Implant Removal with No Replacement/ Tummy Tuck with Lipo As Well - Yakima, WA

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Hi ladies! On August 05, 2014 I will be having a...

Hi ladies! On August 05, 2014 I will be having a breast implant removal of 540cc's in each breast. I opted out of any breast implant replacement or lift. My plastic surgeon will just be removing the implants themselves and not the capsule. My implants are saline too and placed under the muscle....I am very nervous of how everything will look, would be crazy if I wasn't nervous. I originally got my implants in March 8, 2007. So I have had them for 7 years!!! Before I was a small 34B. I do have pre-op pics that I will need to dig up and post on here.
I will also be having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks. My plastic surgeon is good and I do trust him. I have seen his work first hand by someone who has had a lot of reconstructive work done and he is amazing! I told him my concerns about my breasts and he suggested that I wait until they are out and healed to see if I wanted to take it to the next level as far as the breast implant removal goes and see later if I need a lift. I agree with that. I know I definitely do not want to get any replacement implants because I am having medical concerns. First off, they do not tell you how weird your breasts feel if you chose to not wear a bra at night or whatever because let me tell you ladies it feels heavy and I can tell I have the physical implant in there. Something foreign is in my body. My posture is BAD now. I am looking like the hunchback of freakin' Notre Dame over here!!! Also never had a migraine in my migraines up the ying-yang. Its crazy! I have to take a pill to prevent migraines every night and a pill if I get one. Also have been diagnosed with chronic migraines. Another issue is my nerves in my legs...more predominate in my right then my left. Every night for sure....and sometimes it affects me in the day too, but I get heaviness in my legs, tingling too. Kinda likes restless leg syndrome but more of a painful heaviness too. Every single night it hurts and every single night my husband rubs it and when he does it feels like a numbness then I can sleep. Its horrible though. Now you're probably thinking....go in and see your doctor about it....Well I have several times and they ordered a ultrasound on it to measure the blood flow and check for clots and nothing. I honestly think it is like within my nervous system....possible nerve damage?!? Let me know if you have experienced any of this that I mentioned above.
Back to the full tummy tuck I will be getting. I have had 4 children in 6 years. My kids are all 2 years apart all delivered normally. They have took a toll on my body which I will post pics later as well. I do not have hardly any stretch marks. I am a firm believer that stretch marks come from when your belly stretches and you use your fingernails to itch your tummy like crazy because the stretch causes you to itch. So I think the majority of stretch marks (not all) come from that alone. I used my palms to soothe my itches of my tummy and I really think it helped. I come from a big family and 1 of my 3 other sisters itched like crazy and had a ton of stretch marks (she got a tummy tuck and got rid of most) and the other 2 I told them about my theory on it and they chose not to itch like a mad woman and got little to none. Idk maybe I am wrong...its just my belief. Anyhow my beautiful children births has left my tummy with a crazy pooch that is not being reduced at all even with weightloss and sucks so I decided to get them done at the same time and create a whole new me. I I have my pre-op on the 24th of July I believe so I will know the game plan in more detail at that time. I hope all goes well and I will update when I find my before pics. I will also post some current ones as well. I have been looking up these procedures for years so I feel like I have educated myself on them enough that I know what I am getting myself into. I wish you all the best that are having surgeries and god bless.


These are some 6 week pre-op pics. My surgery is AUG 5th so I will post more after surgery of both my full tummy tuck and my breast implant removal. :)

$ in order

Happy and relieved that my procedure costs are in order. In 3 weeks it will be paid for. Yay!!! At least I am a step closer to the new me! Excited!!!!

Waiting game

I have been searching the internet looking at a combination of both surgeries. (Tummy tuck and breast implant removal surgeries) Lately I have only been interested in the women that most resemble my before pics of how I look now. Crazy to see how much of a improvement each person gets. I keep imagining how I will look. I have even had dreams but I never get to see the end result. I am super excited though right now. Not nervous....just excited and anticipating how I might look. I hope all is well. My husband keeps saying that he will be so nervous at work that day. My mom is going to be taking me and picking me up that day. The nurse said the because I am doing the surgeries on a Tuesday that they do not start until 10AM so my hubby will be almost off work by the time I get out of surgery so I told him just to go to work. He will be waiting around anyway so its probably better that he goes and focuses on his work load then to be waiting around pacing the hospital halls until I get released. I think I might even have to be in recovery for about an hour too. Ok so I am beat. I am going to turn in for the night. Good night ladies and happy sweet dreams...... :)

