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I have my pre op appt tomorrow for my tummy tuck...

I have my pre op appt tomorrow for my tummy tuck on july 28. Im really nervous but also excited. I can't believe its finally here! I had my son when i was 18 and was left with alot of strech marks, then when i was 19 had surgery on my bowel which left a nasty scar. Needless to say iv never worn a bikini again. I had to quit smoking one month before my surgery. Im happy to say im eight days smoke free!!! I wasn't sure if i could do it but i did. Its still hard everyday but im hanging in. I figured id start on of these blogs since im going to be sitting around alot after surgery. Maybe this will help me to get thru it.

Two weeks left

Got my bloodwork today. Smoke free for two weeks. And two weeks til surgery. This is really happening!

4 days

Here are my before pics. Im trying not to get nervous. I dont want to freak out.

Tt done

Just got my tmmy tuck yesterday im doing pretty good not to much pain butwell see when the expeeal wears of i cant wait to see the results

Not to bad

I totally cant believe iys done. I cant wait to see it. The nurses and dr Reedy were wonderful. They said im really going to.be pleased with the results

Doin great

Its three days post op. Its driving me crazy that i cant see the results yet. I cant get a shower until tuesday thats crazy. I stopped taking the pain meds and have just been ok with tylenol. I also cant wait to get the drains out.

Shower day

Cant wait to shower and see the results. This foan thing under the binder is so itchy and glued to me somehow so i havent even been able to peek. Yesterday i did drive to the gas station up the street. Thats the first time iv been out of my house,but i was super careful. Also i read alot about ppl having constipation problems from the pain meds. I started taking these herbal pills from walmart they were like five dollars. Thier called colon clenz. I just took one a day. I think the trick is not to wait til ur constipated to start taking something. Also my first two days i was having a pro lem peeing. Id sit on the tiolet forever and nothing. I started drinking alot of water and cranberry pills three times a day. I felt like a bladder infection,probaly from the cathader

Finally saw my tummy

I dont kno whats goin on with this site i update and its not there i put pics and its not there. Really sick of wasting my time writing all this for it to just disapear

Five days post op

Before n after

One drain out

So yesterday was day six and i got one of my drains out. Iv showed my before and after to a few friends and im not getting to much good feed back which is a bummer.

Side view

Shower alone

Today felt pretty good showered by melself changed my bandages, even drove to walmart to get a few things. I was looking at big flowy shits and remembered oh yeah i can buy regular shirts now.no belly to hide!!!

Tried to sleep in bed

Well i tried to sleep in my bed on my side woke up sore as hell. Wont be doing that again not sure when i can start sleeping in bed.and im out of pain pills and muscle relaxers


Today ive been having alot of what feels like menstral cramps, all though ive already had my period and alot of swelling.i think iv been doing to much activity

To much to soon

Well yesterday i had really bad cramps and swelling called my dr. this morning with drain total which was higher than normal. They said i have to take it easy the next cpl days. Guess ive been to busy. I just felt so good so i thought i was ok to do light activity plus i was so sick of sitting around. Oh well lesson learned

Other drain out

So today i got my last drain out.which i was happy about cause it was getting annoying. Im healing up pretty good. Just having these annoying abdominal cramps which I'm still using the percocet for.they come at the most random times.my streristrips still on, acouple pieces came lose and my insision looks really good from what I've seen. Still swollen but i guess that will be for awhile yet.

Ten days

Looking good


Things are going good except for this constant felling of fullness. And drinking or eating anything makes it worse. Im kinda disappointed i never heard from my plastic surgeon in all this time. I don't see him until 3 weeks post op. Besides that my energy is good i can stand up all the way. Just take it easy no pushing puliing or lifting.

Infection maybe?

As my steri strips have been slowly coming off o noticed one inch of my incision is red with yellow inside. My ps said to keep it clean and covered. Today it looks worse. Also my lower stomach has been hard as a rock and hot to the touch ever since day one. I thought this was normal, but now not so sure. Again annoyed that u dont see ur ps for three weeks. The nurses took the drains out and didn't even look at my stomach.

Infection maybe

Back at work

Ok im back to work things are going well. I just want to kno if anyone had good results with any of the scar therapy options. What cream, silicone sheets did u use? How long did u massage. Advice is greatly appreciated thanks


Well its been a while now. Things are going great. I finally got to wear a bikiki for the first time in my life. Im very happy with my results. I rarly swell and my insision is healing nicely. No regrets!!


My fave bikini

1 year!!!

Close to my one year check up. I must say im extremly happy with my results. Even tho i had alot of strech marks left u can barly see them. My confidence has lifted so much. Today i can wear bikinis and lingerie and i can be NAKED and feel totally free! It is such a sense of freedom and it was defiantly the best thing ive ever done for myself. Thank u soooo much Dr. Reedy
Reading Plastic Surgeon

I was very impressed with Dr. Reedy and the office staff. They were very friendly and caring. Dr Reedy has a confidence about him that really makes it easy to trust his skill. I will definitely go back to him if i have anything else done.

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