3 Children Later, Time to Improve Myself - Wroclaw, Poland

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Let me introduce myself. I am a 32, nearly 33 year...

Let me introduce myself. I am a 32, nearly 33 year old woman. Nay, girl. I have three boys, one who's 8, another who's 19 months and a 8 month old. I am married to a kind, funny, decent man who has 100% supported me with anything I have wanted to do in the past. I met him when I was a size 8, around 17 years ago, and used to complain about the sizes of my breasts. We agreed that after I have our children he would pay for me to get implants. Well, we were so happy to have our children, especially because we had fertility issues, but then it was hard to see the impact pregnancy had on my body.

My breasts sit on my belly at the moment, and my belly is sticks out farther than my breasts do. People think I'm still pregnant all the time, and I am spending my days in clothes that attempt to hide my shape. In vain, I hasten to add. There is nothing I could adorn that would make me look good, so I'm wearing long tunics and leggings every day. Ooh, and joggers and oversized tees. I cant wait to have this op so I can start wearing fashion again!

So I am one of those people who live in Britain and am having my operation in Poland. It's bitter sweet. It's bad because I have to leave my babies and stay to recoup in Poland initially (for 9 days). Then I can't pick up my children for quite a while, which they will not appreciate. Also, I don't get to have a consult until I arrive in Poland, so feel a bit lost. It's good because I get to leave my babies and sleep heavy, relax and recover for 9 days in a 5* hotel. And the cost is half that of UK prices. I was quoted £12,000.

I'm bricking it now, it's becoming real mainly because my mum is coming from Jamaica tomorrow to learn the routine for the family so that she can help my husband with the kids whilst I'm away. In 5 days I'll be undergoing major surgery.


For your sins, I've uploaded a side pic, so that you can see why I need this procedure. I am having an uplift with implants and lipo and full tummy tuck.

Bricking it, but upbeat

Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in this segment. It's difficult to view properly when on my phone and predictive text can be a bitch.

I have 2 days left before I leave for Poland. Just two days. I'm staying optimistic. I'm on bromelaine twice a day, and vitamin c once a day and I'm drinking lots of water and a protein shake a day. I'm hoping it will help me to recover quicker and better because I am back to the UK after 8 days and then I want to be mobile so that I can be around the children again.

I've packed some products that others have recommended because I'm not going to be in an English speaking country and goodness knows what the local tesco will be like. So I've packed wet wipes, bedmats, cotton wool, comfortable clothes, sleeping tablets, arnica and pain meds.

I'm getting butterflies in my belly all day, which is affecting my appetite. I really hardly ate today. I only fancy fish and I've been advised to avoid fish oils. Annoying.

Tomorrow I travel to see family. I could do without that now. At least I'm kinda packed.

One thing I forgot to mention about my surgery is that I have a possible potential hernia in my stomach because my muscles are so separated. If I drink water Or eat something I can see something moving where my bulge is. In the morning it's more pronounced, I think because I collect wind (tmi?? ) at night. Think it's something to do with my digestive system. Maybe. So that'll hopefully be fixed, which may help with my back issues longer term.

So, I think it's easier to feel less guilty about spending the money because I have a physical problem and it isn't just for vanity sake. However, I have always put my kids first. Rarely buy things for me. Now I deserve to be vain, healthy and selfish.
I am quite confident usually anyway, but this will... Having this done will bring me back to the way I'm supposed to feel. Looking forward to beach holidays, feeling healthy enough to exercise, wearing normal clothes.

I tried to broach the plan about the mommy makeover to my mum today and she was adamant that I should just have the abdominal correction surgery and leave my breasts alone til down the line or not at all. I nodded and made the right noises, but I'm definitely fixing all I can within reason so that it's one recovery. When I'm back, she'll see for herself and I'll deal with it then.

Anyway you can see the weird hard moving tummy bulge in the uploaded image attached to this review. Strange!