Pre-op/post-op pics from Breast Aug

So my pre operative and postoperative breast augmentation pictures are coming in the mail as we speak I should have everything to me by about 3 or 4 days where I will upload those pics for you all to see. I also found out that I actually have 550cc is not 540cc's. Its going to be nice to see those pics and compare them to my breast implant explant pics that I will post after my August 5th surgery! I think I will bring them to my pre-op appt with my doctor to show him what I looked like before all of this. I will be posting in a few days. Until then ladies!

Before and After PICS of my Breast Aug in 2007

I just got in the mail today my photos from my before and after pictures of my breast augmentation I had done in March of 2007. the doctors office just sent them to in the mail today and when I opened it I was actually really surprised because my breasts are so small but they're cute! There was nothing wrong with them before they're just small but the main thing is how they looked right after the breast augmentation. This was a few months after my initial surgery to have them put in. There is a HUGE difference. It literally made my nipples point to the floor when before as you can tell in my before pics my nipples were straight there was nothing wrong with them that's like really upsetting to pay all that money and have that happened to you has anybody else had that happen to them? I want to take these to my pre-op when I have my implants taken out so this doctor can see what I had before I made the mistake of getting breast implant. Ugh! I hate them and can not wait to be free from them!!!!

Pre-op breast implants from 2007

Post Breast Aug in 2007

Photos from my original doctor who put the implants in. These photos are shortly after getting the implants...ugh!!! It was ayoung dumb mistake.

Pre-Op Appt Done Today

Met with the doc and he reiterated everything we had previously discussed. He said that I would have two drains in my breasts for 1 day and as for my tummy tuck I will have 2 drains as well. (one on each side) The first one will be coming out Friday the 8th of August and the other one he said we will be shooting for the following Tuesday. So nice to know it will be 3-5 days for them to be out. I heard that is the biggest relief to get those drains out. I hope they don't hurt too bad. He also had his awesome assistant Elana take pics of me. It took a while because the camera was acting up but after that I got dressed and paid them off. I still have to pay cash for the facility fee and the anesthesiologist the day of surgery, which again is Aug 5th. I have to be there at 9am and surgery starts at 10am. He said that it would take about 2-2.5 hours then I would be in recovery for a few hours tops. My lovely Aunt who is like a second Momma to me will be taking me. She is such a wonderful person. My husband is going to go to work while my Momma and Auntie will care for me and my 4 children. They are a blessing let me tell you. I am so excited and I only have 12 days left!!!! I am not scared though so that's least not yet. I usually do not get scared more nervous of the outcome of my breasts then anything. I really hope they are NOT saggy. UGHHHHH>>>>>> I really hope not. I am confident he will do great on my tummy tuck but my breast are kinda out of his hands so to speak. When he takes them out I just hope that the skin will retract and I won't be left with nasty hanging skin. I would probably cry. Crossing my fingers.

today more tummy pre-op pics

another pre-op tummy pic from today

made it to the flatside in both departments lol

Surgery went well. Both breasts capsuleswere removed and look great. Actually better then I imagined. Its 4:16AM on Aug 6th so I am tired. It will be a short update. I do not see my tummy until Thursay @2pm. Thats the only part that hurts. My breats feel great already. Here is a pic of my breats laying down. More to come of my tummy and standibg a little taller as my body will allow. My docs bedside manner was amazibg. I just can't say enough positive things about Dr. James Hoyt....he's the man! Thank you all for your prayers and healing vibes. Love you all for the encouragement!

post op breast

post op

Ugghhh not sure if pics are posting of my post op breasts.

Sorry ladies I will try in a few hours whenI get help to the conputer. Hope you are all doing well.

tummy tuck post op


I got one drain out today. The other one comes out on Wednesday. I can't wait. It felt sooooooo incredibly much better when the right one came out. Love the results so far!

Uploading lots of pics tmrw....

