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Right where do I start, it has been a long journey...

Right where do I start, it has been a long journey for years and I haven't even started this one as well. As a teenager I was always battling with my weight I end up becoming 116 kg at 26 so it was the first time I took the major decision and go through a gastric band operation in order to limit my food intake and lose weight. That was about 10 years ago. It did work. From 116kg I've dropped to 85kg and stayed there for the last 10 years. My height is 1.76m which means I am still a bit overweight but not that bad. With the gym I wasn't too crazy on and off really. Until December 2014 when I took the big decision to start intensive gym, personal training, waking up 6am to go to the gym and start weight training. Twice a week to start with, then 3,4 and now at least 5-6 times a week. I saw my body change a lot, my fat percentage levels dropped from 28% to now around 16%. With a lot of hard work, money invested in personal training and clean food diet.
After a full year and a lot of change I took the important decision to remove my gastric band. I am not the person I was 10 years ago and my food habits have changed drastically. So two months ago I have successfully removed the band.
After a lot of consideration, research and even discussing it with my personal trainer I have now decided to do liposuction and get rid off all that stubborn fat remaining in my body. That doesn't mean I will stop working out, on the contrary, I will continue intense work out but at least then the results can show even more.
I live in the UK where plastic surgery is overrated and crazy expensive. You go to these clinics and they see you as another fat wallet, giving you a crazy price and get operated not by an English doctor but by an Arabic, Indian etc. So I don't understand what's the whole fuzz about doing the lipo op relations in the uk and pay a fortune.
Throughout my research two countries came up as the obvious options Turkey and Poland. In Turkey there is not as much experience and seems that they are still kind of experimenting procedures and treatments on patients bodies, there are two-three plastic surgeons but after doing a thorough research didn't feel very comfortable as some of their treatments and customer service seemed a bit backwards.
So I have approached a clinic in Poland called Clinic For You. I've read about the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture and Dr. Piotr Rataj. I read some good reviews and the information and customer service so far has been fantastic. Most importantly for me Dr. Piotr sounded that he understood my needs and also had a very understanding and professional approach. Cost more than half cheaper than if I would do this in the UK. So my communication with Anna the Patients coordinator has been great, managed to book an operation in less than 10 days so in less than a week I will have my 6 pack, chest, flanks, lower back done. I am very excited about this as I would hopefully see all the muscles beneath my fat show...
I will keep this diary going with pictures too as I have found the information in this forum so very useful and helped me so much to take this very important decision. I hope I will see the result that I am looking for. I have app loaded some pictures of me starting the gym about a year ago and some recent ones.

1 week before the Operation Pics

Recent pics before the operation

5 days till the BIG DAY... Excitement starts building up!!!

Only 4 days left till my trip in Poland and 5 days until I have the operation. I was sceptical initially to have this one compare to Vaser HD but most of the surgeons I spoke to I came to the conclusion that is down mostly to the surgeons skills and less to the equipment so I am really looking forward to see the results. They did send me pictures of other patients who didn't seem they were working out at all and the results looked awesome. Did my final personal Wight training in the gym today and god it was hard and intense but I am pleased that hopefully all that effort will hopefully soon show...
Went shopping and bought all the necessary products to assist with my post operation recovery, I found a great list here in the forum :)
Anna from Prestige Clinic was great so we have booked a nice flat in the centre of Wroclaw Poland for a week and arranged all my transport from the airport to the hospital etc.. So far the experience has been very smooth.. I can't wait to get it done, I am emotionally ready..
I also bought an expensive ultrasound massage gadget to help me with my self massages separate to the Lemphatic ones I will do with a professional.
I will miss the gym but I see how I feel during my recovery, most of the people here are out for a month, I will ask the doctor and see how my body feels.. Compression garments are a key support tool in all the reviews so I hope I get a decent one. Sleeping with it is probably going to be an issue but I guess I will get used to it. I believe that I heal and recover relatively quickly.. During another recent operation I had stitches and was in the gym in two weeks and on the third and fourth managed to train with my trainer.. Dedication and commitment to this has become a huge part of my life so I intend to continue working hard. I am 38 years old so is not as easy as it sounds it takes a lot of me to get half of the workout result a 25 year old would get with the same training.
I've researched the doctor and most were great reviews so fingers crossed.
Writing all these helps, is like keeping a diary but also sharing and help other members here..
Days are closing..

