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So after years of waiting for my boobs to grow,...

So after years of waiting for my boobs to grow, having 3 children and seeing how I look with full breasts (full of milk) and then having smaller breast than I started with I'm taking the plunge! I'm based in the UK but flying to Poland for my surgery after seeing amazing results from members of my family.
I'm probably not even an A cup - I'm
Too embarrassed to get measured, I'm hoping for a full C/D cup as I'm very broad and want a more feminine look.
I haven't been nervous until now - my surgery is on 21st September (8 days aaaaaaaahhhh)
This picture is me now :(

I can't believe this time in 1 week I'll have boobs!!!!!

I'm feeling very excited although now nerves are kicking in!!! I've read so many reviews and watch so many YouTube videos but every experience is so unique!
I'm really going to my kids!

7 sleeps to go!!!!

2 more sleeps.....Aaaaaahhhh!

I don't know whether I'm excited or scared at the moment! I can't believe it's only two days away!

I'm going to search for a few wish boob photos to show the surgeon what I'm looking for - I know they are big on this photo but I really love this look - especially because I have such a big space To fill!


So tomorrow is surgery day!! I'm feeling very anxious and excited at the same time!!!

Last pic of small boobs!!!!

It's D day!!!

I'm sat in my room now waiting to go into surgery.

I'm not scared at all just tired... I didn't sleep all that well... Nerves I think.

My op is in 2 hours and I'm STARVING!!! All I want is a McDonald now! I've not eaten anything since 4pm yesterday... A nice latte would go down a treat too!

Oh well.... Next update will be after surgery whoooohooooo!!!!!

Ouch ouch ouch

Ok so I'm no going to lie..... It's painful - I'm normally one of these that just will get on with every him but I have been working out and I had under the muscle so it was painful!!!! Had some pain killers and feel better now.

So I had 400cc under muscle..... Mentor high profile.

I'm very swollen and here is how they look on day on surgery

1st boobie picture


Boobie pic (first one and day after)

So it seems my photo didn't upload yesterday :( so here it is again. I'm hurting a lot more today.

Feeling sorry for myself today (pain wise)

I never thought pain would be bothersome to me but I'm being proven wrong.

My incisions are sore today and I've had cramping/spasms in my left breast.

They are very round and swollen - i think I'm going to be happy :)

3 days post Op.

I'm finally starting to feel better today - the pain is less and less. I vomitted last night which was awful - I think it's my body dealing with being put to sleep.

So I had my drains out and got to have a look at myself in the mirror at the clinic. IM SO HAAAAPPPPYYYY!!

Finally I look and feel so much more feminine.

I was a just about A cup before surgery and my post surgery bra is 34c, however the sports bras that I have bought and tried on since the op are too small so maybe I'll be going into a D? Not sure yet.

I fly home today so I'll update some pictures tomorrow from the comfort of my own home :)

Feeling good today!

So it's day 4!
The swelling has reduced down quite a bit now and I'm so happy with the results.

I had a shower today and feel so fresh- here is a day 4 pic :)

Feeling stiff today!

So my boobs are hard all of the time today, they keep contracting it's really odd.
I think I'll update again in about a week as nothing has really changed pain wise although I've stopped taking my pain killers which may be the cause of my stiffness?? X

Too small...?

So as my boobs are settling I feel like they are shrinking and becoming a little bit like balls stuck on my chest - the surgeon recommended tear drop shaped but I was scared they wouldn't look right or would turn.... I'm starting to think I should of listened :( this is today's pic

2 week update!!

So it's been two weeks! It's gone so fast! Most of swelling feels like it's gone, I'm still numb under the nipple but the sensation on the sides is coming back.

The are starting to become soft and I'm liking them more each day after my wobble a few days ago :)

The left one (your right) is more swollen than my right but I know they will look great - so happy again!

3 weeks! Where has the time gone!


So not too much to report.... my boobs are getting softer day by day, I'm getting use to them, some days they look big others I feel that they are small...

My scars look great I've been using scar away - I'll upload a pic tomorrow I've just had a bath and have applied I forgot to take a picture....

I still have the odd hard boob - mainly in the morning of if it's cold. I'm hoping that most of the swelling has gone now and this is my end result - or close to it!!

Scars as promised

Hi here are my incisions sites 3 weeks later :) 1 - my left 2. My right.

I think I'm healing nicely, I was concerned about being mixed race and having problems with my scars but I'm really happy with my results so far :)

5 weeks gone!

I'm so happy with my boobs - here are the results after 5 weeks. The scars are healing nicely too. I've been using scar away since week 3.

They are softer each day!

Time is Flying -

I can't believe we are already in November and I've had my new boobs for so long!

Everything seems great with them although I'm still pretty numb from my nipple down, and occasionally I get a bit sore where my scars are.

I've been bra-less so many times and I bloody love it!!!! I had my first night out where I could be a bit revealing and it felt so good!

Finally I feel sexy in my clothing it's great! Here are some pics - my boobs look the same your left look dodgy where I'm holding my phone but they are the same more or less :)

Still numb... still don't feel like part of me....

It's been a good few weeks since surgery now and I'm still numb under the nipple - I was hoping to have some feeling back now......

I hope that it comes back.........

I still feel like my boobs are not part of me - sometimes they are super soft and natural feeling - other days they are hard - I'm guessing that is just the muscle...

Well they say it takes up until a year to fully heal and settle so I guess I have a while yet.

Forgot pictures yesterday!

Here they are :)
Definitely more natural looking!

Another week passed

Today I'm feeling again like my boobs are smaller than I wanted - this is one hell of a rollercoaster rise for my emotions - I feel like my nipples are higher than they should be so I've emailed my surgeon with pictures.

On the plus they are really soft and swuidgy now it's lovely and I've returned to the gym - I've had no pain so far so I'm chuffed.

Just a quick evening pic

I wanted to show you how big they can look with a sports type bra - wearing this they look huge - maybe I'm just blinded by the mirror when they are naked!!!
They do look bigger covered up tho lol! Deffo look D this evening!


So I wanted to find out how to measure my boobs properly so I could gage an official size. I put my measurements in

Band/rib cage - 82cm = 32.28 rounded up to 32.5" for calculator

Bust/over breast - 92cm = 36.22" rounded up to 36.5" for calculator

Sized at......

36D :)

So there is my answer on size! I'm definitely not as small as I feel some days!

Big changes and much happier!!!!

So I've been feeling but confused about whether or not I'm happy with my results...

I am happy now! Over the last week the have softened and widened and feel and look much better (in my opinion)

I also went to John Lewis department store and got professionally measured.... I am 31" so I should wear a size 32" band NOT 36" I was wearing and I'm not a D, or DD..... I'm an E cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it! I said to the woman.... "excuse me, what did you just say...? Surely you meant D" she had me try on a few brands within the shop and they were all 32E the DD cups were too tight.

So now I can officially say..... "IM HAPPY WITH MY BOOBS!!!!!!!"


It's been a while! Here is an update!

So here are my girls at almost 4 months post op. They are still a little tender on the edges but I love them. Somedays they feel firm and others soft I think my muscle is the cause of that as I had nothing to start with!

I still feel on days I'm small but then look at my bra 32E at marks and Spencer's and John Lewis and think nope they are my small!!!

I'm really happy with the results now just looking forward to the edge pain to completely disappear :)
Mr Adam Kalecinski

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