving birth to 4 very large babies. I had my last child at 41. I have tried everything to tighten my stomach but honestly nothing is ever going to tighten the skin.
So I am going in to get a mini TT. Travelling to Thailand to have it done as Australia is super expensive. I have been reading all the stories on here for about 6 months now and am getting very excited. Still have 6 weeks before I go but after such a long wait I am thrilled that it's just around the corner. Have included some yucky before pics so I can look back afterwards and see the diff...

5 + weeks to go

5 and a bit weeks until I go to Thailand for my mini TT. I am madly exercising and keeping my diet in check. I am hoping for no lipo and I don't think I will need any muscle repair as I can feel muscles under my skin. Concerned about how long it will be before I can get back to exercising after the op. All these questions but because I am have surgery in Thailand I can't ask any of them until I get there because the dr needs to see me to answer them and that will be the day of my surgery.

4 weeks + 1 day to go

Trying to really watch my diet and exercising every day now. Can anyone tell me if there is anything that I should buy before I have the op? I can get the CG from the hospital. Should I use scarguard or mederma and when do I start using them? What about bio oil, has anyone used this? It's getting exciting...yay!!!

My time is close

Woohoo!! have packed my bags and leave in the morning for Thailand. I can't believe it's finally here. My appt/surgery is on Tuesday, stand by for updates..So exciting..

I'm here

Hi everyone, well I arrived in Bangkok very late last night and have had a good nights sleep. Breakfast this morning early and I'm off to the hospital to meet my surgeon and then I think I go straight into surgery. Keep me in your prayers..OMG!!! can't believe after all this time the day is here..Yay for me!!!

day 2 post op..

Yay..I've done it. Mini tummy tuck done..I did not need lipo or MR and I have very little pain, not even enough to take any pain killers. I did however have my upper and lower eyes done and so my vision is blurred and eyes are very swollen but still not pain. I did not get a drain and have started wearing binder from today. I week I go back to get stitches out. Really stoked with the way it all went. Hospital was good and ever though there are a lot of nurses that don't really understand much english the hospital does have special english understanding employees that help you every step of the way. The nurses are very attentive and friendly and I would recommend the hospital. will post pics aalthough not much to see yet as I am all bandaged. I will add a pic ofmy eyes, looks yuck, very swollen but doesn't hurt..

day 3 post op

woke up after a good sleep..and really don't have any pain in my stomach at all. my eyes are clearing up, can't wait till that's over cause then I can go out and start doing some sight seeing. I took my binder off just for a minute to take a look and photo (attached), can't really tell because there is still a bandage on the incision but the swelling is going down really well. I did a little exercise today (just arms and did it while I was sitting). Keep thinking about all the clothes I can happily wear now. So impatient for recovery to be over. Hope everyone else is doing well. x

pic of stomach

Pics a bit lumpy but that's from the binder..and it's only day 3, yay!!!!

still trying to upload a pic

dents are from the binder but I'm pretty happy with how it's looking, can't wit till tuesday to see my scar

day 4 post op

Day 4 post op. So impatient to see what my scar looks like so I had a little sneaky peek. (pics attached). Happy with what I can see so far. Now it's just a waiting game. My eyes are still swollen.I did a 30 min walk today, so hard to just sit around doing nothing.

Day 6 Post op

Still feeling good, tomorrow I get the stitches out, yay!!! I have been relaxing a lot, sleeping when I'm tired during the day, keeping up my water, although this morning I did weights (arms only) and 30 min walk on the treadmill (slowly). And I was naughty and took my binder off for a little while and my bandage (pics attached). I am pleased with the positioning of the incision. I am also glad that I didn't have a drain to worry about and my stomach is very swollen but so far so good.

Day 7 Post op

went in today to have my stitches taken out. I think I was more scared than when i had the surgery. Was worried about whether it would hurt or not. YAY!!! no pain, well a little, but bearable. Bought some cica-care silicone strips recommended by the surgeon, very expensive (even here in Thailand). So I have cut some strips and out them on straight away. Apparently you have to work your way up to leaving them on for 12 hours a day, so I'm leaving them on for 4 hours today. Keep you updated on my progress.

Day 8 post op

So lucky that I am in Thailand and on holidays, I can sleep when I am tired, no shopping, cooking, cleaning or looking after anyone but me.
As much as I have not had any dramas with this procedure, I am so tired all the time, I guess that's just the body repairing itself. I'm also very swollen and have been reading everyone's reviews to try to work out how long that goes on till. I'm so used to running around and being active that it making me a bit crazy not doing anything. I did go to the gym and did a walk on the treadmill and some small weights, arms only. I'm trying to eat right so I don't put on any weight and drinking heaps of water. Have left the silicone strips on for 6 hours today. Not sure why you have to work up to leaving them on for 12 hours. I am using a mix of pure Vit E oil and Rosehip oil when I take the silicon strips off. I'm sleeping well, even on my side without any pain. Anyway nothing else to report.

Day 9 Post op

Have woken this morning feeling pretty good and am venturing out to the CDB for some shopping. I have, so far, been hibernating, so not sure how I'm going to go. I wonder if my boyfriend will think I look like Frankenstein's girlfriend. I guess I'm getting a bit nervous about going home and seeing him. Updated pic.

Day 10 Post op

Day 10 Post op..didn't sleep very well last night, I was a little uncomfortable and found it hard to get a good position, even though I have been able to lay on my back and on both sides from day 3. Today I went to the gym and did some light weights for my arms and walked at a good pace on the treadmill for 40mins. I have been taking my binder off occasionally, just for an hour or so and that feels so good. Had a little sleep and have woken feeling a lot better. I don't feel that I get more swollen without the binder but know that I need to wear it most of the time for best results. I have been using silicone strips on my scar, I wore them for 12 hours yesterday and will put them on tonight to sleep in. I am most impressed with my scar, it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet and it looks good. I have started getting a few little twangs in my tummy, hmm I think that's it healing, so I don't mind.

