25 Y/o. 32a. 400cc. 1 Child. 4'10. 115lbs. - Newtown Square, PA

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Today I went for my 1st consultation. The staff...

Today I went for my 1st consultation. The staff were absolutely amazing! They answered all my questions and made me feel very confortable.

Now the doctor recommend 335cc. I am currently a 32a. Im 4'10, 110lbs. I like how it looked but when they took a picture, it seemed small. Is that normal? Are looks deceiving?

Any suggestions would be great! Anyone who was petite like me who's had surgery would be a great help also.

Had a 2nd consultation

Today, I met with Dr. Bottger located in Newtown Square, PA.

He said I have a great frame and since I've already had a child I'm bounced back fast so the implants will go great in my chest since I'm already "stretched"

Now he mentioned that I should not be on birth control during surgery and since I'm on Depo, to skip my next shot. This is to prevent blood clots. The first doctor did not mention this and I did ask about my bc. Has anyone else stopped their bc before their BA? And if so, even did you go back on?

BA scheduled for January 21, 2016

Originally I was certain that I would have my surgery done by Dr. Reedy, but after going over everything, choosing Dr. Bottger (Newtown square, PA) was definitely my definite choice at the end.

My pre-op appt is on January 6, 2016. I am super excited and can't wait to start this process.

Still undesicive about sizes

My surgery is 50+ days away and ice read through hundreds of reviews of women the sane bodyssey frame as I.

I'm stuck between 335cc-375cc

I like how 335cc looked in some reviews and I liked how 350cc looked.

I just don't want to look fake. Because I am only 4'10 but in 120lbs now. Thanks to the holidays. I should be back to 110-115 by the time surgery comes around.


Little boobs don't full out bra's

After scheduling my surgery I've just been so excited to get it already. I took pictures of myself in a normal size 32a bra from target. One boob has ALWAYS been bigger theb the other. My left boob fills the cup but the right does not.

But my PS said I week have the same amount of cc's in each breasts. I just want then to both be the same. I'll mention it again at my post op on January 6th. Hopefully we can figure this out

11 days until my surgery!!!

My pre-op was on January 6th. We deduced on a size and I'm perfectly happy with it.

I loved how the 350cc looked on me. My PS said he normal adds 50cc from whatever his patients decide on. So then it was a matter of do we go 375cc on the left breast and 400cc on the right. .our do we go 400cc on the left and 425cc on the right (my right is smaller)

I was terrier to even think to put 400cc in me! So I panicked and dais let's go with 375 & 400. Then shortly after I talked to the coordinator she reassured me is okay, so I went with my gut and changed it to 400cc & 425cc.

I walked out of there completely satisfied!

So after my appointment i went to Wal-Mart and got items to prepare myself and to have everything at my bedside:

- pudding
- mixed fruit containers
- water bottles
- apple juice
- wet naps
- lotion
- hands sanitizer
- box of tissues
- hibiclens soap to wash up with the night before (recommended by my PS)
- Curad paper tape for after my stitches come out
- front close bra (Walmart had many selections for $10!

I'm ready!

My breasts have gotten bigger

I usually weigh about 115..120lbs.

But due to a VERY stressful break up in the beginning of this year, I went down to a whooping 95 lbs. Since my consultation with my PS in November I've gained my weight back. .all thanks to Thanksgiving! So I hope that the extra tissue in my breasts helps hide the implant look some.

I'm still small and still an A cup. I just thought it was funny that my boobs grew a little right before surgery! :)

So after reading through other comments

I read a post about a person by the name of BOOBBEGONE3 going around writing comments on posts basically trying to push women away from getting a BA.

This person indeed, commented on my post and told me to not get it. We're here to support each other, not make one feel like we're foolish for choosing to go through with our BA!

4 more days!

Only 4 more days! I got my blood work done on Friday, I'll fill my prescriptions on Tuesday and I'll be all set to go.

