Rhinoplasty in Poland, Noa Clinic. Poland, PO

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Hey! I am a 20-years-old girl from Norway who has...

Hey! I am a 20-years-old girl from Norway who has decided to operate my nose in poland. I am going to a clinic called noa clinic and dr. Adam kalecinski is the surgeon.

I really hate my nose, and always wanted to have an nose job, so I am very excited to finally do it! A litle bit nervous because I have to explain everything in english, but I hope it will be alright.

Here are some before photos, and I will post pictures after my surgery :)

the day of surgery

Hello again! Im finished!:D

I had my surgery at 2pm, and I am feeling GREAT!! No pain(yet). I didnt feel nervous at all. I thought I was gonna be nervous when I got to poland, but I didnt.
They are super nice and professional here, and dr. Adam was really nice.
I have my own room too:)

Its sooo cheap for the taxi here btw!! 20 min= 25 zl!

I am super excited to see the result in 5 days!
Here are som pics of my now. Feel free to ask any questions.

Day after rhinoplasty:)

Good morning from poland:) The sin is shining outside and its hot:) To bad I cant enjoy it yet. Hope to be exploring Wroclaw in a few days. Maybe tomorrow.
It do not hurt, but I feel pressure. And I didnt get so much swelling/brusing under my eyes!

Today a nurse came in an clean my nose inside(not hurtfull, didnt even feel it), and removed the bandage under my nose. If you have tamponges in the nose, this is the day to remove them, but luckly I didnt need them:D

I am going to my looovelyyy apartment today, where my bestfriend is waiting:)

4 days after rhinoplasty

Hey guys! Took my cast off today! A litle bit early, but I didnt need it any longer:) Very swollen, so I look like avatar, but I can se how its going to look like, and I am super happy!

Tomorrow I will take out the stiches.

I just love poland. Its sooo cheap!! Also I took a sleeve tattoo today. Haha people must think I love pain. Lol.

before and after photos

Hey! Its now 2 weeks after I had the surgery. Im happy with the results, but I was hoping for a bit smaller nose. Its still very swollen, so I know its gonna be a bit smaller then it is now, hopefully.

My upper lip is SO tight! Cant smile without looking like a retard haha!

3 weeks after surgery

10 days after surgery

dr. adam kalecinski

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