33 Year Old Mother of Two Tummy Tuck with Liposuction Dr Adam Kalencinski

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I train alot good muscle but I just don't like my...

I train alot good muscle but I just don't like my tummy bulge basically I just want my skin firm and liposuction to my flanks . I choose dr Adam kelenski from euro surgery in worclaw Poland so far I just checked in royal apartment studio which is so beautiful. Went out for quick lunch as my procedure is tomorrow and am seeing Adam tomorrow. Was worried but after seeing 4 pickups from the UK I felt that he is quiet popular in the UK.just crossing my fingers and let's pray and hope tomorrow goes well. Here are a few if my pictures before and if he does good work am coming for some breast implants.T he apartments are clean and beautiful can sleep.max 6 paying 35 pounds a night and I got my friend and little one here.just nervous

Dr Adam kalencinski day pre op

Am in the clinic so nervous but calm alot of British person here some getting a change. A shared room with a tummy tuck patient she has assured me all will be ok. I feel like throwing up my stomach is turning. Heart beating fast. There 3surgeons they even have a physiologist that every patient must see before surgery . I have paid and changed so far all is well.The staff is brilliant and now I wait going in an hour. PS I think it's positive to see alot of patients here some smiling with their results .I hope I smile too even when in pain
Here is a pic of me changed

Surgery done

After 2 and half hours Adam and his team were done ohh boy whoever said we shouldn't cough was right but it's hard not to after having the pipes in your throat
Adam has put only one drain for me am.on morphin as the pain is a little tough to bear. Worst is the sitting and lying feels like my stomach or intestine want to pop out
The nurses are so kind she just changed me and am.sleeping over tonight at the clinic
I will upload picture soon. PS the said tomorrow I be in.more pain than today

Day 1,2,3

Ok today us when u can actually write after 48 hours of hell . Ooh yeah yesterdayi literally was crying to myself
And I am also having my periods . My drains well should I say am.lucky first day and second my drains were half way and quarter way . Today barely anything and am not swollen in the private part phew and I feel discomfort in the drain part. The doctor put only one drain for me . The saying is true the bigger and more fat one has the longer the pain,the drainage and healing. I can't barely stand straight I don't want to tense myself. My belly button is sensitive to the touch my side are ok ,my back pain is gone hope it doesn't come back. My main problem now is the waking up and lying down time is moving slowly and the gas ohh my and remember 2 days prior to my surgery I was on soups and vegetables even blending the chicken and meat for easy digestion. As a nutritionist I also knew what I need for the first three days as I don't want to go to the toilet and avoiding to be bloated. This helped no salt in my soups, went for chicken soup ,vegetable broccoli soup all blended and warmed. Went for ananas ,kale ,kiwi the c smoothie, tomato smoothie antiinflammatories and carrot smoothies and yes they help with healing ,bloating and gives your body the nutrients you need
Had two smoothies daily a soup and water. The gas is caused I think by the surgery am.passing it out but no toilet feeling. I also do watermelon and fruits as my snacks blue berries,bear berrieds,raspberries,grapes and teas
Lots of lemon mint tea

Picture will be uploaded on Monday right now I just want to rest more
If you having this surgery honestly don't be a super woman otherwise your results won't be as expected and try get atleast 12 days off work
I have a month and I intend to use this month to just heal and not stress.

5 Days post

My drains Åre out and am abit sour . The doctor did a mavelous job on Me cant complain my only problem is back oain because of sleeping position and the liposuction areas which are a bit sour am still not walking upright but almost . And small steps does not rush. Everyday I go to clinic the change and clean me get a shot and today was the last one to avoid blood clot. Tomorrow day 6 am going to get the coset and since some.of stitches have dissolved the doctor will remove the few left to avoid irritation
Am abit swollen but not worse
All in all I can say doctor Adam Kalencinski is a guru no wonder his clinic is always full and one has to book 2or 3 Months in advance. I will publish his clinic in the newspaper to encourage the scandinavia people to try other places for their surgery
I saw 2 women cry with tears of joy after their noses were revealed then I knew I be a very happy person and I am. Here is my picture

3rd week

Sensational burning feeling that irritated me still swollen almost walking straight . Tension is still tight sometime tires scabs Are off . Have one place that irritates me that a sature is causing irritation in this one place which has also make My pubic swell. Well i give it time seeing My doctor on friday so får the helsing is going on well
Dr. Adam Kalecinski

This is a doctor I can recommend as he has alot of British patient Igor referred by a friend overall this man is good . Very patient and the best is they make sure you get shots of avoiding blood clots daily and change and clean you from day one to 5. The nurses were so kind clinic so good But you must book in advance and I insisted on only doctor kalencinski because so far he done good in both African American skin and white skin..prices are good his clinic is noa clinic worclaw I hope I have helped someone who is in need. But remeber you must prepare yourself mentally for this the clinic also have its physiologist whom every patient must see.

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