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Hello everyone!! I am a 24 year old with three...

Hello everyone!! I am a 24 year old with three children (9,4, and 3). Ive been struggling with my weight for the past 4 years :( I have always been very active, but i dont think my body could handle two kids back. I have recently been approved for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation :) I couldnt be more excited!! Is it normal though to feel EXTREMELY selfish at the same time? The past two years it really gotten to me and ive let myself go.. Ive been hiding behind hoodies and yoga pants and i cant take it anymore!!! My surgery date is now April 4, only 42 days away!! Im not sure what to expect though.. Ive been reserching tummy tucks for 2 years now but the close the day gets the more and more i feel like i am never going to be prepared for whats going to happen!!

5 weeks pre-op and I'm already scrambling to get...

5 weeks pre-op and I'm already scrambling to get everything i need. Trying my hardest it to stress out already.
On the other hand I'm super excited still. After my third child I had an umbilical hernia. It's freakin huge!! I had it repaired and got a tubal ligation but it came back almost immediately. I'm looking forward to my tummy tuck and muscle repair. I'm also getting a breast aug, which is equally exciting. I can't wrap my head around the fact that I will go into surgery will a horrible hernia, big belly , and small boobs and come out with a flat stomach, no hernia, and big boobs! The mental aspect of all of it is already taking a toll on me. I'm so glad I have a great support system of close friends and family. I'm going to have the hardest time not being able to play with my kids for a few days. Hubby has already decided I'm confined to my room for a week except to get up and walk around every once in a while.
I had sinus surgery a few months ago and after waking up from anesthesia I was a mess. Crying , shaking, and in pain.... I'm sooo worried that it will be the same way this time. I'm trying to be a big girl and not worry but it's killing me already.

My surgery date was rescheduled. Bumped back...

My surgery date was rescheduled. Bumped back another 2 weeks :( I went from 35 days to 49. Completely bummed out today.

So im down to 44 days.. Seems like forever away...

So im down to 44 days.. Seems like forever away still!
I think i have decided that i want to go with full D's, but im not certain on whether i want silicone or saline...Still have a lot of research to do. I go back to the PS on March 18 (14 days) so im sure i will know then if not before. Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update.. See you all next week!

So i have 5 weeks and a couple of days until my...

So i have 5 weeks and a couple of days until my surgery. For some reason i have been even more unhappy with the way i look the past couple of days. A lot of the reviews on here are women who barley have a belly and here i am with this horrible gut. Im not in shape but im also not a large person. My stomach has always been my only issue but i cant seem to shake this horrible depression. I dont want to be a size zero but i do want to be comfortable with myself again. Before children i was 110lbs soaking wet... here i am 9 years, 3 kids, and an extra 55lbs later. UGH... Sorry for the rant but i had to get that off of my chest.

Hope you all have a great night :)

finally dId it!

Today was the day guys! Check in at the hospital was 6am and I was in surgery around 745ish. It took 2 hours and rhen another 2 in recovery. I had amazing nurses that whoke time and I'm very thankful for them! My husband has also been an amazing man today (above and beyond the norm).

I'm nit feeling too horrible right now (thaNk you tylenol with codiene and valium). Standing up to get out of bed is pretty rough and walking hurts pretty bad too. As long as I am sitting down in bed I feel fine.

I do think my drain is leaking and I'm not sure what to do about it. I guess ill wait and call tomorrow and see what they say.

I can't seem to stay awake for more than 30minutes at a time. Going to the bathroom takes a good 45 minutes to accomplish andcompletely wears me out :(.

I can't wait until I can shower saturday and see what it looks like!!!!!


So ny husband just told me that when he talked to the doctor after my surgery yesterday she told him some pretty gross news. Apparently my hernia was so bad and my muscles were so seperated that thedw was fat growing between and under my muscles. I wouldve had to have emergency surgery within the next year because I wouldve been In extreme pain!!!

post op day 2

starting to look up!

