Not a "New Me", an "Improved Me". :-) Breast Lift with Augmentation and Lipo of Upper and Lower Abdomen - Casper, WY

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Like so many on here, the ravages of childbirth,...

Like so many on here, the ravages of childbirth, nursing, time, and yo-yoing on the scale have done a number on my body. I had two amazing boys 13 months apart (I planned 5 years but apparently can't do math! lol), and nursed a total of two years. In 1996, I had a modified tummy tuck, but the results were very disappointing. I'd always planned to have more work done, but as it often goes life got in the way and 20 years passed! Well my sons are grown, in college, fairly self sufficient financially and living on their own, so now it's my time. :-) I have an amazing husband of 4 years (together 10), who thinks I'm perfect the way I am, but understands that this journey is about me, for me. He's been very much a part of this process so far. Interestingly, his biggest fear is that I will go too big on the breast implants. Have you ever heard a guy thinking that way? lol Anyway, I am currently a flat, droopy 36dd, and want to be a full, "uplifted" 36dd to 36ddd. Therefore, I am having a breast lift, with augmentation. I'm looking at between 400cc and 475cc. I am also having lipo on my upper and lower abdomen to not so much fix anything the first surgeon did wrong, but to complete the job he was either to lazy or too incompetent to complete.

I live in a small city in a state with a very low population. As a result, there really is only one doctor to consider close to home. I'm not opposed to traveling, but have decided after my consultation to go with the local Dr. Because he has lots of experience (literally being a "one man show"), does beautiful work, has quite the reputation to uphold, as well as a deep respect and commitment to the members of our community. My husband and I saw Dr. Roussalis on July 26th (although I'd been researching him for weeks, reading and rereading lots of reviews, and looking at great photos of his work). Immediately my husband and I felt comfortable. Dr. Roussalis was caring, answered all of our questions, didn't rush (he spent over an hour with us), and did not try to up-sell or oversell. After talking A LOT about it and sleeping on it, I called the next day and scheduled. Because of work constraints the first surgery date they gave me wasn't going to work. The wonderful nurse in Dr. Roussalis's office "went the extra mile" by calling all of our surgery centers in town and found one that had an opening on an earlier date! This really impressed me, and showed me that not only does Dr. Roussalis care, so does his staff. I'm excited for this journey, and can't wait to see the final results. My only concern is that I will only have 5 days off work. I'm also the head of my department, so work can be mentally demanding, although not too physically demanding. I am determined however, to make the most of the 5 days I have off, and my wonderful husband has promised to cater to my every need. I know he will as he did during my gallbladder and hysterectomy surgeries. :-) Thank you to everyone for your testimonies; I feel like I already have a community of supporters out there in cyber space! BTW.....I am 49 years old, 5'3", and 179 pounds.

Trying to decide on final size and what items I need to purchase.

Did everyone else find themselves dreaming about their surgeries on a nightly basis? lol I have dreamed about my surgery and how it will go, how things will look, and how recovery will be. I've had the same dream every night for about a week. In the meantime, I did some shopping today to try and get prepared. I bought some comfy button down pjs, a couple of soft cupped bras (not quite sports bras as they don't compress a great deal), and a couple of button down shirts. Ultimately, I'm hoping the final look is similar to the pictures I've attached. These are pictures of me, wearing my favorite bra from Victoria Secrets. Thank you padding, push up and underwire technology, lol! I'm hoping for something similar to this, but even fuller.

Starting to get real

My pre op appointment is later today; eek! This surgery is starting to feel real. I want to try on samples one more time to nail down a size. I also want clarification on the lipo areas. In the meantime, I've attached pictures of my wish boobs. :). Have a great day!

Four days and counting until breast lift, augmentation and lipo!

My pre op appointment went well and other than waiting on a call from the surgical nurse to get health history, everything's a go! My Dr. ordered high profile implants silicone ranging from 375cc to 525cc. He will see which size looks best during surgery, place it under the muscle, and also perform a lift. I'm also getting lipo of the upper and lower abdomen. I've decided to have a nerve block to help control post operative pain from the breast work. A nerve block won't really help lipo pain, though. I had my husband take picts. of me tonight and boy are they depressing! Definitely looking forwsrd to some after picts.


Picts didn't upload for some reason.

More before picts

More picts.

FInal countdown

I'm 18 hours away from surgery and I've gone from excitement to near panic! I keep vacillating back and forth as to whether or not I should be doing this. One moment I think the pain should be tolerable as I've been through several surgeries of various types. The next, I feel like I can't catch my breath because I fear it's going to hurt so much. Ughhh!!! I wish surgery was already over. I also wish my surgery was first thing in the morning rather than at 2:30 in the afternoon.......

On the way to the surgical center!

Well, we are finally on the way! Check in is at 1:30 with procedure starting at 2:30. Here are some last before pictures. Yuck! lol

I made it to the other side!

I had my breast lift / augmentation and lipo done on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks to a nerve block the pain was very manageable for about the first eight to 12 hours. Yesterday was the roughest I've had it so far, however. The doctor had to cut more muscle on the right side than anticipated which caused more pain than anticipated. Today it's thankfully tapering off. I've also been having whole body spasms; has anybody else experienced that? They're not really painful just unsettling. I took my first look today and so far while I look like I've been hit by a bus, I'm liking what I see! :-)

More 2 day post surgery pictures

Don't let the bruising in my pictures scare you! I bruise very easily, so for me this was no surprise.

