21 Years Old, 1 Child, New Nose and Boobies! - Wroclaw, Poland

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I have booked my operation at the Adam Kalecinski...

I have booked my operation at the Adam Kalecinski clinic in Poland, I have also booked my flights and accommodation and will be travelling from the UK alone. I have booked to stay in shared apartments that are for patients of the clinic as I feel it would be better having other people there as I will be by myself. I have been quoted between £2,750 and £3,160 depending on what implants I choose. When I sent my pictures across I was recommended to have an uplift as well as an enlargement but I am a bit worried about them having to move my nipples and having scars going down from them. Do they have to move the nipples for an uplift when it is with implants? Also I was told I could go up to 2 sizes bigger than I have been before, when I was pregnant and breast feeding I was a 34dd, but I am now a 36 round the back so I'm not sure what size I would be able to go up to. I do want them as big as possible without stretching my skin too far.

I am a 21 year old female from the UK, who has a 1...

I am a 21 year old female from the UK, who has a 1 year old baby, booked to have rhinoplasty and breast implants in the Adam Kalecinski Clinic in Poland.

Okay, so I previously wrote a review planning to have breast lift with implants but I have chosen to go with just the implants as I don't think I need the lift all that much, and I'm a bit concerned about the whole moving nipples thing I would like to have more children and breast feed at some point in my life. I am VERY excited but also very nervous about travelling on my own and getting back with the suitcase after the operation etc. I have been browsing this website daily reading reviews to get some idea what the recovery will be like. I have been told I can go up in breast size by 2 sizes than I have ever been. I was a 34DD when I was pregnant/breast feeding and I am a 36 round the back now but my boobs are so small now I haven't bought a bra the right size since they went down as I feel silly in clothes when they are small. I haven't thought about the rhinoplasty too much as it is very scary with it being my FACE but I have wanted a nose job in what feels like forever so I know what I want it to look like but I don't really want to see bad reviews and worry myself! It would be nice if someone who has been abroad alone for these kind of procedures could let me know what it was like? Thank you

23 days to go!

I'm starting to feel really scared about leaving my daughter for a week, she is 14 months old and I've never left her longer than a day! :( and also feeling really excited to finally have a nice nose! Took some pictures to put on here today and just looking at them makes me want to cry :(
Also does anyone have any tips what to bring with me that will help me whilst I'm there? I've got baggy tops, a v shaped pillow, cotton buds straws...

Nose pics

Surgery done this morning!

So I got picked up by the taxi at 7.30 this morning, got to the clinic and I was the first there, even before the receptionist, about 20 mins later the receptionist arrived and gave me some forms to fill in. The surgeon, Adam Kalecinski, arrived about 8.30 ish, went to get changed then I was first to have my consultation. I was surprised to find out I had a deviated septum, also he explained it would be best to have tear drop implants with a big projection in order to lift my breasts. I then went back I tot he waiting room where I waited to get my blood tests, after that I was given a room and told to have a shower and remove all my jewellery and put on a nighty and slippers. When I got back to the room after showering I met the lady I was going to be sharing with, who is here for lipo. She was due to go in first. Adam came in and drew on my chest and explained everything that he was going to do under there, he said he was using a multi plane technique where he would cut my glands and see them higher to give me some natural cleavage and lift, and he would put the implants under my muscle. I went in for my surgery around 11.15am this morning, I don't remember much of this apart from being wheeled into the room and having pads stuck onto me. I woke up around 4pm and was really thirsty ! The lady I am sharing with have me some of her water. I was given paracetamol earlier but I have now been given morphine (10pm). My breasts are really painful and it hurts to sit or stand, I walked to the toilet and back earlier and I was nearly sick :( my nose isn't painful at all, I just can't breathe out of it. When I woke up only one eye had bruising but now both do, one not as bad but both are really swollen.


I am in absolute agony with my breasts, I didn't think I would be in this much pain. Also my eyes are bright red and swollen and my top lip is swollen like Kylie Jenner lip. Is this normal and when will they go down?

Cast off yesterday!

So I had my cast off yesterday morning (5 days post) and my nose is lovely ! Having the stitches out and the cast off was a little bit painful but bearable and didn't last long! My swelling and bruising went down drastically each day and is now barely there. I will add some pics :)

Swelling goes down in the mornings

Not very flattering pics but I find my nose looks smaller in the mornings :)

Nose pics 2 weeks 1 day after Rhino

Pics of my nose and tried on a bikini I had during my pregnancy & whilst breast feeding !

Before and after pics

I love my new nose!!


New pictures of my nose around 8 months post surgery
Dr Adam Kalecinski

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