4 months post op.... 34B Gone for 385cc HP overs!

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Its official! Im obsessed with this website!...

Its official! Im obsessed with this website! forget Facebook... hello to realselfbook! or better said fakebook!!!! haha I have spent hours reading through all your reviews and looking at your photos, and have to say it is very good to be able to share this experiecne with a whole world of people out there seeking answers just like myself! So look forward to meeting new boobyfriends, and anyone who is being operated round the same time as me.

So, i am 25 yrs old, 5ft 4, weighing 125lbs... i have had 2 kids and breastfed them a bit, pre-pregnancy i was a 36C, however my upper boobs has disappeared and i'm probably now a 34B!

I have been to various consultations and most of the doctors advised me to get 375cc HP, I'm looking to achieve a small D (just like the ones i had whilst lactation!) the volume of the implant should also help elevant my boobs a bit as i have mild ptosis from the lack of volume in the breast.

So my surgery date has been confirmed for 18th September and I have already paid my deposit, this should be a perfect time for surgery as it the end of summer and the kids will be back in school (for the morning atleast) ... so the countdown is on (4 WEEKS and 1 day) I really cant wait!!! Will post photots later from home

Change of surgeon!!! OMG

OK...so I'm really nervous now that I have been called by the company whose surgery I'm having with and they have said that my surgeon will no longer be able to operate me!!!! They've told me that Dr Kai O Kaye, who is German, will be able to do the procedure for me and even closer to home in marbella....So I get all nervous as I don't know who this guy is??!!! .. I have looked him up on the Internet and he graduated in Berlin, and spent some time in LA, he also given some lectures or stuff in Paris... So he seems promising, so now I have to book a consultation with him, and apparently he is ok to operate on my initial surgery date 18th sept! I hope I like him, some reviews on him are quite good (although bias maybe)

Wish boobs

all set for Friday 13th September!!! 380cc allergan HP

So i had my consultation with the german doctor yesterday evening! they were waiting for me to come in at 7pm, and as soon as i arrived he was there at reception and took me into his office! I was glad not to be put into a waiting room for 30 mins!

He was very calm and explained to me who they were and what they do there. and after i explained to him my concern from the sag after breastfeeding and everything, we went to his examination room and he measured me. He believes an implant of 380cc will fill up all the lost volume i have and give me a D cup, he explained why it couldnt be placed under the muscle, as my breast are well below the pectoral muscle so the implant whould be very high up. he did mention how the implant infront of the muscle would help achieve a full upper breast look.

he then went on to show me some sample photos of before and afters with patients in a similar position to me, which looked quite good.

i felt very safe in his hands, and liked how he was in no hurry to get to the next patient or consultation as are many other surgeons i have consulted with. He mentioned that i would need to come back in for pre-op tests, and i asked him if they could do it today...and they did! so it saves me a trip to the surgeons before the surgery date!

all is looking good, had my pre-ops done yesterday, signed all my consent froms, read my T&C's and already have my post-surgery prescription ready!!!

forgot to say... they have even pushed forward my surgery date to Friday 13th September! Having the op on a friday means i have the weekend to recover so need to take less days off work, im hoping to be back in the office on the wednesday 18th!

2 Weeks to go!

this time in 2 weeks i will have already come out of surgery! i really cant wait... starting to get confused whether to have the incisions through the nipple or in the mammary fold, whether to chage the profile, size... OMG!!!! i cant stop thinking about it! my husband is well fed up! ... i suppose ill just let the surgeon do what he does best! im sure he will do a good job!!! ***EXCITED***

161 Hours left!!!! lol

Is it real?!! only 7 days left! I've waited for years to have this done after my first child, and had another kid earlier because i knew i wanted more kids before having surgery... and now I'll be at the clinic waiting to go in before i know it!

Even my 4 yr old daughter knows i'm getting my boobs done! (probably not the best example im setting for her but I'm sure she will understand when she's older...besides if she gets the boobs before mummy had kids im sure she will be very happy!)

so its... 1 week: 7 days: 161 hours left ...

Will post before pics soon :)

Tomorrow is the day!

Exactly 10 hours to go for my surgery! Starting to get a bit nervous! .... Had a massive argument with the hubby today, so don't think I'll be getting much support from him these couple of days. My mother is actually coming with me to the surgery, as we have decided it is best for him to stay behind with the kids, she's a nurse so gets really nervous about these things.

1 hr left and I need to stop eating or drinking, have cleaned the whole house top to bottom, and suitcase is nearly ready to head off in the morning.

Before bikini pics

On my way!!!

I'm ready to go and on my way to the clinic!!! Freaking out!!!!! Wish me luck booby friends!!! Xxx

Ready to go!!!

It's Done!!!

Ok so I arrived at my time and I went in in less than 20 mins...which is great as my friend waited for nearly 8 hrs (at a diff clinic) ..... I woke up 3 hrs after the initial anaesthesia, and was very sleepy, little pain, some pressure on the chest. I soon went for a wee.

The room is very nice, and the clinic is 5star!!

I have been confirmed that the surgeon has used 385cc HP above the muscle, they look massive, and I'm a bit unsettled that they might be too big, but when I stand up I look VOLUPTUOUS!!!! Wow I'm already loving it, but hope the size comes a bit down!!

10 hrs post surgery...