One day before my trip to Poland

Woke up this morning very excited. Have so many things to do today, haven't yet packed will do later but I have bought all I need. Found a useful pre operation list of pads, bedseats, talc powder in case the garment gets itchy, cream and pills for the swelling and also an ultrasonic massage gadget which I will ask the doctor when I can use it. Also some protein powder in case I won't be able to eat properly for a day which I don't think is the case, and some liquid to help with constipation after the surgery. Already researched locally back in London where I will do my Lemphatic massages so I will book them from Poland. Also will get extra clothes, towels etc. I will be going down on general anesthesia due to the fact that I will be treating many locations. Thank god my partner also arrives that day and will be with me there for that week as I can't imagine how that feels going through it alone. Tomorrow when I arrive I will be picked up by a car and Eveline the patients assistance and taken straight to the hospital to do my blood tests. Then will be taken to my apartment. The following morning will be again be picked up by the car and Eveline from the hotel and taken to the hospital to do my consultation with Dr. Piotr Rataj.

Arriving In Wroclaw Poland

Getting here from London was so easy the flight was only 1.5 hours which was great. I arrived and been picked up by the sweet and fantastic Ewelina the Patients Manager, such a sweet girl with the biggest smile. We drove straight away to the hospital so I can give blood one day prior my operation. On the way there we had the chance to talk so I asked her questions about the operation the doctor the city etc. Wroclaw, from the little I saw is gorgeous with lots of history great architecture and many many Italian restaurants and shops :) prior my arrival we booked my week accommodation at the Leo Apartments. The flats are good, clean with most of the amenities and a great price so definitely recommend it. We have arranged to be picked up next morning together with other two British so we can all go together to the hospital. One of the ladies she did facelift and eyes lift the previous day and oh my god I could see the difference straight away. That gave me more confidence that Dr. Piotr Rataj knows his stuff. Operation tomorrow and I am sooo ready :)

Wroclaw City Centre

Pics of the city

OPERATION DAY !!! Bring it on...

So the day has arrived and been picked up by Ewelina to go to the hospital together with two other patients. We got to the clinic roughly about 8.30am but it was meantto be a busy day of operations, check ups, consultations etc.. I was meant to be operated around 1pm but I got in at 3pm instead. Meaning that I had to wait dressed in my hospital gown for many hours and that was a bit of a torture. Prestige Clinic is a nice building the rooms are very spacious and has all the facilities. So I did my consultation first with Dr. Piotr Rataj. He is such a wonderful man, friendly smiley and makes you feel at ease from the first minute. He marked the areas I needed operated and went through some details with me. During his examination he also identified that I have a gland in my chest and signs of gynecomastia which meant that he will need to remove except from fat also the gland. Obviously there is additional cost to this. Also I have requested him to look at my buttocks and see if we transfer fat there to make them better shaped and to look fuller. We agreed to that too and he made a very good price for both due to the fact that I have many areas to treat. So all together lipo on chest, gynecomastia, upper and lower abs and tummy, flanks, lower back and fat transfer to the buttocks cost me roughly about 6,000 British Pounds which is an amazing price when in the UK all these will cost me nearly three times that. Comparing this consultation with the Dr. I had the consultation in Turkey was comparing day and night. So at 2.30pm the Anesthetisian came around to ask me some standard questions and then at 3pm I was taken down to the operating room. They put a drip in the vain of my left arm and was out of it in just few seconds. The whole operation lasted 3 hours as there were quite a few areas. When I woke up I was already back in my room all wrapped up. The nurse Ewelina(another Ewelina) was so wonderful looking after me all night. Thank god I read useful stuff in this forum as I was bleeding from the tiny incisions but I knew this is normal. Ewelina helped me out to go to the bathroom changed my bandages three times during the night and also gave me two sleeping pills so I had a nice couple of hours sleep. I wasn't in pain at any point I believe also due to the painkillers given to me. I will write a further update in the 1st post operation day :)

What a fantastic experience so far!!!

