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I am 26 and in an so excited to finally be getting...

I am 26 and in an so excited to finally be getting my tummy tuck!
I had twins so as you can imagine your belly for sure is never the same even after just the 1 baby!
I'm a little scared just the fact of the hole operation but so very excited.
I need as many tips as I can get as I'm sure there is so much to learn from experience with this procedure.
I had a c-section with my twins so I'm expecting the same rough pain an how you feel generally not good afterwards.
I don't think you really know how bad your body is till you really get naked and have a good old look in the mirror.
Every time I see my belly it just makes me cry as I love being a mum but I want to be me again!

Anyone else use the same doctor or going to use him??

Iv done a lot of research on my doctor but people's personal experiences are the real research to show the quality of the doctor.
I'm excited but nervous same time I'm 150bl but want to be 130bl but it's hard with 10 month twins and a 2 year old to find the time does anyone have any tips on eating or home exercise I could try??
I always found liquid diets the best in my past experiences with loosening weight an after having a baby you always have that baby weight to loose and iv already lost 30bl but need that extra 20bl to go!
Il keep up dating so you can all watch my progress

Me laying down what a mess

1 day post op

Wow I can't believe it is finally done!!
I had a quick peek at my stomach today when they changed my dressing an drains but I must say it is very very painful!
You really need help from someone just for the simple things!
They have me morphine yesterday as the pain was on a very high level for me!
I have managed to take the pain an get up an go toilet my self but it's not plesent I just can't wait for it to be more healed so I can take pictures an have a good look my self.

2 days post op

Wow people was not kidding when they said it is incredibly painful!
Today I choked when I swollowed some water an my gosh it felt like I tore my hole stomach apart!
I had my muscles stitched together as the doctor tole me it was needed as I was not all fat it was also muscle separation Pher I thought it was all gay lol,
I think I'm happy but it's very hard because you are in so much pain it's hard to be happy when a slight thing can cause so much pain like a sneeze!
To do this surgery you really need to know this is what you want and to be prepared!!
You need to know you do not want more kids that's for sure!!
When I was being prepped for surgery an they put the needle in to put me to sleep I was shaking an started crying I was so scared never have I been so scared with a million questions going through my head!
Will my scar be low enough?
Will my scar heal?
Will I get an infection?
Will my skin die around the wounded tissue an I have a massive hole?
Still a lot of these questions going through my head!!
How long before I can stand with out wanting to cry?
Sorry to sound so depressing but I guess this is the depressing part of the procedure!
My back is in so much pain from being in the same position all the time as you can't lay on your side or front an you can't really adjust your self with out stabbing pains or a burning feeling!
Just trying to give 100% honest view!
I know in a few more days I will be saying it's getting better that's what keeps me that little positive knowing it will get better.
I think being in a different country is not always the best option not that it's a big problem but I miss being home in my own comfort.
I have met some lovely people an made some friends from this who have had surgery as well some just nose jobs others the same as me or 1 lady had her thighs tummy tuck an boobs all in 1 go what a brave lady!!
I must say I take my hat off to her as I'm thankful I have my legs to feel comfy an no pain in my chest with boobs!
If I was considering more surgery I would do it in stages not to put to much pressure on my self as it's not an easy recovery!
You need help your partner or friend or family for simple things like a drink or pillow or if you drop something like control or phone they can help lift you up or down.

Day 3

Today started really wired I had only maybe 3 hours sleep last night just could not sleep at all felt so sick an in pain.
I went to clinic today to have dressing changed an the doctor asked me what pain relief the nurse have me as my eye sight started to get really bad an I was so dizzy I just thought I was gonna pass out!
Everyone in reception asked me are you ok I said yes fine thank you and they said you are very pale as if someone came up to me with a rubber an erased all the colour from my face!
The doctor told me the pain relief meds was having a bad reaction on me an it was strong ones like morphine!
She told me she used it before on her self and she felt the same!
She gave me some news medicine for pain relief and told me once the other ones are out my system in a few hits I will feel much better an she was very right.
I had a cup of tea an toast an it's now evening an I feel much better I have new pain relief an it seems to be working my back is ok today I can get comfy an it's not as bad this evening I feel as if I'm starting to get better!
I just hope each day continues to get better then it's deffently something I can cope with!


