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Getting ready for procedure on Wednesday, a little...

getting ready for procedure on Wednesday, a little nervous. wish I could find someone on here that used the dr i'm going to, dr Robert bowan. back, sides and stomach getting done. up until late 20s I was thin. after 2 babies and medications that can make you gain weight here I am. I actually recently lost about 50 lbs, but I need a jump start to help me get back to it! hoping this procedure will be successful and make me look and feel better.

day 2 pain

had my procedure done yesterday morning, I drove home by myself about an hour and 20min, no problem got home felt ok for about 10 minutes or so and then I got so dizzy and lightheaded and clammy. I laid down and felt better in about 10 minutes. I leaked like crazy. this morning it seems to have subsided, however; I am so so sore. I cant hardly move with out help. the hydrocodone/acetam doesn't help the pain and it makes me nauseous. my instructions ay to take 2 xtra strength Tylenol every 4 to 6 hrs. really doesn't seem to be helping. I really hope this horrible pain goes away soon and cant even sit, get up, or go to the bathroom without a struggle.

1 day post

not very happy right now, hopefully swelling and fluid will go away.

Not feeling very satisfied

It's been 17 days. I feel as big as ever. My pants aren't fitting any better. I guess I'm still swelled and have fluid. I am having hivamat treatments (lymphatic massage) guessing that should help. But I definitely had higher expectations for better results. I feel very frustrated with myself for spending so much money and not getting dramatic results. I even had a crying spell today.

17 days post and frustrated

I see a lot of reviews that seem to be better experiences than I have had!
Dr. Robert Bowen

seems very nice and proffesional

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