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I have tried some conventional retainers, but...

I have tried some conventional retainers, but could never keep them in. I would wear them to bed, wake up in the middle of the night, and take them out because they hurt. I think Invisalign uses just the right amount of pressure. Enough so that I know they are working, without the all the pain!

I am way too vain to wear conventional braces. I'm a real estate agent, and couldn't see my metal mouth all over my signs and business cards.

A good friend of mine is a dentist, and I talked him into going to the training for Invisalign. As soon as he came back, he said "I know this is going to be perfect for you!"

I liked my smile already, but had some crowding of my bottom teeth. Also, I have several family members that had good teeth, but started spacing out in their 20's (around my age), so I wanted to prevent that.

After my Invisalign trays came back, I was excited to see that I would only be doing them 26 weeks! (13 trays @ 2 weeks each!).

I am on tray number 7 right now, and can already see a HUGE difference. I didn't think I'd be able to see it this fast, but I saw some major movement in the first 3-4 weeks!

1. Not much more $$$$ than regualar braces.
2. You can still eat the same food, and take them out when you need to.
3. People can't tell they're in. I get more compliments on my smile when I have them in! (They make your teeth look shiny).
4. You still get to brush and floss!
5. Add whitening gel and they double as custom whitening trays!

1. I wouldn't suggest them for a teenager (unless they are proven to be very responsible). I have came close to leaving mine at resturants or accidentially throwing them away! :)
2. They take a few extra minutes in the morning to clean. I brush my teeth, but brush them seperately.
3. Only being able to drink water with them in (I have to admit, I would sneak a diet soda now and then).

*It also cut down on my snacking during the day! That could be looked at as a positive or negative I guess :)

I've included a picture of me today with my invisalign in! You can't even tell!


Updated September 20, 2009

I wanted braces, but not in high school. I felt like it was too late when I entered my 20s. I'm a Real Estate agent, so appearance is pretty important to me. My friend is a dentist and I talked him into going to the Invisalign training, so he could work on me. I was nervous to be his first case, but it was better than I imagined! My top teeth were relatively straight before I started, but my bottom teeth had major crowding issues. I thought that it would take 18-24 months. I got my trays, and there were only 13 top + bottom trays (6 months!).

I could start telling the change within the first few weeks. I had tried retainers before, but they were always awkward and would hurt. My invisalign trays were completely comfortable. I could feel just a little pressure, just enough to know that they were working. When I had them in, people would compliment me on my teeth! They were easy to take in and out when eating or drinking. They made my teeth look whiter somehow as well? My dentist took before and after pictures, and they are like DAY and NIGHT! I'm so happy with the experience, and would highly suggest that anyone who wants braces definitely look into Ivisalign as an option. I don't think it's for extremely severe cases, but if you have crowding issues, I think it was meant for you.

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