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Hi im 5'7 I weight 150lbs and Im 33 years old....

Hi im 5'7 I weight 150lbs and Im 33 years old. I'm a mother to 4 wonderful children. and that is why Im here. Even though I would not trade them for the world they did leave a mark. A huge mark at that. When I got pregnant for the first time I was 130lbs and when I delivered I was 210lbs! i have been able to get down to about 150lbs when i would get prego again. Then back up to 200ish. So now that Im done having children Im left with a big bag of droopy skin. I just want to have my body back. Im working with a personal trainer right now that is helping me get back down to my goal weight before my surgery in january. I would like to loose about 10 more pounds before my surgery.

Im new to all this so im hoping that i get some feed back on helpful and useful information.

Updated on 13 Nov 2011:

I can't believe I have 7 weeks left till my Mommy Makeover. Yes you heard me right, I'm going to have the whole shabang!!! I decided to have my breast done to:/ they are deflated from having my 4 kids and just feel like having them put back where they belong. I thought while I'm already there they may as well just do it all:)

I've just been playing the waiting game, not much going on. I'm just continuing to work with my trainer to get in tip top shape before my surgery, so that I can have the best results possible.

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas to come and hope that getting ready for this holiday season will help keep my mine off starting the new year with a new me. Probably not but it's worth a try:) (my husband thinks I'm a mess cause its all I think about:))

Updated on 15 Nov 2011:

Finally took some before pics...I'm so excited to have the muffin top, apron, bag, whatever you want to call it, to be GONE!!!

I've been going through the emotions of not wanting people to think any different of me. ( when I say people I mean family and friends) I feel like they will judge me and think that I am better than them, and that I am trying to become superficial. I am a people pleaser and I have a hard time when someone is having a hard time with me. I just don't want anyone thinking any less of me. I am still me! I am not changing who I am on the inside! I'm hoping that the only thing that changes is my confidence.

My husband and I have decided to "hide" this process from friends and family because some of them are being kind of harsh when we ask there opinion about stuff like this. We live in a different state than our families so it will be easy to do. My mom and dad are being supportive and they are coming to help, which I am so excited for them to come I love them so much and am very greatful for them they do so much for us!

Anyway sorry to vent but that is kind of what this site is for right?!?! So we can help and support each other. Take care and hope to talk at every one soon!

Updated on 21 Nov 2011:

Yay Im down to only 6 weeks left!!! Not much going on other than playing the waiting game:( Keeping up with my personal trainer. This week on Thanksgiving morning Im running in a 10k race, excited about that. I like to run for most of my cardio time and my trainer has me doing a lot of weight training. hoping to drop my last 10 pounds before surgery. havent had a lot of progress the last couple of weeks Im at a platue I think. dont know what else i can do other than keep doing my best. It still is fustrating though when you dont see the number on the scale change:/ And my surgery day just keeps getting closer.

Anyway I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving this week and we can all remember the many, many things that we are Greatful for! Talk at ya all later...

Updated on 1 Dec 2011:

I only have 5 more weeks to go!!! YAY!!! Thanksgiving went by way to fast...visiting with family and friends was lots of fun:) I hope everyone enjoyed there thanksgiving too:)

I'm starting to wonder if there are things that I should be doing to get ready or am I thinking to far ahead? Can anyone give me some sort of idea on this?!?!

I am still sorting through my emotions about people thinking differently about me(mostly family). Working hard to stay positive. Keeping my spirit high, and remind myself that I worked hard and have been stretched from here to Timbuktu and back.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as it has officially started. I hope everyone is doing good pre-op as well as post-op. remember to take care of yourselves because your worth it. And Happy TummyTucking:)Updated on 9 Dec 2011:I have 4 weeks left. Getting excited! A little bit nervous. Mostly about my breast augmentation, I just really don't want them to be a maintance item down the road. Does anyone know much about BA. I was just reading my book that the PS gave me about the gel implants and the book makes them sound like there is a lot of risk to having this type of procedure done with maintaining down the road. Like needing to have them replaced or removed 7 to 10 years down the road. I don't know what to do, if I should just go for it or not. I've had the mentality that I only live once so I may as well have the whole shebang done and have fun with it but this dumb book kind of scared me:/

Hope everyone is doing good and continuing to heal well. I will send good healing vibes to all!Updated on 13 Dec 2011:Time is flying by! Getting more and more excited as time goes by...so excited to have my muffin top be gone! Just still hoping I can fly under the radar with Friends and family. I think about that a lot, (probably way to much) it stresses my out. I don't like people judging me:( Anyway I hope everyone is doing good...Updated on 21 Dec 2011:So Excited! I just got done paying for my tummy tuck, so there is no tuning back now:) I have decided to not have the BA right now, my husband and I were talking about it and we decided to wait until next year sometime. maybe after we have paid for the tummy tuck.

I have been slowly buy stuff that I "Think" I will be needing. My husband laughed at me because I bought a "Gofer Stick" so I can help clean up without having to bend over. With having 4 kids our house can get a little messy with toys, backpacks, shoes, ect...

