Rhinoplasty in Bangkok, TH

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Total Cost is in AUD. I am now 14 days post op...

Total Cost is in AUD.
I am now 14 days post op after having a Rhinoplasty & Tip-plasty done at Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok. I have always had a hump on the bridge of my nose and bone thickening down the sides of my nose. The tip was slightly big so I didn't want too much change but the hump was the main thing. I flew to BKK on Wednesday arriving at 8pm. The hospital arranged transport from the airport to a hotel close by the hospital and my consult with Dr Suthat was for 10.30am on Thurs 31st July. I had to stop eating and drinking at 7am. During consult with Dr Suthat, I explained what I was looking for and he explained what could and could not be achieved. His English was very good, however there was an International Coordinator in all my appointments throughout the day in case there was a miscommunication. I felt very comfortable with Dr Suthat and agreed to proceed with the surgery and have it done that day. 

The next steps were paperwork to be completed, full medical history documented, make payment, meet with my anesthesiologist (which I have never done in Aus) and then taken to my room (private suite, own bathroom, big couch and chair, tv, fridge etc) I got to my room around 2pm. A nurse came in to insert the IV and start giving me fluids, they also take blood as they do blood tests before surgery as well (for patients over 40, they must also have chest x-ray and ecg before surgery will be performed (again, this does not happen in Aus) I asked for something to calm my nerves and they gave me a Valium at about 3pm and I was taken down to theater at 5pm. I was wheeled into theater, my anesthetist said hello and asked me to take a few deep breaths (through a gas mask), I remember laughing a bit, everyone in the theatre laughing at my laughing and then I woke up (very groggy) in recovery. I felt quite nauseous and in a bit of pain but drifted in and out of the anesthetic. 

I got back to my room at 8pm, was given some pain medication and dinner was left for me (the last thing you will want is dinner, however I was grateful for the Strawberry juice and sipped on this through the night. Nurses come in to check blood pressure and temperature and ice packs (they put on your face) approx. every 2 hours so it is a little difficult to have proper sleep but their constant checks were very reassuring. I spent 3 nights in hospital and then checked into a hotel for 7 nights. This was the easiest, most pain free surgery I have ever had (I have had BA, Otoplasty & Tickle Lipo) The painkillers I had the night of the surgery were the only pain medication I have taken, throughout the whole recovery, I kid you not! 

All my bruising was gone by Day 9 (easily covered with concealer from Day 5) and swelling gone around Day 4. I had a blocked nose for 2 days (could only breath through mouth) and a slightly blocked nose which I still have on & off now (Day 14) however nothing bad, can breath fine through nose, it would mostly be caused by mucus sticking around the stitches inside my nose (gross, sorry) I very gently clean the inside of my nose with saline soaked cotton tip (a small head cotton tip) and then put some antibiotic cream in my nose that the hospital gave me. I actually started cleaning my nose with saline/cotton tip from about Day 4 as I had heard about a bad smell in your nose being a side effect. I have had no bad smell at all. Whether it was from the cleaning I did or maybe I wasn't susceptible, I will never know. Doctors do say not to use cotton tips up your nose for a weeks, but each to their own, I was very gentle and it has caused no harm. I think it also depends on how they perform the surgery - my hump was removed by making a tiny hole at the top of my nose next to my eyes and sliding a "scalpel/chisel" down under the skin and chiseling away the excess bone. I think another way is breaking the bone and re-setting it and in this instance they pack your nostrils with gauze (no doubt where the bad smell comes from) and they also put a plaster cast on your nose. I had tape and a metal splint on my nose to protect it from an accidental bump. I was out and about wandering the streets of Bangkok from Day 5 (with one of those flu face masks on) and I was back at the hospital on Day 7 for the tape and splint to be removed. I was advised not to get my nose/tape wet so I found a great hairdresser down the street from the hotel where I got my hair washed and blow-dried, with curls (for $10)

I have put photos from Day 1 to Day 10 (day 1 being the day after the surgery) My before photos are not very good, sorry I wish I had of taken more now :( 

A little background on me which may go a way to explain why I seemed to heal very quickly :)
I am 32 and I clean eat 10 days out of each fortnight (and by clean I mean no sugar, carbs, processed foods, alcohol, dairy). I don't smoke, I drink 3L water a day, herbal teas, no caffeine or soft drinks, I drink alcohol a little and I exercise every 2nd day. In the lead up to the surgery I took Bromelain, Arnica, Vit C and Zinc (for about 4 weeks prior, stopping a few days before surgery)

After the surgery, I started back on the Bromelain (2 capsules a day) and Arnica spray (4 times a day under tongue) the day after the surgery and started the Vit C and Zinc after 7 days.
The hospital was brilliant, so clean and the staff go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable and they are so friendly and always smiling (totally different to Aus hospitals which are not overly clean and have sour faced nurses, however not all are like that, I am generalizing a little)
I would recommend Yanhee Hospital and Dr Suthat 100%

When I first started my research into surgery in Bangkok and contacted Yanhee Hospital, my email was responded to by Maureen (an International Coordinator) who really helped make my decision easier. For a while there I think I was emailing her nearly every day with different questions and she was always so quick to reply and so happy to help. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet her while I was there as she was on leave. I hope this review helps anyone thinking of getting this surgery, however there are risks involved in all surgery, whether done in your home country or overseas and everyone's recovery is different. Just do lots and lots of research until your 100% happy with your decision and do as much as possible to ensure your body is in tip top condition prior to surgery to speed healing. And please be realistic about your expectations or you will end up disappointed. My nose isn't perfect, I would have loved Scarlett Johansson's nose, however with the nose I had, you can't build something totally different and it probably wouldn't suit my face anyway :)

Dr Suthat Koonnawarote

I met Dr Suthat in person (after researching him online for about 6 months) when I arrived at Yanhee Hospital. We had a consultation to discuss my expected outcomes and what he could achieve. He came to visit me each day I was in hospital (2 days) and I had a follow up appt with him on Day 7 to have the tape & splint removed. Wonderful English, very honest about my expectations and what he could do. I felt very comfortable with him and would def use him again should I need anything else done.

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