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I had my first tt with bl and flanks done on may...

I had my first tt with bl and flanks done on may 28, 2014, i wasnt satisfied with the muscle repair tht dr franckle did so i seek out anothr ps to c if i needed my muscles tightened even more. I had my second tt with flanks and back done on may 28, 2015. Im only 3 days po and im feeling a lot more pain in my abs thn my first tuck. Im not nauseated and throwing up like my first tuck. Wen i told my new ps tht i was vomiting my first tuck, i think they gave me something else for anesthsia and different meds bc i cant beleive tht im not sick. Wen i feel like im going to vomit, i get a pillow and hold it tightly to my stomach and i just keep on swallowing and it did work. Vomiting, laughing too hard and coughing is going to kill me right now besides i dont wnt to take any chances of stitches popping. Im feeling sharp moving pains in my upper abs. I stopped taking the meds to c how bad my pain is but my back is starting to hurt so i probably have to start taking them again, the doc told me to stay in bed for atleast 2days just get up to pee and this is killing me. I have been walking around hunched ovr just to exercise a little. He told me 2 wks i should b fine but i dont know bc it took me abt 3 to 4wks last time bc i swelled up so bad tht i couldnt walk and my old ps didnt want me to come to the office wen i callef him abt being swollen. Im hoping it,s not v swell hell the second time around. I cant drain bc the blood is leaking frm drain incisions instead of the drains, so i have to keep a towel in my panties at all times or it drips down my leg wen i stand up. One drain is comimg out on tuesday i just dont know how much im draing so it mite just fix tht and keep it in. If these drains will save me frm swell hell, id rathr have drains in a little longer. I havent looked at my stomach yet, tmrw im taking a shower, tht wen i will take pic, or let hubby take pics, then post them.


Im trying to eat better during my recovery this time. My husband fed me last time so i was eating all fast food bc he was preparing my food. This time around first i was eating toast with the meds so i dont get sick, then i went to one boiled egg with toast as my meals, now im eating one boiled egg, banana and 6oz of banana smoothies. Im trying to eat bc i have to keep my weight up bc i only weigh 115, mite b less then tht now tht i had the lipo. I think tht i swelled up so bad last time too bc i was taking in too much salt, not this time im going to make sure of that. Those chocolat banana smoothies r low in fat, my daughtr makes them. I have to call the ps today bc im still draining frm incision instead of in the drains, so he mite want me to come in to take it out. It would b nice to get one of them out.


My ps wanted me to come in today bc the blood was coming down my legs from the drain incision instead of in the drains. He said tht everything looked good and he took both drains out instead of one, wht a big relief! Im still taking the meds, still hunched ovr, and still have pain in my stomach, back and flanks. I saw my stomach and it,s flat even with the swollen present. My stomach was nevr this flat anytime during my fisrt tt. I hope tht it stays this way, he showed me a pic of how much skin he took frm my abs and i didnt realize how much skin needed to come off. NO MORE VERTICAL SCAR, YEAHHHH! He had enough skin to remove it and he didnt have to sacrifice my low horizontal scar. He told me to wear my bakini bottoms on surgery date so he would make the scar low as possible. I told him tht i would rather have a little vertical scar than a raised horizontal scar but i got both my wishes. I post pics of my new stomach. He did a complete MR and really tightened thm up. My BB was lowered some bc it was too high anyway. Im thinking abt using the marple trick in BB to enlarge the whole a bit. So far i am finally satisfied.


