28, 1 Child, Full Tummy Tuck 158lbs - Wyomissing, PA

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I am scheduled for my pre-op visit 3/18. I am so...

I am scheduled for my pre-op visit 3/18. I am so excited and scared at the same time! I know once I cough up this $ friday there is no going back now!! I keep thinking of all the things that can go wrong. I feel guilty having a 3 year old and taking a risk like this. Have any other mothers felt like this?

Pre-op tomorow

My pre op is tomorrow and I am super nervous excited at the same time. What do you wear to a tummy tuck preoperative visit and what exactly is done??

Nervous surgery 4/7

I am so excited and nervous. Each day is getting closer and close!! Since I have had to stop taking my diet pills I have gained about 10 lbs. I was 153 and now 160. Is this something to be concerned about? Has anyone gained weight before tummy tuck surgery? My goal weight has always been 147 and im not sure how to control my eating habits now that im not taking my pills.

Couple days till surgery!!

Just three and a half more days left till my surgery and I cannot wait I'm so excited to have a flat stomach!!


Can anyone tell me what I should be buying?? I know I have to get gauze ,tape, I already have all my medicine filled. The surgery comes with one garment, my question is should I be purchasing Spanx or anybody have a suggestion on a different Garment I should have other than the one provided?? I'm freaking out couple days till surgery and today's the day I make my last purchases to make my comfort level a little bit easier post op.

Today is the day

I have my surgery in 2 hours!!

Stuck on the couch

So my first experiance with the drains was awful. I completly forgot how to drain, I had some help from my sister thank god. I nearly passed out though. Has that ever happened? I got so overwhelmed and scared I think. I literally needed to get a cold washcloth to wrap around my neck . Pretty scary. Now im relaxing back in the couch.

4 days post

Pain has been barable, thanks to these pain killers. I have yet to take off my garment, I just been waiting for my first visit to have one drain removed and then the big reveal. I'm dying to see what I look like underneath this foam and garment. I've been going stir-crazy stuck on my couch. I have not had a bowel movement since the morning of surgery. I feel bloated and it's driving me crazy. The day of the surgery I weigh 158 and today 166. This can't be normal. Any advice or tips please comment I'm dying inside knowing the scale has gone up significantly.

Feeling discouraged

5 days post op, tomorrow will be the first day I remove my garment and foam padding. I finally had a bowel movement, Hallelujah lol. I do feel discouraged because I weighed myself and I am 165. The day of surgery I was 158. I don't understand why I weigh so much. I feel very thick and Bloated. Once I remove the Garment tomorrow I will post a picture but this is what you have so far.

Firs look

Finally a shower And my first look!!

Feeling better

After my first reveal I feel amazing. Once I had these drains removed does anyone have any idea how long to continue wearing the Garment. I want to start dressing normal and I'm wondering if I should purchase a special garment or a special Spanx that does not look bulky underneath clothes until healing is complete.

One bulb gone!

Finally they requested that the right drain come out!! Couldn't be happier to be down to one drain. I am also down to my weight that I was the day of the surgery 158lbs. I'm very excited about that. Strangely enough I feel like I don't look as thin and skinny as I did as the picture I posted with the two drains in. I did a lot of walking today basically as if I was back to normal with the exception of having 1 drain in. Heck I even went to Walmart. I'm really hoping that this is just swelling and I'll look like the picture I posted with the two drains. I just can't wait to dress normal. Finding old t-shirts And Long sweaters to hide this drain and bulky garment is annoying. I'm ready to shop and see what I look good in!!

9 days post op

Feeling good, with only 1 drain. I cannot wait to have the second one removed on Monday. Today the swelling went down significantly I took another peek at myself finally and I'm liking what I'm seeing so far so good. I just want to wear a dress so bad. Having to continue to wear the Garment along with the foam underneath is messing with my mind. I'm feeling larger than I know that I am lol I just want to wear normal sexy clothes lol

4 weeks post

I feel great! My belly button seems kind of small but regardless I couldn't be happier with my results!

1 month post op results

I feel great, although I feel like my belly button is closing... what do ya'll think ,
Reading Plastic Surgeon

I love the realness of the surgeon. I felt like he was very honest. He could have easily upsold me into lipo and flat out told me the way my skin is he doesnt believe im the best candidate for that. He said I was excellent for TT but the lipo may not give me the results I want on my thighs and back. We also discuss the option of breast augmentation,but my fear of having implants means that a lift may not give me the results I want. He didnt push implants on me and I respect that.

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