Word of caution about taking time to recover

It's been a few days since I posted as time has been a whirlwind of pain, work. sleep, repeat. I was only able to take five days off work and let me tell you, that wasn't enough. I had an anchor lift with 425cc HP smooth implants, as well as 3000cc lipo removed from my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and bra line. Because the Dr. had to cut more muscle on my right side to allow for the implant (my muscle was fused to the breast bone/ribs), it increased pain and recovery time. I honestly don't know how I made it through work this week! Thanks to my very attentive husband I didn't have to drive or carry anything while going to and from work. That helped a lot! My co-workers knew I had surgery but I didn't want them to know what I had done. At my first pre op appointment my Dr. showed me how to massage my breasts and lipo areas in order to help with swelling and lumps. He also recommended I get high waisted Spanks as the bike shorts and waist trimmer I'd been wearing were causing creases in my abdomen that could become permanent! I've posted picts. from various days. Don't let the bruising scare you; I bruise if someone looks at me too hard, lol! I will post more picts of what I look like now soon.

Looking better day by day

Things are looking better day by day. My bruising is taking its time going away, so I went out and got some Arnica. I go tomorrow to get my stitches out; not looking forward to that. I'm please that with proper compression, I've lost 8 of the 11 pounds surgery caused me to gain. My breast are still riding high, but I just keep doing the massaging. My right breast, which is the one that took more of a beating during surgery, is still sensitive. Sometimes I get careless and overextend or grab something heavy, and boy do I pay for it! The pectoral muscle is so sore and sensitive! At least work today was good. I'm finally feeling normal as far as stamina and comfort while at work. :-) I've been using a rolling pin to soften the lipo areas that are hard and they are getting smoother by the day.

15 days post op

I had my two week checkup today and things look great! The arnica is really helping with bruising, which really looked bad for awhile. I just bruise so easily! My doctor took most of my stitches out. Only three of them really hurt coming out, ouch! My Dr. is pleased with the progress and how my breasts are dropping and fluffing. He'd like me to drop another centimeter or two so told me to increase my massages. He's also pleased with how the Lipo looks although I still have some swelling. I must admit, I love looking at my new cleavage! And tonight I did something I've dreamef of doing for years; I wore a low cut T-shirt without a bra and I looked good! lol. Oh the simple pleasures in life that really crank up our self esteem! Another Perk is that while I did this surgery for me, my husband is also enjoying the changes, :)

Looking better day by day

My breasts are looking better day by day but I hate the ugly scabs! They're so distracting. :(. I don't know why I've scabbed more than others. I've also noticed a few stretch marks and I don't know if they're old or new. My right breast is still higher than my left. Anyway, I've posted some picts. I will post picts. of my lipo tomorrow. I'm pretty pleased so far and thanks to wearing Spanx 24/7 I've lost 9 of the 11 pounds I gained as a result of surgery.

More picts.

Don't know why other picts. didn't post.

Lipo picts.

I'm very pleased so far with the lipo I had on my bra line, upper and lower abdomen, and flanks. And as of the morning thanks to wearing Spanx, I'm 3/10 of a pound down from what I weighed the day of surgery! That means the 11 pounds I gained as a result of lipo is gone. :). I'm also happy that thanks to Arnica my bruises have faded significantly.

Freaking out, hoping someone can give insight

Hello ladies, I'm hoping you can give me some input. I had a breast lift with augmentation and lipo 24 days ago. Healing has been going great and I've gotten good checkups and follow-up care with my doctor. I woke up this morning and the incision site on one breast at the top of my areola has two places that look like the incision has opened back up! I also have one in the crease. Of course it's Labor Day weekend and I am hundreds of miles from home. I know I can call my doctor when I get back to town, but I'm wondering if anybody else has had this happen and what it is and what they had to do about it? I've included a picture but it's not a very good one. Any commentary would be appreciated. Thanks!

Feeling kind of blue

It's been 28 days since my augentation with lift and lipo of the abdomen. I have to be honest, I'm not overly excited with my breasts right now. Lipo sections are great as the swelling is down and weight is off. But some of my incisions on my breasts split back open and that frustrates me. I'm treating them the way my Dr. instructed, so hopefully they will close soon. Also, I'm not overly excited with the shape of my breasts currently.
I'm hoping they will continue to change and look better. I've attached some pictures.

More photus

I hit post before getting all the photos uploaded.

Looking much better in a swimsuit

I'm much happier with how I look in this bathing suit than I did the day before surgery. :)

9.5 weeks since lipo and breast augmentation and lift surgery

It's hard to believe 9.5 weeks have passed since my lipo and breast augmentation and lift surgery. I am thrilled that once swelling went down I now measure a full and perky 36ddd. :-) I'm also happy with my lipo results and have even lost 13 pounds since surgery! I hope to lose 10 to 15 more. I'm happier by the day with how my breasts look, but will be glad when the scars fade more. I'm faithfully using silicone sheets and moisturizer everyday on them.

Dr. Roussalis was excellent at my consultation. He took the time to answer all of mine and my husband's questions, didn't rush me (he spent over an hour with us), and didn't try to oversell or upsell. I trust that I am going to have an excellent surgical experience. His office team is phenomenal and bent over backwards to accommodate a surgery date that worked with my work schedule.

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