Hi RS friends, im glad tht i have someone to vent to abt this bc the only people who knows abt this is daughtr, husband, one sister and you all im not ready to share yet, they were the only people who knew abt first tt. Im hoping tht my sons or daughters in law dont want to bring kids ovr. I had to lie the first day bc they were calling me and i sounded sivk on the phone so i told them tht i had food poisoning. So far so good nobody ask to come ovr. Im 1 wk po and im feeling pretty good wen im taking it easy. Looking good even with swelling! I dont have anymore percs, i took my last one this morning with reg painkillers. My pain is not too bad, regulr back, flnk and stomach pain. Sometimes but quite often i get these shooting pains in my stomach, my bak is sore to the touch bc of lipo and still quite bruised and numb, i didnt have bak done last time. My stomach i cant even feel to the touch yet, aftr the first tt it felt real weird i didnt want to touch my stomach but this time dont feel weird bc i,ve gotton used to the feeling aftr a whole yr. I made my first bowel movement 2dys ago and it was very easy but i made one today and it took long to come out. On the surgery day the nurse told me to get stool softener and i forgot to buy it i think now i need to start taking something. I finally put the spanx tht ps prescribe for me bc i was hurting so bad i was wearing the one they put on me rite aftr surgery, these new spanx are very comfy. Im not obsessing and looking at my stomach like the first tt bc i was kind of feeling leary in the beginning abt a week aftr surgery but this surgery it feels and look a lot different. I cnt believe tht i have a flat stomach. Rite now as im writing, it feels like something is moving around in my stomach, just feels weird. Im glad tht i took my time, a whole yr, to find a surgeon tht does good work. It was worth the wait. If anyone,s first tt is not up their satisfaction, if the funds permit, get it done ovr again and if u have to beg ur ps to do it ovr again find anothr ps bc he mite not do a good job on the second one especially if u had to beg for the revision. Kudos to the ps,s who just want to satisfy their patients and not make them put more money out for anothr ps! Just make sure u have a few consults and make sure he as a lot of good photos that simular to how u look to compare. I have anther vacay coming up so hello to two-piece and bye to tankinis. On my last vacay i wore my cut out one piece the whole trp bc i wasnt comfy wearing my two-pieces that i brought along just in case but i had tht icky wrinkly skin, showed wen sitting down, on my stomach, it didnt look bad but i wasnt comfy. So all those two-pieces tht i bought last yr to wear, i can wear them this year. But i feel funny wearing a 2pc in front on my friends husbands but my daughtr said, "Mom u need to wear them after all of this!" Bye for now, those of u whose still healing from ur surgery, Happy Healing! Sorry pics came out upside down, i did it on my phne and i didnt know how to fix it


Im 10dys po and I went out for the first time since my 1st po op apptmnt. I stayed out about 2 and half hours and I was glad to get home. CVS, Kmart, Target and Family Dollr the first store that I hit made me so tired. So by the time I was finished with all my rounding around, I was wiped out and swollen. My stomach wasn't swollen when I left the house. My husband said that im trying to do too much too soon but I don't think so, im just trying to find out how I feel driving and walking around. In btwn my shopping I had to sit down a couple of times. I will be glad when I can start working out again, I really miss that. I will start gradually working out by doing my arms and legs but I don't even think that I will be able to do that no time soon. I have my 2nd po apptment tomrw. Take care everyone and Happy Healing!

2 appt

Hi RS friends. I hope everyone one is healing nicely! My doc told me to take it easy, no liftin, no carrying heavy handbags, he noticed my big almost emptied handbag tht he told me not to carry. He tld me to massage my scar. I told him tht t use the bio oil to to tht, i bought mederma for my scar and he told me tht it,s not going to liten my scar, he told me to use bioCorneum silicone gel, $77 in office, im goin to chck amazon to get cheaper price, im a bargain shoppr. Have any of u girls use this in ur scars? I tried scar away for my frst tt and my scars got irritated and red. Any suggestions on a good scar gel? My scar is a lttle raised bc last time it was flat, it think tht its raised bc it was cut twice. My ps said tht the butt is gone, meaning my vertical scar is gone, he calls it a butt. Wen i wear my bikinis i dont have to be self conscious of pullin my bathing suit up to hide it. My husband said tht i look like im getting skinny, before surgery i was 117 after surgey 104 my nrmal weight 115. My appetite hasnt fully come back yet but im kind of glad bc im not workin out. I told him tht will pick up the weigh wen start eating normal again. Im not trying to put up weight since im sitting house. I cut out a lot of salt for the swelling bc i swelled up pretty bad last time, i was not watching my salt intake. I also think tht i lost muscle to bc i havent worked out since May 2. I had two vacays before my surgery and i didnt work out, the first vacay i hung out so much tht i didnt have enough energy to workout, then the second vacay we took our grandkids and there goes the energy. I did do a little workout for two days in the pool with my granddaughters, it was fun i thm them working out in pool with until one of thm said, Tht,s enough," mommom and started doing her own thing. I wish tht i had a pool bc it gave me a good workout, im used to goin to the gym or working out at home, it was nice to do something different. Well, anyway i will pick tht weight rite back up in no time once im healed. Have anyone tried the marple trick tht i heard abt on this site to make ur bb bigger, if yes, let me kno how it turned out, pls. I think tht my bb hole is too small. YOU KNOW, THERE IS NO PLEASING US! Happy Healing!

still looking good!

Hi there, i hope that everyone is healing like they should be with no complications. Im now 2wks po and im doing great. Im only feeling a little pain in back and stomach. My back is still kind of numb, you already know that my stomach is numb but ps said that it might be numb a little more bc this is second tuck. I think that my scar is dark bc of the surgi glue thats still on there. When i massage my abs it comes off. So far so good, it still flat. Mostly flat in the morning and swollen at nite. My lipo sites are still sore. Its still strange not seeing a vertical scar. Monday i will start arms and leg workout with weights to see how i feel. I need to build some muscle. I cant think of anything to complain abt right now so guess im done so Happy Healing. I wanted to post pics of how i look at nite when im swollen but i erased them by mistake, maybe next time.


