Carboxytherapy on Abdomen in South Korea

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I prepaid for 10 sessions of carboxytherapy and...

I prepaid for 10 sessions of carboxytherapy and had the first round done this week. I couldn't find any first-hand accounts online so I'll write mine here and hopefully will have progress to report. The procedure was done by pumping CO2 into my abdomen via two needles connected to a machine, and took 15 minutes. The nurse had me lay down, an elastic tourniquet was wrapped tightly below my bra line, and after the needles were inserted and secured she had me bend my knees with my feet flat on the bed/table. The procedure wasn't painful but the pressure was uncomfortable after a few minutes, and the sight of my bloated belly was a little alarming. I went home and my stomach deflated over the next hour or so. The next morning I felt like I'd had a hardcore workout on my entire abdomen, and 4 days later it is still sore but improving. The doctor said I could do two treatments per week if I wanted, which made me wonder if this soreness is normal because it doesn't seem ideal to have a treatment when I'm not healed from the last one.

A little about me for the sake of reference. I'm 5'2", 120lbs, and 35 years old. I've had two kids and gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy, so although my size returned to somewhat normal, my skin could use tightening in my midsection and thighs. I'm somewhat rectangularly shaped and rather than trying to make my hips/butt bigger, I'd like to shrink my middle a little bit so that I have more curve and definition to my torso. I live in South Korea, where non-surgical aesthetic procedures are very popular and much cheaper than in the states, so I'm taking advantage of them and hoping for good results.

2nd Treatment

I had the second session done two days ago with almost no residual soreness. This time after the carboxy was finished the nurse put a big belt that was hooked to a machine around my abdomen, it looked like a wrestling prize with a bunch of bumpy things on the inside. It tingled on the verge of stinging but never actually hurt. After I left I looked up the name of the machine (language barrier makes it easier to just look it up myself than try to play charades with the nurse to figure it out). It turns out the machine is for Iontophoresis, yet another type of skin therapy which is usually used on faces and smaller areas, but I'm not sure if that helped with the soreness or not.
Did I mention that I'm also receiving Mesotherapy injections in conjunction with carboxytherapy? So if I end up seeing results I won't know which treatment will be to thank. I had the first round of mesotherapy done at another clinic before I found this one, and that clinic did injections in a smaller area, and much closer together than the nurse does them at the new place. Next time I'll take pics of my distended stomach during the carboxy procedure, because it's scary looking and anyone looking to have it done should be prepared!

3rd Treatment

Today was my third treatment, and the nurse turned up the volume this time. I don't know what it was set for during the first two sessions but this time I got a total of 1500cc's. There was definitely more discomfort this time, I wouldn't say it was outright painful but I was glad it didn't last any longer than it did. Afterward I got the big tingly belt again (which I believe the doctor was attempting to tell me not to use while on my period? Language barrier strikes again!). A couple days after the last session I saw a slight size difference in my upper abdomen, but that isn't really the part I'm hoping will change. I wanted to take a picture of my scary bloated stomach but they were too quick to put the belt on. Anyone who gets this treatment should be aware of what it looks like, it's kinda disturbing!
21st Century Clinic

There is a severe language barrier if you don't speak Korean, but the doctor speaks a little English. The staff isn't overly friendly but isn't rude, and went out of their way to translate and understand what I was asking for. They operate very much like other Korean doctors' offices, and patients are in and out quickly. For those who speak Korean I recommend this clinic. For those who don't, you can't beat their prices (and there's a discount for paying cash), but I'd only recommend them if you're familiar and comfortable with the treatment you're seeking to have done. I walked in and was seen right away but you can make an appointment if you need to.

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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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