Ok, the pain isn't as bad as I thought, it's like when u decide to not breast feed ur kid all over the sudden, and perhaps even less!!! Although I am on painkillers with an IV. What bothers me more is the pain I have in my back from lying down, so I try to move round the room. I went for a walk round the clinic and spooked the nurses! Don't think they expected to see me up, and also saw the surgeon in the corridor and had a brief chat with him, he's lovely.

I'm hoping the pain doesn't get much worse tomorrow! Fingers crossed. The surgeon told me he would come and see me at 10 am and discharge me!

Doing really well, I have my hair down and even put on some blusher and lipstick!! So look great too!

Also getting used to see these massive boobs, I think I need 2.5 hands of mine to cover one boob!!!!!! Insane! My mother hasn't commented on their size, I bet she is well freaked out! Lol she is very reserved and doesn't care about looks at all!!!!!

I am posting a photo now!

1 day post op!

Ok, so it's 24 hrs since I walked in theatre, wearing a disposable gown and knickers! Yesterday's pain was not so bad at all, probably 3 out of 10!! I consider myself a strong woman, my friend was shocked to see I was feeling well as she was a complete mess and was all night crying!

Last night approx 15 hrs after the surgery I was given a Valium of 10 mg, I read a chapter of my book, and feel asleep, I woke up at 3 am quite sore, and asked the nurse for some more meds, I think I feel asleep waiting as it was too early for more pain killers... I then woke up a 8 feeling ok.... I was very sore and couldn't get up, (probably morning boobs?!) ... I've had some shooting pains in my right breast but that has gone away after taking another dose of painkillers, and I have now had breakfast...

The doctor is due to come in in 15 mins, so going to get ready, brush my hair and put some blush on this face atleast!!! He will discharge me and I'll be allowed home!

I haven't posted a pic now as I'm the same as my aft pics I posted yesterday... The bandages will probably be replaced so I will get to see the tities! I'll probably be mortified as I see myself massive and I'm hoping there is some swelling!

Arrived home

Arrived home probably 30 hrs post surgery... My PS removed the bandages at the clinic, so I saw my boobs for the first time, they looked big and swollen, but I can tell they are going to look really good. We then drove home... And unfortunately as anticipated I arrived to a not so pleasant husband...

I've managed to rest all day as my mum took the kids, and when I woke up from a brief nap I can feel a bit more swolle, I had a salad to eat, had my meds... And wait for it.... I weighed my self as I was curious, you'd think with 2 385cc I would have weighed one kilo more right?.....I weight 4 extra kilos??!!, what the heck!!! Lol

To round up the day, yesterday morning I had my surgery and it is 10pm of the following day, so I'm not sure what post-op day it is 1 or 2? But the pain is quite bearable! I have 'overs' so it is going to be less painful anyway than under the muscle surgery....

Nite nite to all u booby girls xxxx

3 days post surgery

Ok guys it's been 3/4days after my surgery.... The pain has been very manageable. Since arriving home, I have been sleeping loads, my mother had the kids for the weekend so it has been relaxing!

The pain hasn't been much, and I had a shower and washed my hair by myself yesterday. I even went shopping for groceries and drove the car! I guess it's because I have the implanting front of the muscle.

My left boob is less swollen now, however my right boob is still very hard, I had a little peep at them last night and my right boob is all bruised. I also still have nip sensation so that's good!!! My hips are still swollen and I am now weighing 3 kilos extra still, so I have dropped a kilo since arriving home.

This afternoon I have my first check-up, where my doctor will remove the bandages and put me in the surgical bra. Can't wait for that. Will post pics later this evening


Finally they are here!

Went to my first check up today and they took the bandages off.... Boobs are big and swollen. My right boob has a massive bruise! They have put a band on me too!

5 days post

Today was my first day at work, I forgot to take my pain pills and medication. I was feeling great, a bit sore only at time, but managed to have a very normal day. My colleagues said they looked really good and I think the swelling has gone down a little bit more.

These pictures are at the end of day 5 at night....

9 days post op!

It's Sunday, 9 days post op! ... My left boob is doing really well, but my right boob is still swollen and my bruise is getting a little better but still looks terrible.

A lot of the swelling has gone now and you will probably see the difference with the new pictures I'm going to post. I've been sleeping very well, and stopped my meds from day 4-5 approx as I was getting a rash On my face, which is still there :(

I've been slowly doing my house chores, and have managed to get things done... Washing my hair fine and having showers...

Scars as at 10 day post op

Day 11 post op

Tomorrow I'm off to a check up...lets see is the doctor says anything about the hematite/bruise ....

3 weeks & 4 days...

I cannot believe how quick time has gone by, I'm probably 90% recovered!! I have been sleeping on my sides now since I reached the two week mark.... Most of the swelling has gone down, and most of haematoma has also gone! I think the size is perfect, I went to the beach a couple of days ago and have to be honest I was shy getting them out as I knew my family would be eyeing them up all the time, and they were, but the complimented them and loved how they look.... I think I can already start going to the gym and do some lite exercise on my upper body, but I'm studying for exams so that will have to wait! I'll put some pics up now, sorry for the bad angles but can't get the gist of doing selfies anymore!!!! Lol


4 month update

Ok so it's been 4 months today! And I'm loving it!
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