Rude Awakening

I'm now here in Poland and its surgery day at 4 in the morning. I'll give you an update. The whole thing is so surreal. We arrived in Wroclaw at 10am, and met a taxi man at the doors who we had arranged to take us to our hotel. He's employed by the clinic to ferry around patients, and I knew what he looked like because I had been sent a picture of him, and anyway, he had my name on a placard that he was holding. We waited for one other couple (she was doing breast enlargements), and then I struck up conversation with all in the car.
Chris dropped them first, and then us to our hotel, but as it was only about 10:30, our rooms weren't ready, so my friend and I decided to try to find the town and buy a few edible supplies for the room. The disadvantage of staying in 5 star accommodation is that you end up paying 5 star prices for everything, and whilst I don't mind that, it didn't make sense that if I fancied a sandwich it should cost an inflated amount if I can store the ingredients in the fridge for a snack. Gotta be sensible; I'm not doing surgery in Poland because I'm rolling in money, after all. I chose 5 star for the customer service and quality room because I'm trying to recover here and will be quite a demanding customer because of that.
I'm staying at the Granary Suite Hotel, and so far I'm only disappointed because you can't interrupt the TV or connect any peripheral device to the TV in order to watch things via their TV. I brought a hard drive full of films, and trash TV to keep us entertained and interested, but my friend spent half the day trying to intercept their system. Honestly, the hotel should speak to our government for advice on systems safety because we've tried everything to hack in, but to no avail.
I digress. We walked into town (or so we thought), and it was really eerie. I know now that we were walking away from town, but it was like something out of a movie where the towns folk are watching us through their window, worried for us but not brave enough to open their doors to warn us that we shouldn't walk in the day time as the vampire / witches / zombies / insert evil thing here, will come get us. The buildings looked unused and empty. We got to the town eventually and once we were in a busy mall, we got a little more comfortable. It's strange (and sad) how much more comfortable I felt once I saw Thomas cook and other shops I recognised from England. Weird, because usually I hate to go abroad and see McDonalds or KFC. I loved Cuba because it wasn't played with. On further inspection of Poland it almost felt as though they didn't have an identity of their own. It felt like a mix of Italy, and France and slightly the UK.

I'll address the elephant in the room now regarding Poland. When I researched and found Dr Adam Kalecinski to do my surgery, I was in two minds about Poland immediately. There are very few blacks that visit and even fewer blacks that live in Poland and as a result, I was worried that black people were not welcomed here. But I lived in Bristol, UK before moving to the capital and experienced racism as a child and figured I'd keep my head down and recover in the hotel room quietly. I know a few Eastern Europeans that currently live in England, and culturally they are harder than their white English counterparts (generally speaking of course).
When we got here, we spoke to quite a few Polish people and had no feelings of ignorance. They didn't smile much, but I think that's just their way. Everyone was kind, spoke with respect and did their best to help in the shops, the hotel, and even when we visited a leisure centre up the road from the hotel.
After unpacking, we went to get some dinner in the town square, and first decided to stop off and get some wine (for my friend, not me!! Boo.) as the hotel wine costs £35, and we learned that it cost only £2 for a whole bottle in the off license.
We walked in and picked up what we wanted and joined the queue. We were only served after everyone else was served. As in, they ignored us and served the customers behind us! Then the clerk took the wine rung it up and spoke to her colleague in Polish the entire time and didn't look at us. Her friend wouldn't even serve me as I was attempting to buy some yoghurt. She took the money without looking at us (no small feat), and placed the change on the table next to the products. My friend asked for a bag, but was completely ignored again. Benefit of the doubt, I assumed she didn't speak English, and loudly asked again. Because everyone knows that if they don't speak English you should speak extra loud, and then they'll understand (!!). Literally, she threw a bag at us. My friend and I caught each-others eye and laughed hard. Direct racism is kind of an unlikely experience in England now. You get a lot of subtle indirect racism all the time, which is something accepted by the older black generations because they were around for the 50's, 60's, 70's and maybe 80's etc. where we (as blacks or immigrants in general) were unaccepted in all aspects.

The interesting aspect of this is that during debates on immigration in our country, I'm usually the one to compare Polish people now with the blacks of the 70's as more and more English people feel that Polish (and other Europeans) have come to our country and taken our jobs, etc.

Anyway, we quickly got over that, but now my friend is a little nervous to be on her own in Wroclaw because she feels uncomfortable that some ignoramous may decide to do something stupid towards her if they feel strongly enough. Even more reason to sort the TV in the room.