10 days post op

Well it has been 10 days now and I only feel better an better!
Sleeping is fine I do want to sleep on my side or stomach but I'm fine sleeping on my back as I keep my self busy during the day so I look forward to sleeping!
My bed is so comfy an I use feather blanket an pillows to give me a cuddle feeling :)
Iv noticed you should eat small portions instead of big so you don't get to bloated an you can stay comfy inside your body.
I'm still walking a little hunched over but because I have the pushchair with the twins it helps me a lot to lean on it an so people don't think there is something wrong with me.
I'm feeling happy with my resaults so far I do feel my scar is a little high but it's ok need it to heal properly an then have a good look!
Today I have started my water retention tablets they are called aqua ban they are supposed to be very good an get rid of all the excess water an help with the swelling so I'm hoping to have that resault an I will keep you posted with the progress!
My husband is helping me a lot with the children an the house but I'm still doing what I can do with out pushing my self!
Washing up cooking as I love cooking, washing dusting ect....
My husband is doing hoovering an lifting the children as my twins re one I can have them next to me on the sofa an play with them on the floor but I can't lift them as still got to be carful!
I don't really feel like iv needed pain relief in the last couple I days but if I have felt i do then I have been taking ibuprofen but maybe once a day if I needed them!
I'm so excited for my twins first birthday on Monday an Christmas that my tummy is not really centre of my attention an I feel that's the best way as if you just concentrate on your tummy tuck then you will drive your self crazy!!
You need to have something to fix your self on an time will go a lot quicker as well as I can't even believe it's been 10 days feels like months ago lol,
Before I know it I will be saying it's been a year already!!

12 days post op

Today I had a shower an for the first time I saw my self nacked standing up in the full length mirror!
I have been scared to do this before as from the pictures laying down the scar is quite big!
I put my knickers on to test and my scar is to high I felt like this was the case but I'm not that up set as I'm so happy to be flat an have the bulge gone I couldn't be up set instead I felt positive an thought the scar will lighten with time an I can get a tattoo and my doctor told me he can help fix that!
I'm not sure if I want to go through the pain again but I think I am to fresh an still can't walk straight that's why I feel this way lol.
My belly looks lovely but my husband said to me that my legs don't match my waist lol he I very right!
My plan is to try and loose some more weight to make my body equal!
Any tips on good diets I am all ears lol.
I am hoping to be ok to join the gym after new year we shal see!
My friend who had a tummy tuck same day as me she suggested water tablets to help the excess water an all I can say is big mistake I spent the hole day feeling sick I could not eat as it's dangerous to be sick with a tummy tuck you can split open ooh nasty!!
This web site helped me realise I'm not alone I'm not the only one and I can do this!!
All woman deserve to feel sexy and happy in their body's at any cost we feel we are happy with no matter what it is we want to do!
Some woman are so naturally bless with beauty and they tattoo their hole body an as much as I think they looked better before it's them who is living their life and for them to feel beauty within to feel happy on the out side!!
To many people judge to quick and before they no it they are in the same boat!!
I would love to have a meeting with the woman from this site an see the real person within an the courage in their eyes as it's one I the biggest decision you will ever make in your life an it can go wrong but it can be perfect also!

2 weeks an 5 days!!

I feel really great in my body no pain at all an I don't need no pain killers an haven't for well over a week now!
My scar is healing nicely I have stil got scabs there but it's healing an will soon be all gone!
On Christmas Day will be exactly 3 weeks!
As soon as Christmas is over with I'm gonna be on a diet an a little exercise for my body as it needs to keep motivated!
I need to loose 2 stone that's 28 bl for me to be happy an at my own personal goal!!
Today I have pictures of what I looked like after having children but before I had my twins!
After my twins was when I felt so ruined a as I started putting on weight before I got pregnant as I had a lot of stress an to top it off I got pregnant with twins lol I am happy I love them to peaces but it is very hard being a woman an a mother.
I have up dated photos of my scar an I can say that it is very high!!
I'm not happy with how high my scar is an how my oub line has been pulled right up!
If I wear my normal knickers u can see my scar is over it an my pub line is as well so I will always have to make sure no hair is there!!
In hoping maybe it can be lowered with in time???
I need to loose weight an see if that helps it at all an go from there I think??

Almost 3 weeks

More pictures of me 2 weeks 6 days

I was wondering is it possible to have your scar lowered once it's healed??
You can see how high my car is :(

5 weeks tomorrow!!

Well where to begin!!
It feels so long ago since I had it done now but some times my stomach lets me know you are not healed yet!!
It's coming along really nicely but I think what's annoying me the most is I've had the munches at night since I can't exercise an my husband is doing insanity an I can't join in :(
So I have done a wager with some friends I have just under 2 months to loose 2 stone I'm not sure if I can do it but I'm gonna give it everything iv got!!
I'm quite a challenging person so I push my self to the point it's to much!
I just feel I have a flat tummy but my body is just so fat :(
I have no idea what is going through my head as I was so happy then I just started eating every night bad things an got that bad habit now I'm gonna punish myself for it I guess.
Never been the best with food.
I see some woman on here looking so sexy after the op and doing really well an I was at 1 point but my scar still has scabs on an still hurts some times but it was doing so well.
Anyone else had this problem??
I some times get a pain by my belly button it's so wired an under my scar it's sore but above it's numb??
My belly button is numb as well??

Had revision scare done to make thinner and lower

Hello it's been a while!
Well after the tummy tuck had healed for 1 year the scare went very thick and for me very high so I went back and had the scare redone and it's so much better.
The surgeon said that a tummy tuck is a big thing so you can't determine how the scare will be first time but he made it so much lower the second time round I was amazed!
Dr Adam Kalecinski

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