Im just waiting for the time to pass hoping that the holiday will help it go by a little faster. Hope everyone is doing well and happy tummy tucking!

I cant believe I only have 9 days left! Im super...

I cant believe I only have 9 days left! Im super excited! A little nervous about recovery. Just wondering if I will be in intense pain or just a little pain, there is such a wide range of degree in pain intensity that it is hard to know. So im just a little nervous about that. Ive had so many surgeries that I know what it is like being put to sleep, so that doesnt bother me. Im just super excited to have the outside of my body match how I feel on the inside of me. I still need to get most of my supplies that I may need. But I think I may wait till my mom and dad get here, my Mom said she wanted to go shopping with me so Ill probably wait for her. I cant wait for my parents to get here, they are the best! They will be staying and helping out with the kids and chores around the house I may make them stay forever j/k. It will be hard to let them go home though. It has been hard for me to live far away from my home town, they are my best friends next to my husband of course. oops sorry Im rambling...

Anyhoo Just playing the waiting game and wishing i was on the recovery side.

Let Get This Party Started...

One week from today and I will be on my journey in...

One week from today and I will be on my journey in recovery land. On my way to being a Hot Wife and Mama...

May the count down start! I Think Im ready. I just...

May the count down start! I Think Im ready. I just need to get some ice packs and my Meds from the Pharmacy and finish doing some last minute deep cleaning done around the house and I am good to go...

Does anyone know if you can take to much Vitamin C? Because Im taking about 2000 mgs a day. I really really really dont want to get sick and some of my family has head colds and I have a sore throat but that is all it has done to me. Hoping it doesnt get any worse.

Im getting antsy, nervous, and excited now that it is sooo close.

Tomorrow is my big day! My husband and I are...

Tomorrow is my big day! My husband and I are leaving tonight and staying in a hotel because we live 2 hours away from where I'm having my tt done. And we need to be at the drs at 7:00am and I really don't want to wake up so early just to drive there.
I'm ready to get this done and be on the road of recovery. I'm super excited and have high hope that I will look and have the confidence that I have always longed for!

Well I made it through my first 24hrs. I'm...

Well I made it through my first 24hrs. I'm having some pain and discomfort and have been taking one percoset every 2hrs. I'm hoping that it gets better as the day goes on. Coughing hmmm hurts like hell. The doctor removed 3lbs of skin and the incision go from hip to hip and the skin they removed was 12inches from top to bottom. So to me that sounds like a good chunk of skin was removed. I have a pain pump and only one drain which stings every time I move. But I know it's there for a good reason:/
Anyway I'm just here trying to keep the pain under control. Some people compare this to a c-section but my opinion is that it is much more painful than that. And I feel I have a high pain tolerance. I've had 3 out of 4 pregnancies result in a c-section so I do have some idea but this TT is way worse. But it should get better from here right?!?!
That's about it for now. I've made it through 24 hours so far:)

3 days post op. well last night I took my pain...

3 days post op. well last night I took my pain meds and thought I could go through the night and not take any till morning when I woke up. Boy was I wrong. I woke up about 4 o'clock in some intense pain. I wasn't very happy about that. Other than the pain I'm doing good. I get to take the pain pump out today so that should be interesting and my drain is slowing down a bit too. I'm just taking it easy letting my body heal and do it thing and also I'm waiting on the BM that everyone has been talking about. Just waiting for that to happen. Eating lots of fiber and miralax and colace so hopefully with all that something should happen soon.
I'm sad today because my parents are flying back home. They have been sooooooo much help with my 4 kids and helping around the house while my wonderful husband has been tending to my needs. I am so greatful to have such awesome support.

Post op day 4... Last night I did a lot better:) I...

Post op day 4... Last night I did a lot better:) I took two pain pills around 10:30pm and woke up at 5:00am this morning. I didnt need any In between I just slept! Yay for me! I think I might be getting over the hump and on the down hill side of this pain I hope anyway:) my drain is still putting out about 20 to 30ml in a twenty four hour period which is pretty good. It is slowing down. Maybe I will get it out this week?!?! I took a quick shower yesterday afternoon and was paranoid the who time about getting my drain hole wet and my incision wet but I made it through. It felt so good to have the compression garment off and scratch my skin I could have stood there all day and scratched everywhere it felt sooooo good. My husband helped me do all this and even though my body looks like a train wreck he got a little excited ( if you know what I mean). I guess I'm already looking Hot with my drain and all. He is very impressed already and he likes what he sees. I can feel my confidence already slowly rising and I'm excited for the end result. I do remember when I was in the recovery room asking and saying if I was Hot and telling everyone how Hot I will be. I think I was still coming off all the drugs from surgery so needless to say I was still a little loopy.
Anyhow I'm starting to feel better pain wise and hope it continues to improve I think that a lot of the soreness is coming from the drain. At the drain site and internally so I'm hoping I will notice a big difference when I get that removed. Still haven't had a BM but I think it's getting close so maybe today. I'm going to try and walk around a little more and see if that helps. That's about all that is going on this far. I'm just going to continue to take it easy and let my body heal. Happy TT'ing everyone:)

Post op Day 5 Pictures...