We ate some beautiful, beautiful food in a restaurant called Va Bene. (three course meal including fish and my friend had an alcoholic cocktail for £36 for the two of us. Same meal in England would probably be about £100 for the two of us, as the food was divine. Didn't mind giving the service charge, and even added to it!!

The fridge in our room stopped working, so the really nice desk clerk upgraded us for free to a premier suite. Much nicer, but further for me to walk. What can I say, I'm a sucker for an upgrade.

Went to bed at 11, and at 3am went to the toilet. I must be nervous because my belly is now err, getting rid of everything I ate yesterday. Who needs and milk of magnesia or caster oil when you have anxiety? Everytime I think its over and get back to bed, within 10 mins I'm back on the toilet. (TMI? Whatever.)

I have to be up and out by 7:45, but I think its ok to be up now coz I'll be asleep for most of the day when they put me under.

I can't wait for the surgery to be over so that I can start healing. I'm expecting the next three days to be the worse pain I've ever experienced, even though I've had three C-sections. Plus, you forget the pain you've gone through. At least I'll look better because of this, and not worse.

I know Adam has at least two surgeries to perform today. Mine and the lady who shared the cab with me. I think if I were him, I would start with the smaller surgery, and something to eat and a cup of tea, and the begin mine. Either way I hope he doesn't rush. I pray his wife gave him some good loving last night. I pray his children were nice and kind to him this morning. I pray that he is happy in life and love and I pray that he is in the right frame of mind to cut me open today.
Oh, and lastly I pray that he allows me to live the acrylic on my nails. I didn't varnish them, so he can see the nail bed perfectly fine. If he allows it, I'll let you know what to ask the nail shop to do.

I'm staying at the clinic for the night and then all being well will be back at the hotel tomorrow. Pray for me please, all. Even if you don't believe in it I appreciate your doubtful prayers.

Waiting for surgery

Here are some before piccies again. Taken this morning. Since then I've had the consult with the surgeon, and he seems kind and gentle and really professional. He's confirmed severe abdominal wall collapse, an umbilical hernia and hole at bottom of abdomen. Breasts need uplift and enlargement.
I just want them to get started and fix all this as soon as possible. Honestly since the consult I've lost the nerves and now I feel ready. He knows what he's talking about.

Swollen and Tired

I'm now on the flat side. Not feeling elated because my cosmetic surgeon had to do the T incision as my skin was too thin and rubbish. so as well as a scar that goes from hipbone to hipbone, I also have one from the middle of that scar past my new belly button.

I'm not in pain yet, and am taking two cocodamol every 4 hours. But the pressure on my chest has me struggling to breathe. I ate something this afternoon and after about two mouthfuls, I was full. I'm not sure if that's standard. When they clean the sites tomorrow, I'll post them.

Much better than I thought

My friend was kind enough to take some pictures today at the plastic surgeons clinic so I'll update those for y'all.
She's been trying to find somewhere for us to get food to bring it back to the hotel but she's uncomfortable walking around for long periods of time. Yesterday whilst killing time during my op she experienced people making monkey noises at her. I sincerely wish I didn't have to put her through all this. If I could afford to do it elsewhere I would have.
Now she's trying to spend her time in the room even though it's hot outside.

Anyway the surgery. The cut looks so smart and I'm trying to remain optimistic.

I'm not in pain. Just pressure. I've been taking cocodomol every four hours. And these little blue pills every 12 hours. I have no idea what they are, but whatever.

I had my first bit of bread this morning. Straight away, I felt sick. I prayed to God that I wouldn't vomit but I got a mouthful. It hurt but it wasn't too bad.
So I asked the nurse to give me anti-sickness tablets.

I fall asleep every hour but feel better each time I wake up.

