33yo, 5'9", 150lbs, breast fed 3 kids; lollipop lift with 492cc mod+ silicone under the muscle

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I am 33 years old. After 3 kids and breast feeding...

I am 33 years old. After 3 kids and breast feeding for over 4 years collectively, I was left with a saggy and deflated chest. I was self-conscious and very uncomfortable without a bra on. My husband said he liked me just fine the way I was, but I just didn't feel sexy. I stopped nursing my 3rd and last child on November 30, 2014. I joined Real Self in January 2015 and began researching Drs, implants, lift techniques, etc. With the help of RealSelf I was able to find the right surgeon for me. I scheduled a consult and felt confident enough in him to schedule surgery - and boy am I glad I didn't let my nerves get the best of me and chicken out! I had a "lollipop" breast lift with 492cc mod+ profile silicone under the muscle on 3/5/15 with Dr Reedy at Berks Plastic Surgery in Wyomissing, PA. The surgery went very well. I don't remember much but for some reason I vividly remember them waking me up and sitting me up and me saying "oh my god I love them!" while reaching for my new boobs haha! They take every precaution to avoid post-op nausea, which I really appreciated, and I didn't have any issues (even with a 3 hour drive home in a snow storm). I opted to pay extra for Exparel injections in an effort to make my recovery as smooth as possible. I also did the VitaMedica Recovery support vitamin program, including the Bromelain w/Quercitan and used Arnica Montana post-op along with the other prescription medications. I only took 4 percocets out of my prescription and then switched to regular Tylenol. I had no bruising and minimal swelling. I never really had any "pain". It was just tightness and muscle soreness and discomfort in the chest area. They gave me some arm stretches to do and I began doing them in the car on the way home and every hour or so and they definitely helped my chest muscles relax a little more each time I did them. When I felt swollen I would just ice them with bags of frozen peas and it felt amazing. I returned to work on post-op day 5. By post-op day 7 the tightness feeling in my chest muscles completely went away. I am left side dominant and my left side definitely took longer than the right to start to "relax". I am currently on post-op day 9 and, although I know I have a long way to go, I am thrilled with the results and experience thus far. The hardest part now is not being able to pick up my babies for the next 2 weeks but I am taking it one day at a time and have my mom, my sister, my oldest daughter and my hubby helping thankfully! I have steri-strips in place that will stay until my 3 week post-op visit and I have to wear my compression bra 24-7 for the next 3 months. They look and feel better every single day and I am so happy I took the plunge and did this for myself. Even my hubby can't believe the difference already. "They look amazing!" He says. I agree! ????

2 weeks post-op!

Today is 2 weeks post-op! It has actually gone pretty fast! I feel really good! I have 2 more days of the VitaMedica vitamins left and then I'm back to my regular vitamin. My incisions started to get REALLY itchy over the last few days and felt kind of tender when I lightly rubbed finger along the steristrips. But no redness or any signs of infection and it didn't hurt unless I touched it so I'm assuming it's just doing it's healing thing and I left them alone 99% of the time. Benadryl helped with the itching but I could only take that at night because it makes me really sleepy! I also think it had something to do with my surgical bra. Although it didn't bother me before, it became basically unbearable to wear over the last few days. I don't know if it was the material but It started to feel like it was just irritating the hell out of my skin. I am usually very compliant when it comes to surgeon's orders but after my shower last night I just had to switch to another bra- i couldn't take it anymore! I bought a bra before surgery that still gives me some compression and support but was much more comfortable. And wow what a difference waking up this morning! My skin doesn't feel itchy and irritated. My incisions aren't nearly as tender to the touch as they were yesterday and I feel SO much more comfortable! Just to be as compliant as possible, I may switch back and forth between the comfy bra and the surgical bra every other day or so.
As far as how they look- it's still pretty early in the healing game but so far so good! Although not looking crazy different, the left side (my dominant side) is still higher than the right. I actually expected this to happen because my left side is sigificantly stronger than my right, but am anxious for it to catch up. Just need that muscle to relax and let gravity do its thing. My Steristrips are holding up well and will stay on until my 3 week post-op visit next Friday. I am looking forward to the next week flying by because I am NOT the type of person who likes to be stagnant and it's very hard to keep myself from over-doing it. Another week and I should be cleared to "resume normal activities". Almost there! YES!!!
Right now I am researching scar care. My surgeons office sell the Embrace system which has great results but is EXPENSIVE at $100 a week for 8-12weeks. So I *think* I'm going to try using a silicone cream (probably Kelo-cote) in combination with either paper tape or mepitac tape to keep tension off of the scar so it doesn't spread. Any advice on scar products is Welcomed!

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