34 with 2 Kids...ready for Tummy Tuck - Reading, PA

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Just had my consultation today and I'm so excited....

Just had my consultation today and I'm so excited. I set my date for February 9th. Pre-op is January 25th ( day before my birthday). I had a breast aug in 2013 so this will be the finally step in my transformation. I'm down to my ideal weight of 150lbs. Just need to keep my eating on track. I'll post a before photo soon.

Finally did it!!

So I did it. Had my tummy tuck done on February 9th and I'm 3 days post op. I feel better than I thought I would. I recommend anyone having this procedure to get Exparel. It's a pain med they give you before they sew you up that lasts up to 72 hours. Was an extra cost of $300 but it was worth every penny. I literally have experienced no pain but sore back from being hunched over and minimal cramps. I've been sleeping in my recliner since Tuesday so finally going back up stairs tonight! Haven't taken any meds today. Also had one of my drains taking out today. That wasn't bad either. Nurse told me to take a deep breath and breath out and it was over. Just a weird sensation when she pulled it out but no pain. She said if my left side drain total is good by Monday, I can have that one taken out too. I sure hope so because the drains have been the annoying part of it all. Only thing I have to get use to is sitting. If I try to stand for too long I get light headed. I don't have before pictures. But I'll show some after pics on Sunday. They have me in a binder with a foam pad over my stomach to help with the swelling and fluid. So far no complaints...

Post Op day 7

So Im feeling a lot like myself again. Had my second drain removed yesterday and I feel so much better being able to sleep on both sides. The only thing I hate is when I had to sneeze. It felt like a ripped my stomach open, worst pain ever. I'm still amazed how smooth this process has been. I go back to work on Monday but I have an office job where I sit most of the day so I hope things go smoothly that day.

PO 3 weeks

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since my TT. Everything is healing well. Belly button looks better. My PS put me on antibiotics because it looked infected. My incision is healing well and I started scar therapy this week. Using scaraway strips during the day and vitamin E oil at night. Long way to go but so far so good. I tried to upload a photo but I'll try again when I get home

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