22 Yr Old Getting Labiaplasty+Hood reduction in BKK

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I have researched this procedure for years...

I have researched this procedure for years (literally, used to send emails to clinics inquiring about minimum age to get it done when I was in high school) and am finally in a place where I have the time and means to do so. I am very nervous and excited for the consultation I have booked on the 20th of this month - provided it goes well I 'll have the procedure done soon after. The Dr. I am going to is female, which helps, and has tons of experience which was important tome. THe reasons I want this done are that I have always felt strange and embarrassed about my labia, and it makes me uncomfortable when exercising, especially biking and running. It has really affected my dating life as I'm paranoid about someone seeing it, and the only guy I was somewhat intimate with had a weird reaction, like it was something he didn't know what to do with or had never encountered( we didn't have sex and I know this is more due to him being an inexperienced loser but it didn't bolster my confidence to say the least).I am sick of my fear of dating people thinking they will reject my body, and the discomfort and shame I feel because of it. However, I have apprehensions about the possible results too and hope to still have some labia and that things will be the same when I choose to (tmi/sorry) masturbate. I honestly have not seen anyone comment on this but it is really important to me so I hope the area will feel the same and can be touched in the same way after. I am hoping to do it by simple excision and preferably local anesthesia but will decide at the consultation. I hope my experience can be of help to someone else, particularly those in Asia (where I am having it done).


I had to move my consultation to tomorrow, the 1st of August 2016, due to having a busy month. I will be seeing the doctor at around 10 am. I feel nervous and excited, and at the same time am hoping it goes well as I am not sure what to expect. I only wish I had found the guts to get a family member or friend to go with me as I have not told them this is happening. The coordinator I spoke to by email gave me an idea of the price and told me that provided the consultation goes well, I may be able to have surgery on the same day. Not sure if this will actually happen, but I hope things work out for the best tomorrow. I will probably shave before going, but am not sure this is a good idea as I read from other reviews it can be uncomfortable when growing back. I hope I'm ready for this surgery to happen tomorrow, it would lift a weight off my shoulders honestly. Will update with pictures.

Consultation + before pictures

I just came back from a consultation with the Dr. It was my first time at the hospital too, I found the facilities did not appear to be as new or renovated as other hospitals in Bangkok, but the staff were , for the most part, competent , nice and friendly. The Dr herself was not so friendly, seemed a little stern and maybe preoccupied, and the price I ended up being quoted is much higher (30000thb higher ) than the one I was quoted over email. I believe this is because she's also recommending a clitoral hood reduction to balance the look of the vulva, but I am still considering whether I should ask for just the labiaplasty, no clitoral hood reduction. After- surgery instructions were minimal, I was given a leaflet about how to prepare myself as I have booked myself in for the 3rd, the day after tomorrow. I really disliked it when the nurse seemed aggravated when I changed my mind about wanting the surgery on the same day and wanted to move it to the 3rd to have some time to think. She was quite insistent on wanting to know why I didn't just want to go through with it today, which was unprofessional and annoying. I may call them tomorrow to ask about the price , whether not doing the clitoral hood reduction would reduce it . At the same time I don't really want to 'bargain' because this is surgery on such a private and sensitive area and if paying more to get the best result or care is necessary, I might as well cough it up. Anyways here are some before surgery pictures I took this morning, will update after I get it done on the 3rd.

Day 1-did I make the right choice...

Ok so this is a sort of emotional/scary time for me. This morning, I went to the hospital, decided to go through with it. However , I am now worried and praying for the best outcome. I would also have reservations about recommending the hospital, the doctor, and the procedure to anyone else. I am actually too afraid to take a look at what 'she' looks like now , especially because of all the reviews I 've read saying you shouldn't look at her during the first week because you will be horrified. Yet I do want to attach a photo to this so that as I get on with the healing process I can see how far I've come. I'm having a lot of mixed emotions thinking about the final outcome, but I don't feel like stressing myself out will help me now. Honestly, any girl out there obsessing about her labia, think long and hard about this. I got to the hospital at 10 am, not having eaten anything since last night, and asked again about getting only a labiaplasty, no hood reduction. A nurse explained something which I've also read on here, that that could lead to a 'small penis' effect where the clitoris would look more obvious /stick out and look strange, and I was so tired of asking more questions at that point , plus I was entirely by myself, and I said yes thinking they would know better than I did what was necessary. The surgery was unpleasant, didn't even see the doctor because they had a thing over my eyes, and towards the end I started to feel some of the stitches and made noise. It was over pretty quick though, even though it started around 2.20pm. They let me wait out some of the drugginess then gave me some food. Truly the worst part was the taxi ride back to my house, it started to be painful, just felt this burning pain down there and was completely regretting it and hating myself for taking this decision. Got home, couldn't really ice it because it was so sensitive anything in contact with it was uncomfortable. Had some light bleeding which is still currently happening, but the pain is not unbearable like it was during that taxi ride, maybe because of the paracetamol /Tylenol. However , I just have a numb burning sensation , not reaaaaally painful, but definitely uncomfortable. Only got up to eat and brush my teeth /wash my face and I don't plan on showering for the next 3 days according to the instructions. Praying that tomorrow morning I feel better than I do right now, and taking another Tylenol at 11pm to ease the pain. I'm soo scared to look at the area though I've completely avoided doing so. I don't know what my reaction will be if I have a look, I don't feel ready for it. Going to take a photo with my eyes closed so I have a record for when I am ready to see it. Please if you have any tips when it comes to the pain or quick healing,let me know! Will write a post that's more detailed about my experience with the hospital for those interested.

