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My TT was a painful mess. My surgeon cut me from...

My TT was a painful mess. My surgeon cut me from breastbone to pubic bone and hip to hip. The scars from my mid-sections are crooked and very large and noticeable. I developed neuropathy, which is very painful and no amount of medication relieves the pain. I also have severe adhesions and scar tissue and my doctors state that I may need a revision.

The worst part? My husband took one look at my cut and disgusting body and asked me for a divorce. I lost weight, had excess skin and thought I would do it to make my husband happy. When his insurance denied a breast job, I went ahead with the TT presuming it would be a start. It has ruined my life. Im scarred, divorced and to ashamed to find someone to come into my life because of my scars.

NEVER do surgery for someone ELSE. All I really wanted done was my floppy arms. I wish I had done that for me and not destroyed my entire body with a TT.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to...

I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my questions. Just a few more details;

I have been to a Pain Specialist. He is the one who suggested a revision.

The Plastic Surgeon originally tried to calm the neuropathy with Neruontin and Steroid injections. The pain is NOT in the incisions but in the abdominal tissue around my mid-section. For example, I can press on my left and feel pain on my right side. Or the pain just happens, like a stabbing without notice.

Once the plastic surgeon said he couldnt do anymore with the neuropathy, he sent me to a pain clinic. The Dr there also gave me steroid injections. They helped temporarily but eventually stopped working and made my abdomen hard and knotty, hence his recommendation for revision surgery. He too has dismissed himself from treating me since his treatments did not help. His suggestion to see another Plastic Surgeon Specialist, out of state, was his last recommendation. Now, with the pain, I place a lidocaine patch on the area causing the most discomfort and hope for the best. Obviously, I cannot predict when the pain will come on, but Im trying to deal with it as part of the healing process.

The pain clinic doctor also said the hard knots hes feeling are scar tissue 'growing' and need to be repaired. I mentioned this to my Plastic Surgeon and he agreed but didnt like the fact that a fellow doctor would critize his work. I know this is not the plastic surgeons inability to do his job. This is, in fact, somethiing my body is reacting to. And why I wanted some more information and opinions before I consider going in for any type of revision. For obvious reasons, I will absolutely have more neuropathic pains and will have another year or possibly more, to recover from.

Again, thank you all for your suggestions and advice. I, in no way, want to disrespect my plastic surgeon. He is very talented and other than my pain problems caused by my own body, I would recommend him completely. Contrary to what the Pain Clinic Doctor advised. Thank you again.

Photo Update

I have enclosed some new, recent photos of my...

I have enclosed some new, recent photos of my abdomen. The incisions are mainly itchy but not a problem. The areas outside the incisions, the abdominal areas, are knotty and hard and I have neuropathic pain. I have been to a Neurologist who prescribed Cymbalta and upped the dose from 60 to 90mgs. He asked me to cease using the Lidoderm patches, since they are ineffective and after viewing an abdominal ultrasound, say these are surgical changes and there is nothing they can do without revision. Since I am not a year post op, Im going to agree with the surgeons on this web site who have offered their suggestions and I appreciate all of your feedback. For now, I will live with the pain and hope for the best with healing and with the increase of cymbalta.

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I dont want to comment on my Doctor. He tried but my body didnt co-operate. I dont want to mention him but one of his collegues told me to never go back to him again. He said I need a revision specialist. Someone skilled in straightening out the crooked scar and removing the adhesions.

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