Rhinoplasty Wroclaw Poland

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Yeh yeh. You've heard it all before. Young hated...

Yeh yeh. You've heard it all before. Young hated it.....older hated it...... Blah blah....
So just decided one day, I'm gonna get it done. I was between jobs for the first time in30yrs. What am I thinking....Lol.
So I Searched a bit and decided to go to Adam Wroclaw Poland. Cheaper and found a patients page on FB, where folx that had had various procedures done at the clinic, advised each other of what to expect outcomes etc.
So booked my flights for me and hubby (well needed someone to look after me. Lol)
He wasn't best impressed with the whole idea TBH. He likes my nose and all of me as I am. I don't feel the same way tho.
So Booked our apartment, no sharing clinic apartment or Puro hotel, just me, hubby, and my bruised face, can get better in privacy and comfort.
Hubby can explore and visit tattooist and catch a wee band whilst I can relax and recover.
Oh yeh and apartment is right next to the clinic, I booked thought airbnb.
So Iv got all my comfort meds and cosmetics bought.
Comfy clothes n Jamie's packed.
iPad loaded with films and kindle loaded with Books. I will be lounging about a lot I'm thinking.
For my op, I want hump removed, nose thinned and tip lifted.
I look forward:
To side on photos and not panicking about what they look like.
To feeling like I look good.
I'm just sorry I didn't decide do to get surgery before now.

Getting done today

I'm in my own personal room in the Clinic.
The clinic is nice and clean and staff helpful. All seem to speak English.
You pay once you have had your consultation with the surgeons and anaesthetist . The consultation was ok, although I feel it's a bit rushed a didnt feel I got to say exactly what I wanted done.
Adam took me in for photographs a short while after my bloods were taken and I got to ask a few more questions. He wants to shorten my projection and straighten my septum. Still worried we haven't understood each other fully. I also want the tip lifted and refined.
I'm currently waiting on the anaesthetist to visit me.
Bored and v thirsty, hence writing this.
Next update on the other side. :)

Day 1 after Op

Just to add I got to speak to Adam properly just before going into the op. So feel I went into the theatre feeling happy we were on the same page.

Very bunged up today. (Expected after reading all the reviews)
Slept well last night, I think due to the drugs, and the dry mouth gel helped.
I just popped a little gel in my mouth whenever I woke.
I look like I've been in a huge fight and the other guy won!!
Oh and the cast on your nose, really is a plaster cast. I hadn't realised this. Lol
Not much pain really, a very mild throbbing in my bridge area and stinging in my septum.
Totally handleable.
The bunged up reminds me of having sinus (which I occasionally get)

Day 2 post op

Theres a bit more bruising today round eyes and upper lip, but nothing too bad.
Apparently I didn't have to get my bridge refined as mine was slim anyway, think this is why I've less bruising. Not so much chisling done there.
Went into the clinic to get out the plugs from inside my nose. They are attached to the string on your plaster cast (I later realised this is what they are for)
OMFG!!!! Ya bugger!! That was sore. After relatively little pain I guess I shouldn't complain, but so glad THATS over.
Nose bled for a while, and you hang around in clinic until they see it stops bleeding, then your free to go.
Hubby and I got a taxi into town where I had a small stroll and light lunch then taxi back to apartment.
Some discharge/bleeding today so I bought tape at the chemist so I can change my own below nose pad. (Add that along with the dry mouth gel as MUST HAVES)
Eating... I've been ok, compared to the other girls who havnt really eaten. But def softer things like scrambled egg, soup, baked beans, yogurt, mashed banana and ice cream are easy
I brought my own big cup with a straw in it for my water which I sip continuously through the day.
I've got straws in my bag for juices or bottled waters when out.

Photo from today is pre plug pull and you can see the strings.

Day 3

Getting a wee bit better each day. Yay...
Stopped taking hospital painkillers last night, just taking normal ones now. Didn't sleep quite as well without hospital painkillers.
Still quite a bit discharge too, so still using the gauze trough, and very binged up, worse at one side than the other.
Like a heavy cold with sinus, but not as painful as sinus just the heavy pressure feeling.
Went into the clinic for my morning checkup, and Plaster cast came off today. Ayeah!!!! That was nippy.
Saw my new nose for first time today. Still very swollen face on, but you can see the difference from the side.
I've just got on plaster strips now.
I'm much more active today too.
Went out shopping, which is fab in Wroclaw.
Please ignore me in pics as couldn't shower or wash hair with the plaster cast on. Lol

Right now despite my initial reservations, I would use the clinic again.