Why I wouldn't recommend Yanhee

The update I made on the day of the procedure didn't really explain why I left with a negative experience of the hospital, so I'm writing this up now for anyone considering Yanhee in Bangkok. Basically, the experience at that hospital just feels like they are only after your money for any kind of nip-and-tuck operation you might want, whilst giving you poor service and care. THey want to expedite the process, get paid and get you out of there (not before getting as much as they can from you aka they will ask you if you're interested in a package inclusive of a stay but as you'll see that would never be something I would willingly choose to do at this place). If you've been to hospitals like Bumrungrad or BNH, you will KNOW the difference in how you are treated and the care/information given, so I would honestly recommend those over this place (especially if money is not an issue). I initially corresponded through email with a coordinator who supposedly had all my information, but when I arrived at the hospital they were unaware of this correspondence and I had to register all over again, which I found unprofessional. I never met whoever I was corresponding with. I chose the doctor because I know she does tons of labiaplasties and I wanted someone with experience and preferably a woman. HoWever, she is very cold, not communicative enough about the procedure (like risks involved, how it is performed, etc). looking at my post op results, 4 days after the procedure, and seeing where the stitches are and what it looks like I'm even confused as to whether it was trim or wedge or if her experience came in handy at all, because it is looking pretty awful at the moment. On the day of, she didn't even have a sit-down with me prior to the procedure. LIterally, I DID NOT SEE HER on the day of the procedure: she came into the operating room when they had already covered my eyes and I was going under. Didn't see her after , either. As I mentioned earlier I don't think the dosage was right for the anaesthetic since I started to FEEL the stitches being made at the end which was so painful and I even started making noise. I also feel the nurses, many of which are Pinoy (they have decent English which for a total foreigner could be the one good thing about Yanhee) were unprofessional, talking loudly and gossiping the whole time I was there, even in the operating room- none of them were communicative in telling me exactly what was going on, or friendly and helpful in calming my nerves when I was stressed to the point of nausea. NOt to mention the pushy nurse during consultation day who insisted on knowing why I couldn't just get the procedure done on that same day, a huge red flag and gives you an idea of how they are just after your money. I also arrived at 10 am yet had to wait until 2.30/40pm to get it done - I was starving and a nervous wreck, I almost left before that time because it was the worst kind of wait. They mentioned by email that this was a 'fist come first served' establishment, which is not only false and ridiculous since I was first in the clinic but saw other women going in before me, but it also goes to show their money-grubbing mindset. What disgusted me was when I had to wait for some of the drugginess to fade after the procedure, I noticed the bed They made me sit on had Several large blood stains from a previous patient. THey couldn't change the sheets before letting someone else sit on there??????or give me another seat????? That's how uninterested the nurses were in doing their job, in my opinion. I honestly just wanted to get the hell away from there when it was done - they had someone wheel me out to the taxi stand. These are major reasons why I would not recommend this place as I do not think anyone should have such a stressful and scary experience. I was terrified and it didn't really leave me until I could go home, so consider another hospital and Doctor if you come to Thailand. I do have a post op meeting with this doctor on the 17th of this month and will update on that.

Post -op day 1

I woke up the next morning and it definitely felt painful, I had to take painkillers immediately. Could not walk properly the whole day and didn't go out, I was barely drinking because of being scared to pee often and it was actually suggested by the dr. The area felt wet the whole day , still had light bleeding going on, and i couldn't find my hairdryer to dry the area so slept with a fan directly pointed at the area to help it dry. Felt off the whole day from the meds ( anti inflammatory,Tylenol, antibiotics)and had a random burning or stinging sensation that would come and go, which I guessed was from the nerves having to reconnect or something down there? Also felt a numb, throbbing sensation the whole day as well as the wetness from leaking fluids. My aunt visited me and I had to fake a leg injury to explain the sumo walk. Looking at the photo, there's dried blood and it's swollen but I'm confused with the placement of the stitches which look like they zig zag across the labia horizontally and I didn't think trim procedures looked like that so could be due to the clitoral hood reduction that she placed them that way-my right labia is also more bloody and swollen than the left.

