Hump is Reappearing

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I had hump removal and tip reshape 14 days ago, my...

I had hump removal and tip reshape 14 days ago, my cast came off 8 days after surgery and revealed a perfect straight nose bit since then the hated hump seems to be reappearing, I have read a million reviews and know that the response will be that it is too early to tell as swelling etc but I was never told this could happen and after reading some reviews it does look as though this can be a common problem? I'm really down as I was expecting to reveal a new dainty nose but I actually still feel like I have exactly the same problem and paranoia as before. I have been massaging it gently in the hope that it will ease the swelling and make the hump disappear. I had my surgery abroad and my surgeon is away until the end of the 1st week of Jan so I can't even discuss my concerns with him. I'm freaking out slightly!!! I go back to work on Thur and I am actually dreading it!! I don't have any before photos as I wouldn't let anyone take any but these are my afters...

Nearly 2 months on

My surgeon has offered me revision surgery for free to achieve the curved shape I desire he advised that he stopped where he thought safe before the nose can collapse but after reviewing there is still room to improve I can have the revision in 3/4 months time, I am in 2 minds whether to go ahead or not on one hand I want my perfect nose but I just wish I didn't have to go through it all again?? I'm confused!!
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