Right, so my night was OK as I have managed to sleep, changed bandages three times went to the bathroom, I was very dizzy the first time but as time went by I was feeling less and less dizzy and stronger. The nurse was so attentive and cannot thank her enough. She brought me also a yogurt to eat and some water. I wasn't particularly hungry to be honest compare to the experience of others. The very tight garment helped also suppress the hunger plus all the meds the discomfort etc. But not necessarily pain just discomfort when I was moving around and a bit of bleeding. In the morning she woke me up around 7am changed my bandages, gave me more yogurt and water some strong painkillers and she said goodbye as her night shift was over. Around 10am I saw again Dr. Rataj with the other Ewelina to help with translation and a nurse. Dr. Rataj understands English but he speaks only a little so I would definitely recommend you guys to pay for the basic Assistance Programme which includes all transportation, translation etc the check up went great they opened my garment and the doctor told me that they have removed roughly about 1.8 litres of fat and transferred about 600 to the buttocks. As he was cleaning me up I could feel my abs hard as rock which gave me so much pleasure and a bit of pain. Everything is obviously extremely swollen after only half a day of the operation but I can see a very good job done from the very first pictures. He asked me to take a shower just with water in two days and start massaging by myself in a few days as well. Then I git dressed and brought back to my flat. It has been such a smooth experience and I can't praise enough all the team, surgeon, nurses etc. Obviously there is a lot of post operation care that I am already organising to have back in London like LMD massages etc and hope to be able to go back to the gym as soon as possible too. I keep my personal gym trainer updated and I also has his support and guidance throughout this process. My next appointment with the surgeon is on Monday one day before I fly back to London. The first two pictures are the markings prior the operation, followed by me wearing the garment post operation and finally pictures during my check up with Dr. Rataj half a day after the operation. Will be posting more pictures as often as possible.


Ok the night was not that bad I was expecting worse to be honest. I believe that the level of fitness plays a huge part in these kind of operations, so all the effort put in the gym helped me in this process a lot too. Having strong arms and legs to be able to lift your body up for example with limited pain. I still took two herbal sleeping pills and did wake up during the night a few times.
So woke up today feeling really much better. More energetic with less effort needed turning around in and out from bed etc. The last two days I have been peeing loads so I am sure is part of the healing. Thank god I have my partner here is so important to have someone with you I don't understand how people are going through this alone away from home is crazy you need someone for at least 2-3 days to help you out.
I've planned my morning, so we woke up and before having my first shower(oh yeah) I took the garment off still laying in bed in case I get dizzy and took the ultrasound massage equipment out . I put the water gel across all areas and stared massaging. I got this through Amazon and paid around 100 pounds but it's so worth it's money. My skin was very sore to start with especially around the bruised areas and the abs but it felt so good doing this for 15 minutes. Follow in this I removed all the remaining bandages and had my first shower. To be more exact I removed the bandages in the shower as my body is so sensitive right now that the slighter irritation really hurts, so doing it under the water is the best way I think.
Then I looked at the mirror and saw a different person still massively bruised and swollen in many parts but I was really pleased with the result so far and it's only day 2. Touching where is swollen you can feel that there is no fat left its just swollen and tiny bit of skin which hopefully will all retract. My feelings are a bit mixed as I see results but my body is so bruised and swollen that will take couple of weeks or as I read here months for the final result to settle in. I like the work he did in my body and reading other reviews helps me to stay calm and think that this is far from be the final result. Will keep posting pictures but very pleased so far


