Would Fat Burning Topicals Help/hinder Results?

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I'm doing fine after my first series of...

I'm doing fine after my first series of lipodissolve shots (it's been 3 weeks. No more swelling/brusing/pain). Here's the question/situation: I've been using MiracleBurn fat cream on the area. The CS people at miracleburn said to consult my doc before using their product. But, I used it anyway. So far, no harm no foul. What does everyone else think about (hopefully) 'assisting' the lipodissolve with topicals? I also have some cellulite cream ordered that I plan on slathering all over that area. Supposedly, the products mentioned are all natural, so no weird chemicals will mix in with the lipodissolve stuff. So, I guess the question is: "fat burning"/"cellulite improving" topicals, use or not use on areas treated with lipodissolve? Danke, Jos
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