Post op Day 5 Pictures...

Post op day 7...I've made it one week....

Post op day 7...I've made it one week. It's been kind of a long week. Hoping it gets better from here on out. The swelling has been kind of bad. During the last half of the day I feel like if you take a pin and poke me I will explode. I'm hoping that I'm on the down hill side of the peek swelling. The other challenging part has been my back from being bent over when I walk around. It's killing me. My back is the first thing to start hurting when I'm up and about.
On the up side my energy level is slowly coming back. I'm not on pain meds anymore. No more drains. I drove today for the first time since surgery. Everyday is a little bit better than the last.

Hey everyone I'm 9 days post op and doing good...

Hey everyone I'm 9 days post op and doing good. I'm really tight and swollen. Still walking bent over, which makes my back sore. My mind is ready to move on. I mentally want to be up and getting stuff done. But my body is saying hold your horses. This is definantly mind over matter. I just don't know why I'm so tight. I'm afraid if I stand up to tall I will split my incision open and rip my muscle repair apart. I'm thinking he sewed up my muscles really really good and took more skin than maybe should have. I don't know, I trust his judgement. It just seems that not many women on this site are having the same issues. So can anyone shed some light on this? Maybe I'm just wanting to heal faster than I really am? I started taking bromelaine yesterday so I hope that helps. Not sure when I would start to see results with taking that. But I will continue to keep taking it.

I have my 2nd post op appt. on Tuesday and I have to drive 2 hours to get there. I hope I feel up to that. It will be nice to feel normal and be out and about. I just hope I don't get to worn out that it's hard for me to drive home. I'm excited to talk with the dr though and get lots of questions answered about my swelling and tightness:). I know I can call anytime but it's nice to actually talk with him in person. Maybe all this that I'm feeling is normal and I'm fretting about nothing but I would think its gotta let up soon?!?!

Anyway I am doing better over all. I can do a little more each day I just take it slow and easy. The little aches and pains are getting better with every passing day. My kids are a big help as well as my wonderful husband. He did so good this week with taking care of me as well as our children and the household chores. I really know what he is capable of when he has to step up and take care of everything. He tends to play dumb when I'm the one running the household. He is kind of funny that way.
Just an update as to how I'm doing. Just continuing to sit around and heal as usual:)

I'm 12 days post op. I had my second post op...

I'm 12 days post op. I had my second post op appt and it went well. The dr said I am healing well and everything looks good. All my stitches are dissolvable so he didn't clip any stitches ( which I thought maybe he would on my belly button) but nope. He glues my big incisions so that has no visible stitches. He also said my swelling is normal. He wants me to push my limits so that I can regain my mobility back in my Ab area. I don't have to wear the compression garment he gave me. He said I can change over to spanxs or something similar. I can also start light exercise when I feel like I'm ready. But no core using exercises till march 1st. So all in all the appt. was good and I don't have to go back for 4 weeks. Unless I need to.

I went to the mall for about an hour after my appt. which was all I could take. But it felt good to go out. Today was my first real outing since surgery and it felt pretty good to feel normal for a minute. Today was also my first day back doing carpool duty with my kids taking them to school. I was kind of nervous and told my hubby that I don't know if I'm ready to take on my everyday responsibilities but today went well and I hope it just keeps getting better with the passing days.

Well so far so good. I have only been taking Tylenol as needed and I know that it will just keep getting better. Happy healing everyone!

Post op 3 weeks- so far so good. I'm able to...

Post op 3 weeks- so far so good. I'm able to lay almost flat on my back. I still need my legs bent a little but they are almost stretched all the way out. And my head is using no pillows. I lay like this a couple times a day to give my body a good stretch. I still sleep a little proped up though. I'm about 80% Walking straight, but at the end of the day I find myself slouching a little. The swelling is getting better. I can officially wear my regular jeans and feel comfortable in them:) my scar looks awesome. It still is about half scabed and glued over but the part that has been revealed looks really good. It's such a fine line. I'm very happy about it.

I'm still taking Motrin once in a while when I'm having a achy day. Which those seem to come and go. I get tired easy so I'm trying to regain some energy. I haven't been sleeping very good at night because my body is tired of sleeping in the same position so maybe if I get a good nights rest I wouldn't be so tired during the day?!?! I'm going to start walking next week at my one month mark. I'm so excited to start doing that. The dr said I could start light exercise when I feel up to it. Just no weight training till march 1st. I'm so ready for my personal trainer to come back and kick my butt in gear. I'm tired of all this sitting around. That's probably why I'm tired to cause I just sit here In between doing my chores. My back gets tired fast, I need to build the strength back up in it.

Over all I'm doing pretty good. I'm healing well. I don't have much of an appetite since surgery. Pre op I was 151lbs and now I'm 146lbs. My goal is to be between 135 and 140. Which is a good range for me. So I'm almost there. And then when I start working out again I can just tone my body back up. And I will be one hot wife and mama. So excited to continue this journey and continue to rebuild my confidence I have longed for.

Happy tummy tucking and happy healing everyone:)

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