My son will be staying with dad a little longer so I can recover. I didn't really think it was his business that I was getting survey so I told him I would be out of town for work. I also thought, maybe I should keep my son on my days that I usually have him but I don't know how I'll recover or even handle the pain.

The laSt thing I want is for him to feel neglected or see me in pain. It's better that he's at his dad's and is comfortable.


Last pictures of my boobs

Last few photos so that I don't forget what they use to look like and to help others who are my Suze considering a BA

1 more night!

So tomorrow is the big day!

I received calls this morning from the hospital this morning. I have to be at the hospital by 9:45am. I was told to only bring my ID, insurance card and to take out any piercings I have in.

My cousin is picking me up tonight and then taking me to get my surgery tomorrow. Then after bringing me back home. My baby boy is safe and with his daddy. So when I see him next week..he'll never know a thing!

I'm ready!

Hello from the other side!

So I did it! I have boobies! I arrived at 9:50am. Ran 5 minured late due to random traffic and being lost in the parking lot (they have 3 buildings) so please go early!

I went under about 11:30am and came out around 12:30. It took me almost 4 hours to recover. The pain is a 3 out of 10! But BOY AM I NAUSEOUS. They gave me 2 different types of nausea medicine. One of them which knocked me out cold for another hour!

My cousin took me and then my other cousin surprised me also in the recovery room. The nurses were amazing and so was Dr. Bottger. His bedside manner was great. I was completely comfortable as always.

I go for my post-op tomorrow at 10:30am. Right before the snow of 18 inches come!

They look small!

When my doctor came in to mark me up, he went over the sizes. .375cc left and 400cc on right.

I quickly aid oh noooo. 400cc left and 425cc right. I sure hope that is what he put in. Now I'm nervous because they seem small lol. But I also am, bandaged up and can't see much.

Bandages are off#

So it's been 24 hours since my surgery. When I woke up, I was very nauseous. I felt no pain at all. Only when I tried getting up I could feel the tightness but nothing too bad. I actually have been moving around a lot!

My friend took me to my Post-op appointment and Dr. Bottger said they are beautiful and I'm heal very nicely.

I'm glad I went with the bigger size. I slept just fine throughout the night. I laid with about 4 pillows and take my percocets every 4 hours just to be control of my pain.

This morning when I woke up I was extremely nauseous and almost threw up! But I took my nauseous pills and it went away! I dressed myself, I go to the bathroom on my own. Wiping is a little difficult but I did it.

I went to eat lunch and went grocery shopping. I was not uncomfortable at all. I really though it would be worse but I'm glad it's not!

I can't wait for them to drop. I'm home now, icing these babies watching Grey's Anatomy. Hopefully tomorrow will be easy as well!

Best ice pack ever!

This ice pack is the absolute best.

It has gel on the inside and covers both of my girls. I don't need a cover. I place it right on my chest. No issues at all. For anyone looking for a great ice pack. I recommend Walgreens.

2 days after my BA

Last night was a little rough. I was very tight. However, I did not wake up nauseous today. I say in my computer chair for about 3 hours. It felt awesome. I think walking around slowly definitely helps. Except thigh in propped up in my bed, I get sore even trying to get up.

Side by side comparison

5 days post op!

I'm completely off of my meds. I've had no pain since I woke up from my surgery. Only nausea. That's gone and I've been cooking and cleaning lightly. I chest has been more tight then usual which I'm told is completely normal.

Some tips I would recommend:
- bend at the knees not the waist
- move slowly when you first get up from the bed
- scoot with your butt, not your upper body when laying on the bed
- icing truly helps!!!!

Is it normal to feel sad?

I do not regret my choice but im feeling down about having foreign objects in my body. Is this normal?!

I'm not sure if it's because I can't do as much as in use to doing. I'm very limited and that's not something in use to. I hoped this feeling goes away.

RealSelf didn't save my review!