Woke up today really energised and with less discomfort. I had another ultrasound massage which I feel helps a lot as I feel so amazing and less swollen after it finishes. Also I already booked a package of lymphatic massages right after I am back home. Today I also went for an hours walk and felt really good. I am already so thankful to Dr. Piotr Rataj I can't see yet the final outcome but it's true that everyday you see a change and that makes me very happy. I also like that slowly I start see results and they look very natural. That was my goal and that is why I chose to have the tickle lipo operation. But I also agree that it's not just the equipment but the surgeon. Looking forward for the massive swelling to go down so I can see more results. Also I wanted to thank some of the guys and girls in here for providing very useful advice to all of us, positive words and lots of encouragement. Is a serious operation and I don't agree with all these promotional ads that you can do it and you can go back to work and your regular life like nothing happened. I would take at least a week off to feel normal again so no lunch break lipo people it doesn't exist hehehe.


My dear "Swelling" I hate you loll... For the last few days I see day by day changes, I see the bruising slowly disappearing but the swelling is still there which makes me a bit dishearted. Especially when you feel you do all the right things including rest, food, water, arnica, bromelain, ultrasound massages etc. And still the swelling doesn't want to go down a lot... I am so thankful at least that I read many similar cases here and know roughly what to expect otherwise I would feel really bad... What is the right answer to this? Someone will probably say y, time is the right answer... Tomorrow I am having my first MLD lets see..

My first MLD Massage...

Today I had my first MLD massage and God is so worth it. I went to a Chinese local medical massage shop, discussed my situation with the therapist and then started my 1 hour MLD. I wasn't in pain just tiny bit sore especially around the abdominal, other than that I truly loved it. I believe my own ultrasound massages helped reduce the swelling too and relieve some of the discomfort so I intend to keep doing them.
After I finished the therapist suggested me to do 10 one hour massages combined with also 1 hour of acupuncture which is very suitable for reducing the swelling. It didn't come cheap but I am determined to invest a bit more money on my after care as I am confident it will greatly help my recovery and also give me much better results.
I have loaded a picture on straight after my massage. I am still only a week away from the operation and I can see gradually the bruising and swelling going down and get more definition day by day. Feeling amazing after the massage so guys do not spare money from doing them..

POST OPERATION 3 WEEKS... Slowly getting there!!!

Sorry guys I have been off the radar for a couple of days but I have been busy and tried to make sure I heal properly. So to give you my update three weeks post operation. Everything is going well so far. I continue with my massages had already 5 hours of intense massage plus 5 hours of acupuncture. Still another 5 each to go. My swelling went down a lot it's only now gathered below my belly button and above the groin area but the massage lady does amazing job breaking all the remaining swollen areas which is nothing else than concentrated fluid, fat, blood and scar tissue. Every single time we finish the massage they feel so much softer and next day the swelling goes down a lot so happy with that. I feel hopefully that in the next two weeks a lot of it will go away. My flanks are now soft but there is still a bit of scar tissue left. I believe my recovery is really good with just three weeks post operation but my expectations are really high. Now the only area of a bit of a concern is my appetite. The last week or so I am extremely hungry can't satisfy myself with food. Of course I still eat clean but my portions are bigger and I always feel hungry. Never felt so hungry for years. I weighted myself in the gym and I am only 1kg more than before the operation and that can be water, fluid etc. I spoke to my gym trainer about it and he told me that probably my body is trying to heal thus I need more food. Started my new gym programme too. I went back to the gym after 1.5 weeks post operation and felt OK. Now three weeks post operation and we started our normal routine. Obviously my objectives have changed completely so working very closely with him to try and get my body where I want it to be in the next three months. My skin elasticity is good but I find a bit of skin hanging around here and there, good news is not loose but there is no fat inside maybe a bit of liquid which hopefully will be absorbed by my system in the next few weeks. I don't think that I have developed any seromas, I did try to drain it with a syringe but nothing came out... The waiting game is awful for the swelling to go down, the skin to retract the muscles to build etc. Overall I am very happy so far with the result but I believe that my body will change still a lot in the next couple of weeks and months together of course with my intense gym work outs. Will keep you posted.
Dr. Piotr Rataj

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