This is how my belly looks at night SWOLLEN. It,s usually a lot more swollen than this. This is a good day and it feels very tight.

scar swollen

The left side of my scar is also swollen, my scar never swelled like this. It,s swollen worse than pic.


Im 20days po and each day is getting easier and easier. My back is a little numb frm the lipo and just a little sore. Im walking completely straight when my stomach is not swollen at all. Sometimes im still feeling sharp pains in my stomach, still numb of course but i think thts it,s more numb above my bb more thsn my first tt. During these pics im a little swollen because i was completely flat when i woken up this morning. My bb hole is just so tiny i dont know why tht i didnt get a bb revision during the 2nd tt, i was so concerned abt the flatness tht i forgot all abt the bb. Yesterday i bought foam earplugs tht i didnt try yet, they seem like they,re too soft to open the hole up bcause my skin is tough around the little hole, i probably need a revision. It seems like when one thing is done you start to c everything else wrong, the other imperfections. I told my husband tht next yr i want to get a BL, he said tht i was wondering whar u were going to do next yr. I told my 1st ps tht i wanted a BL with my tt and he said tht it was worth the scar tht i would have. I didnt say anything to my 2nd ps abt a BL. I still feel tightness in my stomach and this cg is my best friend. Im nver without it, it holds me in tight especially wen swollen. Cant lay on stomach only my sides in a fedal position bcause it,s comfy. I think tht im more comfy lying on my back wth pillows under my knees. Sometimes it feels like somthing is moving around in my stomach. I massage for 15min everyday, its helps the swelling. Wen i get out of bed, i have to roll on my side bcause it bothers my stomach to get up normal. My rite scar healing okay but my left end of scar is still a little swollen. It,s starting to inch too. Area abve my bb inches but it feels funny bcause scrstching it doesnt hlp bcause of the numbness, so i just pat it. The surgi-tape is completely gone off my ab. I like to take baths but im afraid of infection so im only taking showers rite now. Have to ask ps if it,s ok to take bathes at this point, my next appt is June 30th at 1mo. po. Bye for now, everyone take care and happy healing!


I forgot photos!


havin had time with photos

flat tummy

Im finally 32dys po. I can finally stand and walk completely straight all the time. Sometimes i was so swollen i would be hunched ovr. Now i dont have to sleep with pillows under my knees, but wen i sleep on my rite side it,s still sore bcause of the bruising tht i still have. I tried my elliptical, im not ready for tht yet maybe another month. My stomach stills feels tight which is a good thing. My scar is lightening up on its own without scar gel. I still have to roll ovr with in knees bent wen i stand up from lying down. My stomach still hurts wen i massage it and it feels like something is moving around in my stomach. The ends of my scar is still sore, the left side of it is a little swollen. But other than that im glad that i just paid the money and did the the second time around. My scars lool a lot better in person.

dr appt

Hi RS family! I had my 1mo po appt today. Ps said everything is healing great. He said my scar is healing nicely. I ask him abt the lump i have on my rite said in the back were the lipo was done, he told me to continue massaging my scar and back area and the lump should go down. My sides are still kind of sore especially were the lump is and the lipo area is still numb. Im very numb abve and below my BB. I was numb bfore but since my 2TT Im definitely more numb than before but i expected tht. Im hoping tht some of the feeling comes back. My BB is statring to inch and when i scratch it, it really doesnt help bcause it,s so numb sometimes i just pat it instead of scratching it. I didnt mention my BB hole being to small bcause it was done during my 1TT. I mite mention it latr if it really bothrs me. He told me again no core work at all, he doesnt want anything to happen to the tightness and my stomach feel very tight. Im still only doing arms and legs, standing and sitting leg lifts. I just feels like it,s not enough but if this is all tht i can do, so be it. He told me at 2mos i can start wearing my cg only at nite to wean myself off of it but i still probably will be wearing it during the day too. I feel bare with out it, it holds me in so i dont have to feel so tight. Im loving my results! I took a bath today for the first time since my 2TT and it was so uncomfortable sitting in tht tub with a tight stomach. It was hard getting up without using my stomach muscles, i had to roll ovr everytime i had to get up, thts why i was only taking showers but i missed bathing with my candles. I probably will wait a little longer before i do it again. Im hoping that everyone is healing fine, if not, hang in there bcause everyone heals in there own time. Healing is coming your way. GOD BLESS!