Day 6

After the third day I was able to get about a lot better so have been busy enjoying Wroclaw with hubby. :) Mucho fab food ;)
Breathing is still not clear, say about 35-40% normal, can breathe a little like having a heavy cold, sorta stuffy, don't have a runny nose just now.
My septum area inside is very swollen, my septum was really squinty, so reckon most work was there.
I made up my own wee saline spritzer using an empty sudafed bottle. Salt and hot water solution poured into the sudafed bottle and spritz inside my nose, clean with a cotton bud then add Vaseline to crusty dry areas to ease the tightening feeling.
I'm still using the dry mouth gel and Vaseline on lips thru the nights, waking with a Sahara desert mouth is no fun.
Today I took off the tape over my nose, had small spots underneath, not sure if adhesive issues or just manky. Lol
My nose is now REALLY wide and the tip VERY swollen, hope it calms down soon, my nose now looks bigger now than pre op from face on!!
I put on more tape myself for overnight to try to reduce the swelling.
My facial swelling is still there but def reducing and what bruising I had is now yellowing.
I'll let you know how the night taping goes. :)

Day 12

Wee update peeps....
Can breathe about 60% through my nose, as there is still lots of swelling inside above where my septum is, I guess due to the amount of work done in that area.
Face on the swelling has gone down in my bridge width, although still very swollen. The bruising is now very pale yellow below my right eye and over the bridge of my nose.
I have a bump on my bridge, where the bump I had has been filed down, from reading around re rhino healing, this is normal swelling and will settle down with time.
The tip is very bulbous still, and apparently is last to reduce. P
The tip has dropped a bit as it was quite piggy and no longer is.
Very early days still ????

I clean my nose inside with a wee spritz from my homemade saline spritzer clean with a cotton bud, and then coat inside my nose with Vaseline. Stops the tight feeling you get.

Trying not to look at it to much as it's still Gotta heal a lot more and frankly looks bumpy and big at the moment.
Only thing I like is my nose no longer droops.
Roll on time. I'm fed up waiting already. ????????????

2 Weeks

I didn't swell and bruise that much but today is the first day Iv not been yellow.
I seemed to be yellow for a week. Lol
Breathing still the same around 60% back to normal.
Swelling reduces a little, face on, each day, but still look like I lost a fight. ????
I'll put up another before and after (taken today)
Nose is a little runny, and feels weird as I don't have full feeling due to the tip and septum work. It's kinda like having been at the dentist and that numb not belonging to you feeling you get in your face.
Hope this improves. I'll let you know. ????


Thought I'd give a quick update.
Breathing is so much better now.
90-100 daytime and 75-85 percent at night.
The tip has really dropped and the last of the stitches just came out this morning.
Iv been able to blow my nose from around 4wks, I saline my nose Leave for couple of minutes and then gently blow. Really helps. :)

Looks wise. It's very lumpy and bumpy and I don't like it at all. :( I'm in the hate it stage.
It's narrowed face, although I think there's still s fair bit to go. the bridge still has a bit of a bump side on, tip is quite bulbous still.
It feels kinda numb still, like it's got a cast on it? and swollen a bit internally too
After reading all the reviews, this appears to be normal.
So I'm sticking in there hoping it starts to get better soon. Lol
Catch ya all sin a couple weeks and I'll try to update if I start to like the bloody thing. ????
Before and pic taken today


Wee update peeps ... :)
My Breathings fine during the day, still a wee bit stuffy at night. I'm hoping this gets better with time.
My nose is Still swollen internally, mostly around the septum and nostrils and the tip still shows a lot of swelling.
It's more obvious now as the bridge seems to be reducing quicker than the tip.
It still looks a bit lumpy and bumpy front and side. I'm worrying the bump in the bridge is going to stay. ????????
Patience is clearly not my virtue. Lol
Roll on the next 3mths.
Here's a wee comparison pic taken today.
I'll keep you all updated ????
Adam Kalecinski

I would have liked better communications before the operation. The clinic, staff and the procedure were really good though. I would def use the clinic again.

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