Worst filler experience I've ever had in my entire life

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Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

First of all, let me start off by saying that I'm a med spa junkie and I've tried all kinds of fillers in the past from Juvederm to Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, Bellafil, Voluma, etc. And I've been to dozen of med spas all over the US. I was in Boca Raton and wanted to get a touch up on my non-surgical nose job and lips. I've had it done in the past and I loved the result. I decided to go with Dr. Man since he's close by, has good reviews online and his office is currently offering 20% off fillers. I swear to God I've never felt disappointed leaving a med spa before but this was the first time I was like WTF, I literally regretted coming to this place. You're supposed to feel more refreshed and beautiful after getting some fillers done right? Or at least feel like that the doctor or nurse injector fixed the problem which in this case was my nose. But l literally saw no improvement at all. And on top of that he was very aggressive during the injection, I've never had anyone that aggressive when injecting fillers before. He literally did both my nose and lips in like 10 mins like I'm not even kidding. I mean that's just not right. This is not Fast and Furious movie, I don't care how many patients he has that day but you don't sculpt the nose and lips in less than 10 mins period. A caring doctor who wanna make sure he's going in the right direction will tell the patient to take a look in the mirror during the injection, and show her the changes that has been made so far. And trust me when I tell you, I always see changes that had been made during the injection from my past fillet experience but with Dr. Man, I could barely see anything. My guts tell me that he didn't even really use the the full 2 syringe of Restylane on me although he said he did. The only thing I saw after he done with the injection was my lips swollen and uneven. The whole point of getting your lips done is to make sure that they're even and look plump, lips line more defined afterwards. I already have beautiful full lips so I don't go for the fake duck lips but he pretty much gave me a duck lips, but an uneven one. I know when the swelling goes down, I'm still not gonna be happy with just because he was half ass at doing his job. His job was to fix the asymmetry of my lips and fill in my lips line because I want to improve the contour of my lips. But how could he possibly use the whole syringe yet one of the lip line of my upper lip looked like he didn't fill at all because we took some pics afterward. He also left a dent in one of the corners of my lips. I was like are you kidding me? I do not appreciate this kind of mistake from a doctor ok. He was kinda trying to deny he left that dent on my lips and that I already have it before injection. And he also said if I need to fill that dent I need to get another filler. I was like "Why do I need to get another filler when you were the one who left that dent during injection. You had a job to do and you had a full syringe of filler to make my lips look beautiful, and even. If you did your freaking job right, I should be praising you afterwards not complaining". I'm a very busy person and so I don't have time to write review. But this is the first time ever I was so pissed to the point that I feel like I need to go on Realself to write a review right away and tell everyone about my experience at this clinic. He talk and writes a lot of stuffs down when we were discussing about what I'm looking to get done. He also record which I've never seen such things in any other med spa in other states. I don't know if it's a Boca thing or his thing or he has had lawsuit against him from his patients in the past or something. I really could care less at this point cause I'm not gonna see him again. The only thing I liked about Dr. Man clinic was one of the nurses and her name is Eliza. She was sweet and friendly but that's about it.

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