24 Year Old Male — Consultation Booked - Worcester, MA

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I'm shy to post my pictures on RealSelf because...

I'm shy to post my pictures on RealSelf because I've always hated the way people look at my features, in particular, my nose. Yet at the same time I've been lurking in the rhinoplasty community for well over four years so it's about time I did something. I have booked a consultation with a surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty on the 7th of March.

The paperwork will be mailed to my address soon and then stuff pretty much gets real. I'm only anxious to find out on the day of the consultation if the result I desire is attainable. I want to change my taller, wider, slightly crooked to something that balances out with my features even better—overall smaller and soothing. I don't want a 'masculine' or 'feminine' nose, just something that works. I had once booked a consultation with another surgeon who was also board certified, but I simply wanted someone whose expertise centered around noses. Depending on how things unfold I may give them another shot.

Overall I'm quite excited and anxious for the change! It's something I've wanted for a while. Hopefully I can make some friends through this life changing process! :)

Consultation soon!

Definitely heeding to the word of the comments and inbox messages I have received and I will be writing down all of my questions and concerns to share during the consultation.

I'm a little freaked out since I feel my nose is much different compared to everyone elses' but I'm sure everyone feels that way. I still need to finish that paper work! I'm glad they mailed it to me.

I know this is what I want, not what I need. It would just be nice to feel different and happier.
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