Stitch method better than original method

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The first time I had my ears done I was pleasantly...

The first time I had my ears done I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the Bangkok hospital was and the Dr was lovely. The procedure was fine. The only problem was my ears still protruded a lot after the bandages came off and it was so disappointing. The Dr said I could come back after 6months, once the scars had healed and he would fix them at no extra cost. So I went back 9 months later and they did the same procedure free of charge. The second time I was amazed by the result. My ears looked perfect. It changed my face for the better and I always wanted to wear my hair up.

Then they slowly started to protrude and 4 months later they were sticking out again. I took all precautions such as wearing headbands to bed every night etc. but it didn't seem to work. They are better than they were before I had the operation but I don't feel comfortable wearing my hair up as much. I think I'll get them done again, in Australia and hopefully the results will be permanant this time. It made such a difference to my confidence and my whole life having nice ears for 4 months. I would recommend this operation to anyone who's not happy with their ears. Why look in the mirror every day and be unhappy with what you see. Just get it fixed! It makes such a difference to your life!

Update 2 years later

Hi all, it's been 2 years since I did my first post and thought I'd give you an updated pic. My ears are now very uneven and as I was saying the results only lasted 4 months. I have made the decision to get them done again in April in Sydney. i'll update you on that proceedure.

Third time lucky

I've had my ears done again and I am absolutely wrapped with the result. This time the procedure was slightly different as the doctor used a stitch method which was so much better and less painful than the original method. With the stitch method you don't have to wear a headband. There were only a few dots of blood on my ears and I hardly experienced any pain afterwards. So little in fact that I haven't even needed to take painkillers. It's 3 days post op now and my ears are slightly swollen but they look really perfect! I wish I had've known about this procedure before I had them done the first time. There's only one doctor in Australia that uses the stitch method and his name is Dr Beaini at MD Cosmedical clinic in Sydney. I would recommend him to anyone!
There is still slight swelling and dried blood as it's only 3 days post operation but they're looking great!
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