Post op day 2

After sleeping with the fan on , it definitely felt more dry and more comfortable, however I AGAIN woke up with it feeling painful, I'm guessing because the Tylenol wears off overnight so you feel it 1st thing in the morning.

Post op day 2

had to take painkillers first thing again, and hoping the antibiotics don't give me an infection like I've read on here. I felt bloated from the meds. Haven't showered and going to buy baby wipes to clean the area. Still not wiping for fear of the pain, I airdry or use the fan. Still walking like a sumo and did not leave the house to rest as much as possible, will ask my aunt to buy stuff for me. Still getting random stinging sensations, less than yesterday . I don't understand how people manage to ice it????? It's way too sensitive to be touched by anything in my case, when its accidentally in contact with something it's so uncomfortable. Left side looks more swollen and the right side more bloody, confused the stitches curving down from the hood on the left. The skin looks bubbly which I've read on other reviews, and I'm not sure sure how to identify whether a stitch has burst so I hope it's all good for now..

Post op day 3

Had a dilemma today, my best friend was leaving and I really needed to see her before she left so I made myself get out of the house, but I didn't take any public transport because of the walking and taxied everywhere. However I still had to walk in some of the places we went to and often felt an uncomfortable pressure down there when doing so, which I hadn't really felt before because I had been staying off my feet completely. I am a little worried it was too soon for me to go out anywhere but it was only uncomfortable at some moments during the day so I could deal with it. Still had slight stinging at times. Planning to take it easy from now. Also had to take painkillers first thing again due to the pain and felt off/jittery/weak at times because of them - my appetite has also been really reduced, not eating a lot (tmi but no #2 since the procedure either). At the end of the day I noticed slight yellow discharge in the loose pants I'd gone commando in. It's still really swollen, and hoping it gets more dry soon. Sorry the photos I took for this day are unclear, I don't know if that's separation I'm noticing on the right?

Post op day 4

I finally looked at all the photos, it looks worse today than in earlier post op shots, and I'm a bit concerned. I regret going out now because maybe being on my feet too long was the cause? It could also be that I finished my anti inflammatory meds so it has swollen up more today, I'm unsure. It's super swollen, stitches are really obvious, and my right labia looks like it has some separation going or stitches are too tight? Using wet wipes around the area but I don't really press down on it and avoid contact as much as possible due to sensitivity. Sorry the discharge looks terrible and the area in general I may be am over cautious with not touching it , it doesn't worry me so much though because I've always gotten a lot of discharge and it used to get stuck between my two long labia , but it looks bad because I haven't showered yet either. Still on antibiotics but glad I didn't need a Tylenol this morning for the first time. Might be getting my period soon which I dread.

Post op day 5

Concerned with the huge amount of swelling, and around the clitoral hood, it looks more swollen now than on earlier post op days! Not sure whether to attribute this to the lack of anti inflammatory meds or too much moving around on my part. Cleaning it with wet wipes but at the bottom of each labia there are sutures sticking out like antennae, and at the top of each one as well. Wondering if this is normal? Still looks like the left one is more swollen and the right one more caked in blood. Not sure why. Not feeling painful in the morning anymore, but throughout the day the day I sometimes get stinging sensations that don't last long. Itchiness is starting but it's mild and doesn't last long for now, it's also in the surrounding area not the labia or hood. Some uncomfortable pressure still felt at times when I'm up and about , not as bad as in earlier days. Still on antibiotics but haven't taken pain or antiinflammatory meds since day 3 post op. Still sleeping with a fan on the area to dry it, and it's really swollen. I feel like the look of it has gotten worse and hope it will soon stop looking like I was mauled by a wild animal down there, maybe it'll be better when less swollen. Can't really speak on the outcome for now as I can't tell myself what it'll turn out to be like.

Post op day 4 more pics

Post Op day 6

Close to getting my period which will be a nightmare ! Not much new to report , still looks bad, sorry if the photos are tmi but if it helps someone make their decision to see all the details including the bad then Im willing to post everything I have been keeping tabs on and documenting about this experience.

Post op day 8

I have some scabbing going on, period starting so probably won't be able to take good pics until it's over .

