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I have always been very active and over the last...

I have always been very active and over the last year I have put on nearly 100 lbs. I go for blood work, work out, walk a few miles a day, and watch what I eat. The weight just keeps piling on. The doctor finally put me on more medication this time for my thyroid and after 5 months I have only lost a few pounds. I have had 3 ACL total reconstruction surgeries and a clean up surgery on my knee. It is bone on bone and with the weight it is causing me sever pain. I have tried everything I can think of and did what the doctors advised so it the surgery is the last straw.
I know a few people that have had the surgery and would say all but 2 of them seem to be losing weight, but I think they pretty much are falling back into old habits. I have been on the pre-op diet since 7/10/16 and have to say it is killing me. I am pretty strong when it comes to watching what I eat, but with others around me able to eat anything they want it makes it tough. I am use to drinking protein shakes, but I am looking for something to add to them that is allowed. I have 6 different flavored protein powders/drinks. Since my first weigh in on 5/26/16 (331 the heaviest I have ever been) I am down to 317 lbs (7/10/16). I have had to take a step back in my daily exercise as I dislocated my already surgically repaired shoulder. It has been a couple of weeks and still having pain and popping. Will see my orthopedic surgeon this week to get an MRI.

9 Days Post Op

I only spent one day in the hospital. The pain I experienced was mainly gas pains. I am still experiencing gas pains mostly after drinking protein drinks. I am not down 45 lbs, which 25 lbs are from having the surgery. One incision that does bother me is the larger cut above the belly button.
I feel a lot better now than I did before surgery. The main thing to remember is to walk. Walking does help some with the gas pains and it definitely helps with the weight loss. Don't forget to keep hydrated too.

18 Days Post OP Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Just wanted to update my progress. I began my weight loss on May 17, 2016 and at my final weigh in on July 15, 2016 I had already lost 25 lbs. My surgery was July 18, 2016 and now 18 days post-op I have lost 29 lbs totaling my weight loss from the May 17, 2016 to be 53 lbs.
I believe this surgery so far has been successful. The biggest hurdle is getting through the clear liquid diet and then the all liquid diet. It was tough at first when other people were cooking or eating around me as the smell brought a wanted taste instead of the blah liquid intake I was inducing. I instead of breaking down at this time I would just go for a walk on the treadmill or outside. Instead of allowing yourself to break down or get depressed take up a different motivation and remember you had a goal at the beginning so don't allow yourself to fall short of this goal. I have 79 more pounds before I reach my first desired goal. If possible I hope to shed at least another 10 to 20 pounds beyond that, but with my large frame the surgeon said don't worry if I don't as my frame will not change therefore I may not be able to get to that weight. Plus I like lifting weights so that too will hinder this to become a reality.

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43 days post-op

It has been 43 days since my surgery. I have lost a total of 68 lbs with 65 lbs to go. I have been eating 4 ounces per meal and making sure to get 60 grams of protein or more. I have been averaging per day about 100 or more grams of protein per day. My meals consist of the following:

White fish
Chicken breast
Potato (baked or low cal mashed)
Ribs (lien)
Premier Protein (Strawberry and Cream, Chocolate, Banana and Cream, or Vanilla)
Smoothie (Carnation Breakfast Chocolate, Vanilla Premier Protein, Plain Low Fat Yogurt, and a Banana, Strawberries, or Blueberries).

I have been walking along with push-ups and crunches using an exercise ball.
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