Day 12 Post Op

Yesterday I took my binder off and just wore those really tight big undies that you buy from Target, the ones that you buy to hold your tummy in and that come up under your boobs. And my tummy was great. I walked all day at the markets in Thailand and felt really good. When I got back to the hotel I thought I would be swollen and sore, but nothing. So last night I went to bed with another pair of the big undies and this morning I feel great again. So, I am putting the binder away which I hate and am just wearing big undies from now on (well not forever). I can tell that I am still a bit swollen cause if I wear normal undies the line where they finish puts a dent in my stomach, so I know I am still a bit swollen but it's no bigger than when I wear the binder. I keep the Steristrips are on for 12hours a day now, (just put them on about 6pm and when I wake take them off and wash them, ready for the night again. and I am getting more feeling inside my tummy. And actually I remember thinking that my lower back just above my bottom felt a bit numb also since surgery, that this morning feels back to normal..Yay!!!! Off to the markets again today for some last night shopping for the kids. Will post a pic on day 14, cause I figure you must be getting sick of my naked body...hehe..happy healing everyone..

13 days post op

Feeling great today. I have stopped wearing my binder and am only wearing big undies, much more comfortable. My tummy is still swollen but the scar is coming long nicely. Wearing steristrips 12 hours every night and then either Vit E or Rosehip oil every day. Went to the gym and worked on my arms, 40min walk and for the first time since surgery, 3 sets of 75 squats, yay!!! that felt awesome..Hope everyone else is doing well.

114 days post op

Everything going really well, I'm basically back to life as I knew it, minus ab work. Went to the gym this morning and did a 40min walk and squats. My tummy feels great, feels a little heavy when I first get out if bed. Swelling is slowly going down, and I'm very happy with my results. My belly button has some loose skin around it, I guess that's because I had a mini TT. But you know what, I am happy with it and once I am able to start doing ab work I know it will look even better.

oops the above post should read 14 days post op

the above update should read 14 post op

16 Days post op

So I was walking on the treadmill this morning and it occurred to me that I think I have been writing the wrong thing in all my updates..OOPS!! I have been writing that I've been using steristrips and ripping them off every day and then putting new ones on..Silly me!!! they are not steristrips, they are in fact SILICONE STRIPS...So now I am wearing them 24/7..I read that's what your supposed to do. I am not wearing my binder anymore and the swelling is going down really well..that's all I wanted to say..cheers

3 weeks Post op

well today 3 weeks ago I had my mini TT surgery. I still have swelling which I expected but I feel amazing. I have kept the silicone strips on 24/7 and I really think that they are fantastic, so I would recommend using them to everyone. They are a little expensive but seeing my scar today after having left them on a week now, I'm a believer. I am not wearing the big pants any more cause the swelling is minimal and it's there whether I wear them or not, so am much more comfortable in my own underwear. I love how low my scar is, and would really recommend my surgeon. I can't tell you how happy I am with my results, should have done it years ago. Bring on summer and my new bikinis..YAY!!!

4 weeks post op

Everything is getting on really well, selling is still going down, I am back to my complete exercise regime including ab work. I am still wearing the silicone strips 24/7 and life has resumed back to the norm. Hope everyone is doing well.

4 1/2 weeks post op

I have started using Bio Oil at night and silicone strips during the day. All else going well. Happy healing everyone..

5 1/2 weeks post op

Well I am feeling really good. Tummy still gets swollen as the day goes on, I think it will take at least another couple of months till there's no more swelling. I started doing ab work but have stopped as I think it was too soon, so the top half of my tummy is looking pretty loose but I know once I start again it will tighten up. Incision, I think, is looking good. I am alternating with Bio Oil and silicone strips. pics taken this morning.

From this to this in 5 1/2 weeks

6 weeks post op

started doing a bit of ab work, then stopped and now have started again 2nd day of 400 abs each day. Tummy feels good..Yay!! now I can get back into it completely.

8 week post op

all going well with me. Still get some swelling usually by the afternoon if I have been on my feet all night. But when i wake in the morning my stomach is completely flat. So pleased about that. I have just started to lift heavier weights and am feeling really strong.Happy healing everyone.

9.5 weeks post op

Nothing new to report. The swelling gets less everyday. I am working out and feeling great. Don't really even think about it anymore. Scar is looking good too..I haven't been wearing the strips or putting anything on it.Just occassional Bio Oil. .so all good. Happy healing everyone

12.5 weeks post op

Nothing new to report. Feeling good, have been working heaps so not much exercise. Swelling is still there a little but getting less every week. Am thinking of betting my belly button tightened as there is still loose skin around it and I don't think it will be a big deal.

14.2 weeks post op

updating my pics at 14.2 weeks. Scar is healing nicely. I am not putting anything on it any more. Not exercising much lately due to work commitments. I'm happy with my progress so far. Happy healing everyone

15.1 weeks post op

15 weeks and 1 day...Happy with my progress, pics attached..scar is still visible but is fading and healing really well. happy healing everyone..xx

17 months post op

Just thought I better update on my recovery. Happy with how I have healed, my scar is mostly invisible, just a section about 4 cms long is slightly raised. My doctor back here in Australia has said that he can fix it, I had to wait for it all to heal first, so I think he's going to inject steroids into that small section in the next couple of weeks. I do however think I prob should have had a full tt.
Dr Thawatchi Boonpadhanapong

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