Post op day 14

Period just ended , it was awful. I recommend , if You really get this done, pick the date so it's immediately after your period ends so you'll have more time to let things heal as the period keeps the area moist which is not good, sticks to the sutures that stick out , the whole experience was bad. It's still not looking great.

Post op day 16

....and my birthday too, not fun. I'm meant to have stitches taken out or a check up tomorrow but I won't be in bkk due to an unforeseen trip I can't cancel on, so will see the dr later than planned, because she doesn't work from the 21st to the 1st of each month so the stitches will be taken care of later than planned, don't know how that will affect it. If you need a dr you can reach and go see at any time of the month, again, I don't recommend this doctor, or this hospital. A large part of me is relieved not to be going there tomorrow as I still feel traumatized by the experience I had of the procedure which I wrote about in an earlier post.

Day 17 post op

Day 20 post op

Some stitches came out on their own at the top of my right labia I think, not even sure because the doctor isn't working until the 1st August which is when I'll be seeing her. Honestly the recovery process has not felt good at all and I will write a post on that.

More pics from Day 17 post op,How I feel about it so far

Why labiaplasty was not worth it in my opinion. it's wonderful that many women on here have rated their experience as worth it for this procedure. Maybe it's too early in the recovery process or I'm having a bad day, but All things considered, I would definitely say from my personal experience it was not worth it (speaking for me at this moment in time). The reason I say this is had I somehow known exactly how the recovery process would go for me (unfortunately you can't know whether your experience will be smooth sailing or not beforehand) and how the procedure would go and feel, I would NOT, most definitely NOT have gone through with it. This is because the minor satisfaction of having labia that no longer hang down (causing mild discomfort) and are more even and conventionally 'prettier', is not worth the discomfort, stress, pain and awkwardness of daily activities I experienced from the procedure, for me personally. It is still early on so benefits that may show up later on as (if!!)they heal, such as less discomfort when exercising/sexual activities and the like could possibly tip the balance more in favor of worth it, but for now the only benefit I have experienced is the satisfaction of not having labia hang ing low or sticking to my thigh when sitting in certain ways = not worth what I've gone through and the price I've paid, but more so the physical and mental strain during the recovery has just been a draining, often scary, and lonely roller coaster. Please do your research and assume the worst in terms of recovery before making a decision, this is important because the 'risks ' you believe are unlikely may very well show up for your experience of labiaplasty. Currently I'm dealing with very slow healing and sutures/stitches that have burst, causing uneven swelling and likely uneven labia once the swelling goes down and they heal some more. It's been more than 2 weeks since I had it done, close to the 1 month mark, I'm still dealing with awkward walking, discomfort when sitting in certain positions, discomfort when any kind of tension or pressure affects the area which means limited range of motion, actually can't exercise AT aLl and have to limit activity to the bare minimum which is greatly affecting my daily life, some very light exercise seemed to cause the already bursting sutures to worsen, swelling is uneven and hasn't subsided yet (just reduced from earlier days),some areas -clitoris in particular but really the vast majority of where sutures were placed is still over sensitive to touch so I have to avoid doing that as much as possible making things like cleaning or wiping the area so difficult.

Day 19 post op

Day 20 Post Op

Day 24 post op

Day 25 post op

Day 27 post op!! stitches out!!

Finally the dr was back at her practice so that I could go see her. OMG ! Taking the stitches/sutures out was so painful and uncomfortable honestly.....she complained that I didn't go for my planned appointment some days earlier, but I was thinking that if she didn't take such a long break from her patients I could have had these stitches dealt with in a timely way. She said it looked pretty good /ok but said that because I had delayed taking out the stitches they've left a 'mark' sort of where you can see the skin is bubbly, honestly if this is the worst of it I can deal with that, I wasn't looking for Barbie like perfection. She said I can now resume exercise as normal and clean it in the shower as normal, and in 2 weeks I'm going back to see her before I get on my flight to the uk. She advised me not to eat too much Protein due to my young age as it could cause raised scars or keloids. Looking at it afterwards, this the very first time it looks almost normal since the procedure!!! It's crazy!! Some things I'm not super happy about, like the bubbly appearance you can see, a but of un even ness, but also the clitoral hood looks saggier than it was prior to the procedure and it completely covers the gland, I haven't seen the gland since the procedure in fact. Is it because I didn't need a hood reduction or the placement of the stitches??Might bring it up at the next appointment by which time I hope more swelling will have subsided. Also I don't like how it's still quite sensitive to touch. But it terms of look this is the first time since I got it done that it hasn't horrified me. Hoping it gets better from here.
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