still flat

Hi RS friends, i,ve been reading everybody posts but i haven,t updated my own post. I hope tht everyone is healing wonderfully and getting the results tht they expected to have. I,m so happy with my result the second time around. The first ps was definitely wrong abt my stomach not being flat like i wanted it to be. Im still swell up some but not like before. I went to disney two weeks ago and i did swell up during all tht walking around but i wore two light cg,s bcause i expected tht. I felt so confident in my two-piece bathing suits. I just came frm a six city road trip with my daughtr on saturaday, i swelled up but not as bad, i was surprised because we walked around a lot. Im still not exercising at my usual workout. Wen i was in disney, i did all water workouts in the pool for an hour but wen i felt it in my stomach, i had to change positions. On the city roadtrip i couldnt exercise at all bcause i was too tired getting up early every morning to get to the next city then we walked all day. Today im going to get on my elliptical to see how i feel bcause im two mos pos. He must have tighted my stomach really tite bcause wen im lying down i still have to roll on the side just to get up. I still dont lye on my stomach, im still lying on my side, i still cant do a situp bcause of the pain not bad pain just some pain. Wen i twist a certain way to my rite or stretch my rite side of my back, i feel some pain not bad through. I feel scar tissue lump thts abt 3inches in length and it looks dark on the rite part of back where he lipoed he told me to massage it wen im doing my stomach. I have a little dent abv the end of rite side of my scar it looks like it was lipoed a little too much but im probably the only one tht would notice it. I massage everyday, i think tht it helps the swelling. On my last appt ps told me tht i should ween myself off my cg wen i turned two mo po and only wear it to bed but it feels so much better wearing it, especially after i eat bcause i feel so full even though i dont eat a lot so i will continue to wear it until i feel comfy not wearing it. My scars r healing good with the bio oil (11.99) tht i massage it with. I dont think tht he cut the scar long enough but it bunches up a little at the ends especially on my rite side. Othr than wht i said abv im doing really good and really happy wth my results! I will still b glad wen i can do my regular workouts bcause i still cant do my aerobics or jump up and down, i like to try out different exercises just to c wht im ready for, im going to do tht today. Happy Healing and take care RS friends!


Well, i tried the elliptical and i can only do 7min and i ususlly do 30min-1hr before surgery. My muscles started hurting and tigjtening up on my rite left side of my BB. I was going to push thru it but i would be feeling tht for hours. Situps are a no go, side bends with 5lb weights was okay to do, leg lifts frnt and side standing with ankle weights was okay. Butt leg lifts with 4lb ankle weights on knees and hands was finally easy to do along with straight leg lifts with 4lb
ankle weights. Wen i was done exercising for an hour my stomach was sore especially without my cg. Take care.

Happy With Results

Hi RS friends, i hope tht everyone is healing like they should be and getting the results tht they want. Im now three months po and loving the results. Im glad tht i spent the money tht i really didnt have for the second TT but im very glad tht i did it and found a good ps this time. Im back in the gym but still have problems doing ab work bcause my muscles are still sore when im getting up im surprise aftr 3mo tht it,s still sore, othr than tht im find. My scar is healing wonderfully im still putting bio oil on it. it looks better in person than in the photos. It looks like im holding my stomach in on the photos but i promise u tht im not. My BB is so small tht i cant even put my pinky in it, my ps said tht he will addrss the issue nxt year aftet my skin redrapes bcause i have no hanging skin at all. On the left said i still have a little dark dent abv my hip where i think tht he lipoed too much. My scar could have been a little longer on both sides bcause my skin gathers up on the ends. Wen i bend on the left side, i feel a strange sensation it will probably go away with time and im still very numb abv and below my BB but im use to ot by now, before the second surgery, my ps said tht i might be numb abv my BB too but i dont mind at all. Im very hsppy the second time around. Well tht is it for now. Happy Healing Everyone! Sorry some pics r upside dowm.


Last one was bb hole. I think i put lipo scar by mistake.

4 mos postop

Hi RS friends, i hope tht everyone is doing fine with their surgeries, if not satisfied, i hope tht your problem get resolved. Well i started working out in the gym. I can do everything tht i use to do. I just started ab workout a couple of days ago. I havent started my nonstop 30min aerobics yet, i will start next mo. My scars are lighter than they appear in pics, im still using bio oil. I have these strange weird muscle spasms in my stomach feels like my muscles are moving around or shifting. My stomach is mostly flat in the morning and still swells up a little during the day. I still have weak stomach muscles and need d efintion in my stomach. Still have dent on my rite side where it was lipoed. When i lift something heavy, i feel my muscle pulling and still feel slight pain. Im very glad that i did it the second time around. Everyone have a nice day!

