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I'm heading to Wroclaw in Poland on 3 July for my...

I'm heading to Wroclaw in Poland on 3 July for my rhinoplasty at the Noa clinic. I've got generally big features and hope my rhinoplasty will make me look more feminine, my nose feels generally too big for my face. I also have split cartilage on the tip. I've not had a lot of comments about my nose but I remember vividly the couple of times I have. I never really considered getting surgery until my sister had a rhinoplasty in November last year, seeing how happy she was with her's made me want to go for it. I emailed Europe Surgery back in April or May looking for dates at the end of June or start of July and found David really helpful and responsive. So flights and hotel are booked. I'm nervous about having a GA but so excited about the result and feeling confident from all angles!! I've posted a few before shots (I have so few in profile as my nose is so projected I hate that angle). Love to hear from anyone who has had similar or their experiences in Poland or elsewhere!

Before pictures

Just over a week to go

I've recently gone through a period of being nervous about having an elective operation and really questioning whether I should go through with this!! But now it's getting closer and closer and I'm finalising the travel plans, I'm starting to feel more committed and excited. I've been making plans for when I get home and keep thinking by then I'll have my new nose and it'll be great! Still be great to hear from anyone else who has been over recently and any tips!

The next day

All done! Arrived in Poland on Sunday morning and headed to the clinic first thing on Monday. During my consultation we discussed narrowing my bridge and tip but that my profile was already straight. I was the first surgery of the day so was out before I knew it and back in the room about an hour and a half later. I was sharing with another girl who was also in for rhinoplasty. I am so surprised by how much I've bruised and swollen so really hoping it clears soon! I feel reasonably good, kind of stuffy and my nose is a little tingly and face is tight from the swelling.

Six days later

I've had my cast and stitches removed ( was more nervous about that than the op! It was totally fine though!) and today was my first day at home. I'm feeling great aside from feeling so congested and almost completely breathing through my mouth still! That and the boredom of recovering alone has been the most difficult part of the while experience. Getting to the clinic every morning and chatting to the other lovely patients was my daily highlight! The city is great, loads of shops and restaurants though if you're happy to wander around in a nose cast!

I'm really happy with my results. The new nose is the exact subtle change I wanted ( I know it's still swollen so I hope it doesn't change from this too much!). If I get get my nose breathing back and the last of my black eye gone, the result will be perfect!

7 weeks PO

Thought I'd give a quick update. It's all going well, I had an annoying time breathing until about two weeks ago, then I had a cold last week and now I seem almost back to normal! It still feels a bit numb on the tip and a little tender on the bridge. I'd love if the tip went down just a little bit further but, in general I'm really happy, feel I've had a subtle change so it still looks like my nose!
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