It won't let me upload on my mobile. It just keeps refreshing the page blank after I submit them. I will upload from desktop tmrw...sorry for the time lapse. :)

pics yesterday


Sorry it took so darn long ladies. My phone is acting up a bit....well only when it comes to this site. It never wanted to upload my pics. Here are some recent pics. I still have swelling near the evening. Mornings are the best where I wake up flat. There is still swelling or maybe its not swelling.....anyway its on the sides where my scar ends.....possible dog ears??? I don't know for sure. I have a appt. coming up in early OCT so I will ask Dr. Hoyt. Also my pubic area is still swollen up so might end up getting more lipo there as well. I also will take a pic of my old belly button piercing that is still present. Kinda weird to see it there but hopefully he will correct that as well as the dog ears and lipo to the pubic region for free. We will see. I know last visit he wanted me to wait 6 months and I respect that. He is really awesome and the staff there as well, especially Alana. She is an asset to the company and I adore her. Hope my review has helped others. If you live in the Yakima area and are wondering about my experience or have questions I would be more then happy to address those for you. Thanks.

PICS FROM 09/22/2014

This were taken after my workout. I apologize for the whole sink in the photo. I should of cropped it out but I wanted the pics as I took them so these are the originals.

Breast Explant pics 9/23/2014

The pics with my arms down my breast appear a little larger then they actually are, but I love them. I will not be getting a lift at least not for now. I am happy.

2 month checkup

Everything went great! I was released to do any kind of exercise as my body could handle, which I have veen doing. Dr. Hoyt was once again wonderful. This guy is awesome and his staff is amazing, especially Elena. Anyway, he noticed I lost weight and I told him about 15lbs......its more like 20lbs though. He said my face looks thinner too. Dr. Hoyt did a exam of my surgical sites and said that if I would be willing that he would like to do a laser treatment on my scar to aid in a quicker healing. This means reduced time of reddness of my scar and thinner. He said he believes it will work well on my skin and that I would be a perfect canidate for it. If I was willing he would do it for free. See guys, he's such a awesome guy. I agreed and so its setup for next month on November 10th I believe @ 4:15pm. Yay!!!! Also I did tell him that I am happy with how my post surgery turned out. I hope I came across to him how apprecitive I am because he truly did an amazing job. I LOVE my bb. I did share that my old bb piercing is present and he said after the skin loosens a bit my me rubbing the hardened scar tissue he could pull the skin down there aboit 1/2" and get rid of that. Also shared with him that my flanks are still swollen or maybe possible dog ear. He said that he wants to give it a little more time, (which I am okay with) and that he did do quite a bit of lipo there so it could just be residual swelling. If not, he can address that too. So it was a great day. I went in on the 4th of this month by the way, so October 4th. Sorry I am writibg the review late. Anyway, my daughter took pics of me doing my T25 exercise on dvd and I thought I would try to post it via mobile but we will see sometimes it messes up so I am going to post this update first then retry to post the pics too. The thing I noticed from the pics she took is my ugly double chin.......I mean its bad. So I might crop my head out lol. I haven't did a face shot for a reason. My town is small so I don't want everyone knowing my business. This review is just to help out other women who are thinking of having these procedures done or are in search of a good doctor like Dr. Hoyt! Okay ladies, talk to you next time

exercise T25 pics

2 month pp pics

I wanted to get on my pc and add these pics because my mobile phone was not cooperating. I guess I should of waited to take pics a week from now because I am going to be starting my period soon and I am bloated in my tummy area and cramping a lot. UGH I hate when Aunt Flo comes to visit me every month........ :( But at least its still an improvement from my pre-op pics. I will upload more once I am over it and my tummy goes back down. I can actually see definition in my upper abs...pretty cool. I am excited!