I,ve got satisfaction!

Hi realself friends, im hoping tht everyone is healing as expected and doing and feeling great. Im not getting the muscle spasms not tht often. The ab workouts are not hurting me much, if it does, i only do what i can handle. Sometimes i still swell up but i know it will go back down. The pics tht i,ve posted are pics of how my stomach looks in the morning. The second update is how i look at nite with a little bit of swelling. Sorry if the pics r upside down i dont know why it does tht, i dont know how to fix it. Before i upload the pic r fine but aftr tht they flip aftr uploading.

How stomach looks at nite

This is second update how my stomach looks at nite. In the morning it,s flat as a pancake, at nite not so flat. Sorry for upside down pics.

tummy tuck, back, flanks

Hi realself friends, i hope tht everyone is doing good. Im now 6mos po and it seems like it was longer than that. All is well with me and there is really no change but no muscle pain at all while exercising but i am still feeling the muscle spasms in my stomach but no tht often. Im very glad tht i got the revision! It was well worth everything tht i,ve been through. I think my pics are sideways and upside down when i use my phone to take pics sorry abt tht. The pics are okay on my phone but when i post them on RS they are upside down. Well, bye for now and you all will be hearing from me next month. Everyone take care!!


Correction, sorry im 7mo po.

8 mos po

Hey RS friends, i didnt post last month. I hope tht everyone is healing good like they should be and getting good results tht they r satisfied with. Well my stomach is not as tight like it was rite after the second TT but i have no loose skin at all and tht was what i was striving for. I still have tht dent on the rite side of my back where it looks like he lipoed too much fat out. My BB looks abnormal bcause the first surgeon made my hole too small but all in all im very glad tht i had that revision. I enjoy looking at my stomach seeing no wrinkled stretch marks, no sagging skin and a flat stomach. I post pics of my 8 mo old belly. Everyone take care!

9 mos po

Hi RS friends, i hope tht everyone is healing as should be and getting the results tht they want. Well im 9mos pos and it feels like it,s been longer than tht. I doing everything tht i did before my TT,s. All the weird stomach feelings are gone except the numbness abv and below my BB but i can live with it. It feels funny wen my skin rubs against my clothes. I mite be the only one still wearing the spanx at nite bcause it,s comfortable or i just got used to wearing it but i like they way it holds me in. My stomach is still flatter in morning and gets a little poofier but goes down, i dont think it still swelling at 9mos but it mite be depends on what i eat. But im satisfied with my results and glad tht i did it. On the pic by BB looks all the way closed but i do have a small hole tht,s needs to be opened but rite now im not thinking abt. Well everyone take, Happy Healing!

10 mos po

Hi RS friends. I hope tht everyone is feeling terrific. Im now 10mos po and it,s almost been a whole year since i went under the knife for the second time for the same procedure, im not regretting it at all. It does wonders for your self confidence. I think tht if anyone is thinking about plastic surgery, i say go for it, if it,s ok for your body but do your research bcause we only have one life to live and we might as well live it to the fullest. Im doing great. The only complaint is that i wish that i could get my finger in my BB hole:) it,s way too small. I thought abt fixing my navel but i dont know. Everyone take care!

11 mos po

Hi rs friends, i hope tht everyone is healing as should be and doing fine. Im 11 mos po and approaching my 1 yr anniv of my TT. Everything is fine. Take care everyone.


Hi RS friends! I haven't been on here in about 6 mos. I'm 1yr and half po with TT and I'm totally back to normal. Im still happy with BL i did 2 and half yrs ago. Scars are still itching but i will survive. Very happy that I did it the second time around I would do it again in a heart beat. Still loving the results, my muscles gave in a little but tummy is still flat. I hope everyone is healthy and happy and getting the results that they want. Everyone take care! PS if pics are upside down sorry abt that. Enjoy the forthcoming holidays!!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

His staff is wonderful, when i had a problem with my mammo ultrasound, they tried their best to get it done the same day but tht hosp didnt take my medical ins. Dr Hoffman was very patient with me, i had 3 consults with him to make sure that it would be worth it the second time around. He has this program on his computer of your pics and everything that will be done during the operation. U can log on to your computer at home if you forgot what he said, he draws on your pics on the computer so tht you can pull it up anytime you want, it,s really cool! He is the first doc tht ive seen with tht instead of drawing on a sheet of paper. I felt very comfy talking to him and is staff, the office even sent me flowers which i think tht it,s a good gesture. So far everything is working out fine!

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