40 Years Old, 5'6" and 180lbs, 3 Kids Ages 22, 19, and 13. All Natural Births. FINALLY got my Mommy Makeover!!!

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Hello ladies! I have been on this site checking...

Hello ladies! I have been on this site checking everyone out for about 2 months. I wanted to write my review and journey before I had my mommy make over but it all happened so quick! I made it to the flat side! I had my consultation with my PS and made my pre-op 2 weeks later, then had my surgery the following week! My coordinator at my PS office said they had an opening on October 27, 2016. I had originally wanted to wait until the week before Thanksgiving to schedule but was able to get time off approved from my job so I went for it! I have wanted this surgery for over 10 years when I realized after my last child that no matter what exercises I would do, my stomach would never go down. I also had big pregnancies that left me with very stretched out stomach skin and muscles. I was told I needed my diastsis repaired by my PS. I am now 17 days post op. I had a mommy make over... Full tummy tuck with diastis repair, breat lift (no implants) my PS did not recommend it since my right breast was much larger than my left, so I had a lift of both breast and a reduction of my right breast to size closer to match my left. PS said I could come back in 3 months if I was interested in implants and have another surgery to put them in, not sure I can be able to take time off nor afford the cost of surgery again. So I was pretty bummed out about that but it made sense to correct my breast first. My bra size before surgery 36C (haven't measured yet too soon) I had lipo of flanks, love handles, lower back and outer thighs. I am somewhat happy overall with my results. I think my stomach and thighs could have had just a little more fat and skin removed. I still have a mini pouch when I'm sitting, that darn extra skin doesn't want to leave! Oh well at least I have a great start and motivation to work the rest off it off, if it's not gone. I am feeling better day by day but stomach, waist and thighs very swollen still. The compression garment and I have a love hate thing going on! I can't stand the confinement and its SO uncomfortable but I know I need it plus where else would I hang the lovely drain tubes??!! Oh and did I mention the intense itching on days 2-6. Benadryl was added to my appetizers of medications needing to take. My surgery went great except I had MAJOR nausea right after surgery. I was even given a nausea pill to take 3 hours prior to surgery and a scopamine patch behind my ear right before surgery. I had to stay about 3 hours after surgery because of my nausea. I had some crackers and ginger ale and shortly after that the nurses helped me get dressed (while I'm still very nauseous) My fiance met me outside in the car and the nurses wheeled me out. The hour and 15 minute car ride home was the worst part of the ordeal because I felt SO sick. that's the only complaint I had about the surgery day was the post surgery I felt very rushed to push me out the door. I know it was at an outpatient surgery center but damn they could have some more patience. I could have been having a bad reaction or something. Anyways, I made it home safe. I had the experel pain med injection in my stomach for pain management for the tummy tuck. I am SO happy I did! I had a lot of soreness and some pain mainly from the lipo and tummy the first 4 days but it was all very tolerable. NO pain in my breast at all! And I have full nipple sensation! I took some prescription pain meds every 6 hours and would alternate with Valium in between for muscle spasms. I needed help getting up to use the bathroom etc.. for the first 2-3 days. (And I used a walker) I was fortunate to have my very loving fiance here to help me for the first 4 days. You know it's real love and have to put your pride to the side when you have your man help with even wiping/cleaning after you use the bathroom! HARD to reach the back if you know what mean! I never felt so helpless! He was so caring and didn't complain.. Lol...that was only for the first few days.. Thank goodness! I'd say by the 4th day I was getting up out of my recliner (Yes, a recliner was a MUST in my opinion) I would have never been able to get in and out of my bed, too high up! Also I used a walker and raised toilet seat first 5-7 days.. Made things a lot easier getting off and on, up and down. I also took stool softner colace day before surgery along with miralax before and after. Had a BM day after surgery with no problem other than the wiping part..lol..ugh still can't believe I needed that much help! But I have no regrets and would do it all over again! I have had no complications thus far. I had 2 drain tubes on either side of my stomach. I had the first one removed about 2 weeks post op which was last Wednesday. I am hoping to get the other one out tomorrow (Monday) since the amounts have been low all weekend. I would also recommend taking Arnica and Bromelain supplements. I believe they help a lot with the healing process. I ran out of the Arnica a few days ago and can tell the difference since not taking them, stiffness and soreness came back. I originally took off of work of work 18 days, which would have ment I would have been going back tomorrow on Monday. I had to have my date changed because of still having one drain tube. I am a nurse and would not be able to stand, push med cart and care for my residents for 8+hour shifts! So my PS approved me to be off until after my post op visit with him on the 23rd. What a relief! I am strong but not super woman! Ladies make sure you give yourself enough days off for recovery. I think I would have definately been able to go back 2 weeks if I had a desk job but not in the nursing field. Anyways I am going to end right here for tonight. I think I've rambled enough...I am going to post before and 2-5 days post op pictures. I will try and put updated pictures tomorrow once my other drain comes out, hopefully...fingers crossed! I hope this is helpfull to you ladies out there. I will answer any questions because I'm sure I left a lot of things out. But this site helped me TREMENDOUSLY preparing and reading other stories before my surgery. I was a hot mess! I am usually a high anxious person and need to know EVERYTHING and like to be fully prepared for things. I was able to do so by reading so many others journies and stories. I am so grateful and thankful. So if I can help anyone ask away! Or if anyone has tips on what I should be doing from now on, please let me know. Thanks!

Last drain removed yesterday

Hi. I went to my PS yesterday for my last drain to my left side of tummy removed. Drain removal did nor hurt at all. Felt much better once it was out. I also had some concerns with my left side of tummy incision. It had 2 small areas that were raised, red and painful when touched. Also some dimpling on left side. I would have posted some pictures of the but they reapplied steri strips over them. My PS said I had some inflammation and irritation to the areas. He put me on Bactrim DS an antibiotic. I go back next Wednesday for a F/U. I had a busy day yesterday. Did some errands with my daughter and went to visit a few friends. Boy am I tired today! It crazy how I don't feel bad but if I over do it , like I did yesterday, I really get tired and sore the next day. I am taking it easy today. My PS told me to continue to wear my compression garment 24/7 but I may purchase a more comfortable one like spanx and use that. Anyone have any suggestions on where to buy based on comfort and decent price? Also we discussed scar minimizing options. I was recommended using silicon sheets vs gel due to my history of keloids. The silicon sheets they suggested are from Embrace but are very pricey! I have a few days to make a decision before my F/U appointment next week. They also told me I can purchase the Embrace online myself. Does anyone have any recommendations or feed back for good scar minimizing options?
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Dr. Reedy was very calm mannered. Answered all of my questions. Very professional. He was great! I am pleased with my results so far! Still have a long way to go yet I'm only 18 days out!

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