Long story story, my friend suggested nipple ointment for sensitive nipples. It's actually ointment for women who breast feed but it works wonders! I read a lot about the arnica sensitive skin cream. . .there's mixed reviews which is why I haven't bought it and tried this instead. Just thought I'd let it out there

The tank top I tried on that use to fit my 32a chest no longer fits! It looks good in pictures but im huge in person (so my friend says)

I have started my massages so we'll see how that goes. I get to take my steri-stripes off next week :)

1st week back at work!

This was my 1st week back and at and it's been difficult. Very sore, can't move fast. My body aches and my chest is tight 24/7!

I bought a wireless bra at target and it's a 34c. Right now it's super tight but maybe it'lol be more comfortable once the swelling goes down.

My nipples are SUPER sensitive does anyone have an answer to anything they have used to help this?!

2 weeks post!

Today I took the tape off my incisions and saw my incision site for the first time.

I think they're healing pretty good!

Incisions are healing nicely

I have been using Vaseline on my incisions. Ive used it all my life for scars and it's taken every scar I've ever had away.

I almost 3 weeks post and everyday gets a little easier. I still get "morning boob" but the tightness only lasts 5 minutes or so. I had originally bight a wireless bra just to wear at work and I had purchased a 34c. I can't seem to breathe in it because I'm still swollen so I'm going to just buy another sports bra.

Hopefully the next few weeks I start to feel normal again

Boob greed is kicking in

So now that I've been massaging my boobs for a while, I've noticed that the one we put 425cc in, is still a little smaller than the one we put 400cc in. So now I'm wishing we would have went with 450cc. My left breast is so full and beautiful. My right is beautiful also, just not as full. .but it's still full.

Now I wanted to voice my experience with choosing sizes. From trying on my sizers, my breasts came out exactly how I wanted. .only because we went up 50cc. If I would have went up only 25cc, I don't think I would be as satisfied. I'm very happy I went with my PS opinion on going 50cc extra to get that look I loved with the sizers!

Incisions : I live by vaseline/aquaphor so that is what I've been using on my scars. And they have lightened up so much.

Boob acne: my PS says this is normal to have after surgery and it should clear up soon. Thank God

1st day using Mederma PM

Product: Mederma Intensive Overnight Scar Cream - Walmart - $24.99 on Amazon is $20.

I'm going to apply this every morning and night. There's great reviews on this so I'll see how it goes.

Bought a bathing suit

Went out and bought my first bathing suit today.

I picked up a size medium. I bought shirts for when I go on vacation and a lot of the shirts were small/medium.

I never knew having boobs would get in the way of me painting my toe nails, but I love it. I wouldn't trade my new body for anything!

Boobs are very sore and aching :(

Is this normal? I've been massaging like crazy. The entire pocket aches. I got nervous and emailed my doctor. I'm basically back too my everyday normal activities.

Im working out again. Lifting at work. I don't luce often but I can lift a case of beer no problem. Sleeping on my chest is still very weird. So I don't do it.

I finally got sized and I am a 36c! I read a lot of people have stayed at 32..if they originally were 32a like myself. But I can't not breathe in a 32 or 34 band! It's a

But yeah, is this normal to be sore?

Almost 3 months post

And I'm very very happy with my results.

I still feel them moving when I'm laying down. They are definitely dropping and f! I'm pretty much the same size as when I woke up after surgery. The fluffing makes me look bigger.

I'm loving my new boobs and anyone who is confused and not sure, this definitely made me feel so much more confident in myself!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bottger exceeded my expectations since the beginning. When I first went in for my consultation, he actually seemed like he was interested in my questions and concerns. He informed me on everything and I felt so much better in the end. He made me feel 100% comfortable. His assistant Mary Jo, is amazing! She's been so nice and has answered all of my emails. Everyone at his office is so nice and warm. My results are not finalized yet. But im 110% happy I chose Dr. Bottger!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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