Rhinopladty?? dr vasek (forme clinic Prague) OR Dr Richard Nawrocki (coramad clinic wroclaw)..please help!!

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Travelling from Ireland for rhinoplasty with Adam...

Travelling from Ireland for rhinoplasty with Adam kalecinski for Feb 2017..so expensive here (starting at £3,500) checked out a few polish surgeons online but his name kept popping up..read a lot of reviews including on here, some not so good but I'd be more weary of any surgeon with 100% positive reviews.. Smells fishy!?..want to get nose straightened, hump removed, septum corrected and reduce tip a little..anyway now its real so nerves are setting in..any advice or experience appreciated!!

Before pics!

Don't want somebody else's nose but an improved version of my own!!??

Unsure of Adam kalecinski now!!??

Chickened out coz read a few too many bad reviews!!..anyone had rhinoplasty with Dr vasek in prague or Dr Richard Nawrocki in Wroclaw??

1 day post op

Well travelled to forme clinic in Prague from Ireland for septorhinoplasty..clinic was lovely.. Docs and nurses really nice, professional and kind.
Dr Jan vasek preformed my rhinoplasty and spent last night in the clinic..so that's it really..too early yet to see results with swelling etc but I'll post again in a few days!..xx

4 weeks post op

All going good..happy with my nose..still a little swollen and stuffed up but all is good..
It is still my own nose but a much better version..at this stage people can notice a difference in my face but those who don't know about op couldn't pinpoint what it is..
Anyway would recommend Dr Jan vasek to anyone.. Pm me if anyone wants further info..;)
Dr. Jan Vasek

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