More photos

Naughty, naughty - didn't update yesterday

Sorry about that - so rude.
But I didn't feel that there was very much to update if I'm honest. I went back to the clinic for my incisions to be cleaned and change bandages on them in the morning. I'm walking straighter than I was the day before and am looking less and less like an old hunched pained woman. My friend took the appointment as an opportunity to drop into Tesco whilst I get seen to. Tescos is nothing like the English version she hastens to add. Nowhere can you buy what I want in this weather, which is readymade salads. You know the kinds people eat for lunch. I asked the taxy lady about it and she said they don't have it. Well, maybe they prepare their own salads for lunch. Or they don't eat salad for lunch? All I know is my appetite has waned significantly, and I want small portions of something that's good for me. And I just can't find it here. Or at least my friend can't.
Hmm. I'm going to discuss the same things all us healing women talk about on these reviews:
Doing a poo. There I said it. Other women called it a bm, but if you're happy to see me naked, you have to accept ALL that's happening to me, surely? Lol.
I've been trying for the longest time to allow myself time on the toilet, but haven't yet felt the natural need to go. But the tight compression garment is telling me otherwise. Being backed up is uncomfortable, so last night I took a senna prescribed to me by my England GP that I asked for. I have been avoiding iron tabs so that it didn't affect the err makeup of my err deposit. I've woken passing wind (and long may that continue as I suffer with painful trapped wind), and am not going directly to bed in case my body decides to tell me to sit on the toilet. Sometimes you have to give your body a chance to chat to you and then listen.
The compression garment. Its there, it's tight, it's rubbing on my skin. But without it I'm sure things would quite literally fall out. when they change the dressings the cg comes off, and I'm desperate to put it back on again, They are both support mechanisms so I am doing what I can to avoid irritation based on when others have said. I am wearing a top underneath the garment. I actually think the irritation is stemming from the sticky plaster they use on my body to hold the dressings in place. She's changed it, but I'm still breaking out in blisters, and then I think the cg rubs on them. Hurts a little, but in the grand scheme of things, I can take a few water blisters.
The Dreaded Drains
I would rather have these things hanging from my body than any complications, and its a week of my life. They nearly took them out yesterday but I said it seemed to early as Dr Adam had specified a week initially. That nurse checked with the senior nurse and she agreed with me.
the senior nurse said Saturday. Well its Friday today and I'm still collecting 25ml in 24 hours. Yes, they slow me down and mean I can't shower, and they stop me wearing certain clothes because they have to be accommodated. And they leak now and again, and, I mean, its yucky to walk around with your liquid on show!!! lol, but that is why I'm here in a hotel room, semi naked all the time with a really good friend. Trust me, I've held her hair enough times and nursed her when it mattered. She'll get over the nastiness of my fluid in a cup! lol

Anyway got to get up in 2 and a half hours and feeling sleepy, so until next time. Peace and I'm out.

Wearing Clothes - and loving it!!

At the moment under my clothes I have a huge bulky stage 1 compression garment, and thick dressings stuck down with plaster on my stomach and breasts, but I already look like my stomach is much flatter than it used to be, so I wore a maxi dress recently purchased, and when I look in the mirror - wow. Looks so different and sexy and shapely. I can only imagine what it'll be like when there's nothing wrapped around my waist.
I love that I'm not overly big in my breasts, they look like I was born with them for sure. I don't think I'll even be asked if they are real (which isn't for everyone, but that's definitely something I wanted. I'm a teacher so the porn look is definitely inappropriate for me).
The staff at the clinic have remained respectful, kind and professional all the way through. I haven't spoken to Adam since the surgery, but another surgeon came to ensure everything was ok and to check it was ok for me to have the drains out. Oh!! The drains! Let me tell you about the drains.

Yes. Well. I thought the drains were about 4 cm into me both sides. I asked the nurse if it would hurt, and she was quite funny and answered the same way I would if I were in her shoes. "Um, not really, a little." So I knew this was going to hurt. At the end of the day I haven't experienced any pain as such thus far, so felt it was overdue!!
She took out the two stitches holding my left tube in, and yanked. Now. When I say it pulled from my chest - I am not freaking kidding. It was from directly under my breasts on the other side of my body! I felt it move across my body. It was about 5/6 out of 10 on my pain scale and I felt it as a sore ache for the rest of the day. The right one was less dramatic and was about 2 out of 10 on the scales and taking the stitches out were also pain-free. But again, a longer tube than expected.
Put it this way, I am so glad there were only two drains.
I went to the clinic and had my incisions cleaned and my dressings changed. This nurse put some cream around the incisions around the nipple and rather worryingly I felt nothing.
I think that's my mine and my husbands major worry because we both like my breasts and especially enjoy my previously overly-sensitive nipples. We'll see. Bit scared about that.

Just a shot!

What???! Is that me?

Dr Adam Kalecinski

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