Today is post op day 3 and even thouvh its only 7am I am feeling great!! Last night I actually slept for 5 hours straight which is a big deal considerig I've only been sleeping an hour st a time. I finally get to shower today and mannnnn am I nervous! Also this morning i went to the restroom without crying and it only took 25 min to get there and back instead of our usual 45!! I will post pictures in a bit when I finallym get to see my new tummy annd belly button!!

super happy

first shower!

yesterday marked 48 hours after my surgery which meant I could take a shower. I was extemely nervous after hearing the horror stories! It was the most amazing feeling in the world!!! The drains were a pain like everyone says but I used a tension band or at least I think that's what its called. I cut it in half put it around my neck and tied the ends behind my back. It almost looked like a gun holster.. and atratched the bulbs to it. I have a seat in my shower which was a life saver and I made my hubby join me lol. We have a detachable shower head so I didnt have to do anything at all! Being clean had never felt so good before in my life!!

This recovery would not be.possible at all for me without my amazing support system. I've had my ups and downs and even had my day where I couldn't fuvure out why I even decided to do this, which is the worst because crying is hell!!!

1 down 1 to go

Got rid of my first drain today which is super exciting. The damn thing was starting to hurt from getting caught on everything! I'm super pumped!!!

1 week post op

The past few days have been veey emotional for some reason. If I'm not asleep then I'm crying about something. I still am not standing up straight and I have to say the lower back is worse than anything from the actual surgery! I can do almost everything by myself now but damn I get tired quick lol

8 days po :)

Swell hell..... man I underestimated this! I went with the fam to get lunch today, which was my first rime out othother than the doc appt, and man did I regret it. I was so swollen my drain was digging into my side. Horrible is an understatement!
I've been doing really well. I find myself needing a mid day nap still and I'm very sore when I wake up in the mornings. Showers are still no fun because I'm slouched but not the worst thing ever.

My tape on my incision is starting to peel off. Not sure is everyone has the same tape but the ps said to leave it alone until it falls off. I'm so excited to see my actual incision.

I've been getting a weird sensation in my sromach lately. Pretty sure its just my muscles and nerves repairing but its weird. Lol

All in all this has been a great experience for me. I can take the bad for the good :)

8 days po


all the little things :)

Today is po day 10. I am so happy that I just took a shower and stood up about 80% of the time!! Yay. Before now I've been sitting on a bench in my shower and the hubby has been bathing me. My back still kills but I'm closer and closer to standing up straight. Hope everyone else is doing well!!

drain and tape free!!

Got my second drain out today.. actually my 4 year old daughter was allowed to pull it out. Pretty nasty if you ask me. Also got my tape off and I'm pretty grossed out!! My belly button is disgusting! My old belly button was unsalvagable so my new one is a mess!!! I'm thoroughly grossed out today!

day 15

I feel like a completely different person now! I'm sleeping on my side, driving, standing straight! I really want to soak in the tub though... oh so badly! My ankles and feet swell horribly and my bavk still hurts daily. It is getting better daily :)

19 days po

getting better every day :)

20 days po today and I'm feeling normal again!! I've been released for light physical activity so watch out treadmill here I come!!

I was looking back on my past 4 weeks and it amazes me at the progress I've made. I couldnt get out of bed alone or go to the bathroom alone 20 days ago and now I'm taking my dog for walks nightly, grocery shopping, and my sex life is somewhat normal again!

Good luck to you all :)

19 days

5 weeks :)

I was 5 weeks post op yesterday and I feel amazing!!! I have started going to the gym and I'm loving every bit of it. Time to get the body I want :)

5 1/2 weeks

lighten up already!

Im officially 3 months post op and couldn't feel better. I just wish my damn scar would lighten up some :/

3 months

The horrible tan line doesnt help either. Im scared to leave it uncovered in the tanning bed.

4 months post op

Finally a little over 4 months post op and I feel great. Started doing AdvoCares 24 day challenge, which is amazing, and I havent felt this good in a while! Still have about 20lbs to lose but im working on it :)
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