60 Year Old - Breast Augmentation - Wyomissing, PA

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I can't believe that I am 60 and doing a breast...

I can't believe that I am 60 and doing a breast implant......but I feel as though you only live once and now I have the money and my husband is more than enthused. Am I crazy or what? I'm wondering if there are other 55+ women who have done the procedure and how it went for them. Stay tuned..... I would love to hear from others who sailed this same ship.

60 year old and 5 day post op- help and thoughts welcomed!

Well, it is 5 days post op. I was not prepared for the level of pain for the first two days. I did sleep on the incline, unfortunately, and now my back (spinal fusion) is in extreme pain that I have had to get out my old back brace from decades ago. I'm really very upset and questioning why the heck I even did this to myself. Also, day 3 and 4 my breasts felt okay, but today I have more pain. Is that "normal". I'm so afraid that I did something stupid while I was struggling with my back pain and struggling to get in/out of bed. Can anyone give me an idea of the pain in the breasts around day 5? Is it okay to get pulling open the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, or did I so something damaging perhaps. And, this compression bra is so tight that I've had to put vaseline on areas of my breast to help with the rubbing. How much do you do around the house? What about calm walks to help with my back pain? I really feel in a pickle and my mind is racing with the "what ifs"..... I welcome ideas for how I can sleep on my back (flat now) and eliminate my lower back pain in the morning which is totally and completely crippling. When does the swelling in the breasts go down? What ideas about making this tight compression bra more comfortable? My surgeon requires staying in this bra 24/7 for 3 weeks. Help anyone?
Reading Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had the surgery just yet. But during the consult the doc spent a lot of time providing information and his opinion. This was the third doc I had a consult with and by far the most informative as well as the one who seemed to care about the end result the most. Looks like he's the one....

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