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First of all, please excuse my english...

First of all, please excuse my english.

I'm a 27 year old girl that has lived in the desert all her life, (in Mexicali Mexico, in a 130 degrees heat in summer) so I'm used to be in the sun all the time, and I was never concerned about it.. just until 2 years ago I notice sun spots on my skin and my acne scars that have been looking uglier.. so I decided to do research for treatments in my hometown.. but since I didn't trust any of the dermatologist in mexico, I decided to search something in Arizona (where my fiance currently works) And I found out about the active fx.. so I went to see the doctor and he told me that with my scars and sun spots I will be better with the Total FX (active fx + deep fx) and I said okay lets do it...

*Day of the procedure: I wasn't nervous at all, I was really excited to get rid of my scars and sun spots.. so I got to the office, the nurse took pictures of my face, gave me some pills and put me to bed with a comfy pillow and blanket so she could put the numbing cream on me, also put the pulse thingy to check how I was doing... I was really relax for the hour that the cream was on.. then she cleaned my face and took me to the other room, I was still very relaxed and joyful.

Then in the other room they put me in the chair and cover me again with the blanket, then the nightmare started........... first the doctor injected me a numbing medicine in my eyebrows and 4 inside my mouth, really painful!!! I got some tears jejej and I said.. well that was the worst part... but noooooooo I was wrong! after that they put me the goggles and told me that they were going to start..oh God the pain! he tried to do it as fast as he can, because in some areas it was really really really painful (and he had to do that twice!! active fx + deep fx) i was all tearful and gasping all the time, I just wanted him to stop.. (I haven't had kids so I don't know that pain.. but this was the worst pain I have ever had) and also the smell!! like burning skin.. it was horrible, after all this ended.. I started to feel the BURN! gosh horrible, they put cold wash cloths in my face every 5 minutes, and I was still holding the cold air tube to my face (that they gave me to point every where I felt burn during the procedure). after i don't now how much time (since I was sleepy and almost day dreaming because of the drugs, I couldn't track the time) well after that I started to feel much better, the burning sensations was gone.. so the nurse put me the hydra balm, and I was free to go home, my fiance took me back to the house and I sleep all that day.. so I don't remember much of it.. just that my face looked UGLY and SWALLOW (i will put the ugly pictures later)

*January 23/'09 Day 1 (after the procedure): I woke up at 7am, Is uncomfortable to sleep with my face like this it feels HUGE! and at time very itchy.. thank God of my fiance, he stayed working at home to take care of me. I just feel very uncomfortable, no pain at all, just a mild headache and sometimes a pulsing sensation in the face.. I was able to gently wash my face with cold water (I wanted so bad to scrub it with a cloth but I know I can't) then I but more hydra balm (with out it you feel your skin like is it going to crack).. overall I do look some improvement in some spots but is still too soon to say how much.

*Jnuary 24/'09 Day 2: I woke up early again........ I hate my face, it's itchy, ugly and really swallow! I want to that a shower so bad!! but my fiance says I'd better wait until the doctor says I'm able... I washed my face again but it feels so oily (the hydrabalm) that it's annoying... I feel really ugly :( I'm all red.. and in the spot where I had the sun spot now it's all dark brown which means this worked! because it will peel away.. I can't say nothing about my scars because I'm too swallow to tell. Again.. since I'm scared of cooking (heat..oil..) my fiance is taking care of me and buying food for both of us... but i must say that I'm getting tired of outside food. But I feel pamper!

****I will be updating this every day until I completely heal.

*January 25/'09 Day 3: Again... I woke up...

*January 25/'09 Day 3: Again... I woke up early because I'm unable to sleep.. my face is itching and it's really annoying! I want to take a shower so bad... but the good thing is that I'm starting to see some peeling in the upper lip area!  the itching i getting worse every day and the oily feeling in my face too, also I'm really RED. Tomorrow I will take a cold shower and see if I can star to peel more. I have my appointment with the DR. this tuesday I hope he tells me that everything is going fine.

*January 26/'09 Day 4: I sleept...

*January 26/'09 Day 4: I sleept "better" this night and I'm starting to peel more! yay~ but the peeled areas are REALLY red.. I wonder if that is normal.. uhm, I hope it is... The worst part now is the itching is really annoying. Lets see what the doctor says tomorrow.

***** NOTE: When I say that it was the worst pain...

***** NOTE: When I say that it was the worst pain EVER! is because since I have VERY sensitive skin.. and my body is not really good with pain, I guess it was different with me, because now that I have read several reviews about the procedure, I see that other people didn't had the pain during the procedure as I did.. damn my pain endurance******

* January 28/'09 Day 6: Gosh! my face looks...

* January 28/'09 Day 6: Gosh! my face looks great, I'm still red and a tiny bit puffy but is amazing the change, I can't see the scars nor the sun spots.. my face still feels grummy but that because of the restoration cream and the peeling that is still there.. I'm amazed! Also, I had my appointment with the dr. yesterday and he was amazed on how I looked, so everthing is going great, now I'm starting to use sunscreen to go outside and a little makeup in my eyes, I will use foundation starting tomorrow.

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He was very nice and supportive while in the procedure.

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