Before/After Photo College

Photos are 8 days pre-op and 2 months post-op

Update on me

I am doing great. Getting my eating habits back on track and maintained during the holiday season. I have went in to see Dr. Hoyt and his assistant Elena gave me some laser treatment on my scar. It does work. I am going back after the 1st of the year for another free treatment. They are great there. The staff are all amazing and of course Dr. Hoyt is such a great doctor. He really cares. I am going to try and talk with him on my next appt. Because I need my flanks re-lipoed and the small "dog ears" fixed and a small portion removed from the middle of my scar to get rid of my old belly button piercing that is showing. Other then that I am 110% happy. Like I said before if you are looking for a great ps go to Dr. Hoyt in Yakima, WA. You will not regret it! :)


I am so happy! Dr. Hoyt is doing my revision surgery on 01/23/2015!
My goal: get rid of remaining fat around my love handles/flanks by the end of my scar on both sides causing my dog ears. You can literally see the shape I would have, the contour, without my bulging sides and its awesome. I really hope he lipos that off for me. I will take a pic of it and post here tmrw so watch for that. Also he is fixing my old belly button scar that is just above the middle of my incision now. Its about 1/2" above it. I wish I could have him suck some the fat out of my "ken doll puffy pubic area" Its not bad but when your use to seeing it flat then all of a sudden BAM!!! Its unnerving to say the least. He is still an awesome doctor. I really like him and the staff. Couldn't of asked for a better group of people! Signing off....



Hello ladies, revision went well. I woke up at 6am drank some coffee, took a shower and got ready like I normally do. I did make sure that was completwly shaved thats what I prefer anyway. Sorry(tmi). I did wear loose clothing and got there about 8:05am. Doc was running a little behind but I didn't mind...things happen. He marked me up and we agreed on taking out theold belly button scar that was left from my tummy tuck back in Aug 2014. He removed it by numbing the area and simple excising it off leaving a tiny pencil line vertical scar. I was perfectly fine with that because it was about 1/2" above the middle of my tummy tuck scar so bikini hides it. He did not cut and extend my dog ear scar. Rather he lipoed all of that and the flanks on both sides to lay that endings of the scar down flat. He also lipoed my pubic mound too. Everything went well I was awake and alert no seditive just local. He is AWESOME! I didn't feel anything except for the medicine going in which was a mere 20seconds on each flank. Easy peasy. Elana was great too. She stayed there the whole time and assisted Dr. Hoyt. I really had a great experience and I will always refer patients to him. He has traveled the world helping children from different countries with cleft lips and such. Has the canvus pics on his walls. His bedside manner is very caring and he really does his best to please you and he does it well because I can tesrify to that. If your in the area and you want a doctor who knows what he is doing, is board certified and shows his patients that he will go out of his way to help you then goto Cascade Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Center. Emily will greet your call and sbe is super fast at returning your calls and assisting you. Elana is a saint and a very hard worker. She is always sweet and you can tell she enjoys her career. She also handles the beauty aspect of this center. Everything from bridal makeup, makeup lessons, skin from acne or aging, spray tanning and more! Julie is very nice. She handles all the financing/payment portion of it and breaks everything down for you, very imformative.

Revision forgot to add

I had my husband drop me out and just wanted to say during the awake procedure I was talking like normal and even laughing with Dr. Hoyt and Elana. It was over in no time and I did not have toget fully undressed. I actually left my shirt on and just pulled it up tucking it under my bra. I pulled my stretch pants down to just below my hips not revealing anything down there...just the pubic mound. After it was over Elana wiped me off and Dr. Hoyt explained when he wanted to see me again and what I can and dont need to do for care instructions. I thanked Dr. Hoyt and I put my coat on walked by myself and made my follow up. My hubby was already outside and he had a concerned look on his face and said I thought you'd be wheeled out? I laughed and said no I feelfine like nothing happened, lol. Dr. Hoyt did give a pain meds for the soreness that I would have later, but its really not that bad. Nothing like a tummy tuck or breast implants. More like a mnor dentist procedure where your sore for like a couple days. Best part no bruising!!!! I have sensitive areas but you have to look close maybe a faint yellow bruise but that might be the residue from the orangy sanitize stuff they put on me. Overall A++++++ excellent experience!!!! Said it would be about a month for final results. I saw a difference today a bit. If your thinking about having lipo anywhere....Dr. Hoyt is the MAN! Hahahaaa....he is great!
Modesto Plastic Surgeon

He really is a great doctor and I admire his charity work for children around the world. If you visit his office for a consultation, I promise, you will pick him. He is straight forward and will listen to you. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Also I can not forget his staff. I loved Elena! She is amazing. The front desk and surgery coordinator are very sweet and helpful. Glad he is in Yakima.

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