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For years I had nicknamed my left nostril 'the...

For years I had nicknamed my left nostril 'the flapper' because upon breathing it would close. I felt I was ready to have this looked at and corrected especially since my breathing -- at night and during exercise have been becoming more difficult. I am a full time dental hygiene student in between semesters so this was the only time I could have this surgery performed. I did not want to wait until I graduated so I can find a job right away!

Day 4?

I think it's day four. I've pretty much lost track of time and what day it is. I'm hungry, but I can barely touch my lips together so eating is just so not desirable. I'm stir crazy. I tried to go to my neighbors house for a bit with my daughter, just to get out of my house but I ended up getting very dizzy and had nausea. So back home I went and a Percocet I took. From the neck down, I want to go outside, walk around, garden, cook or something, but my nose is giving me a giant FU.

There is not much good news, or happy updates,other than that my nose stopped leaking a couple days ago, but there is just a dull achy annoyance, not even real pain...well maybe a little. Wednesday I go in for the "big reveal" I can't wait, but the thought of having anyone touch my nose scares me!

12 days post op..

Welp. The cast is off. And I am so unbelievably numb still. I had the cast taken off last Wednesday and she removed the stitches and I nearly fainted and had to make her stop for a bit she then put tape on my nose for a couple days. I am wondering if I should still be wearing tape??? I am not sure if I am feeling pain or numbness. My tip feels so swollen and the bridge still is irritated. I am really hoping this subsides within the next week because I start my senior year of college and my daughter is starting kindergarten. Needless to say, all hell will break loose next Tuesday. Anyone with tips 2 weeks post op.. Please share! ????????????

3 weeks post op

Numb. Still. Luckily I don't have much pain in the bridge of my nose, and my main concern with having this procedure was if I could wear my loupes for school....and I can! Even with the light! I am so happy about that, it sure makes school a bit easier!

However, I still have a slight discomfort, mainly in the tip area and quite a bit of swelling. I was hoping that my nostrils would be similar in size and they are so opposite. Also I am concerned about the scar....it still looks red...how should the scar look by now?? And also the tip is quite bulbous...I knew this procedure was more septoplasty than rhinoplasty but I am not sure of my results yet...ho hum.

Nearly 2 years post op

I haven't updated since I think 3 weeks post op! Well it will be 2 years in August and I like my nose but I am having an issue with one side. Pre-op I had my left nostril close in me when I would breathe, luckily it's not doing that any more, however, sometimes I feel like I am having a hard time getting air so I have to pull on the side of my nose and the. It kind of pops, or cracks open more. It's a bit odd and can be painful when I'm trying to open my airway. I called my doctors office a few months ago and they said my surgeon doesn't work there anymore so I saw another ENT at the same office and she said to use a steroid but I dont believe they ever sent the prescription in. Also she said that she didn't see anything internally.

I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion? Would love a suggestion! I don't know where my surgeon went, and also I'd need a new referral from my primary care to a new place! Here is an updated picture!

Thanks for reading!

Here we go again!

Finally had a second opinion. My left nostril is collapsing even more, my bridge is sensitive to touch, and the whole nose is STILL numb--2.5 years later. I guess it's here to stay.

The new doctor seems really good and the hospital is down the street so I don't have to go back into the city (and it's at a HOSPITAL-not a creepy surgical center) he agreed that while the surgeon did straighten my septum, the grafting she used to open my "flapper" was probably not placed correctly which is why it is failing. He also noted that she did shave off the top of my boat bone but didn't shape the sides which is why I have been noticing more of a plateau shape at the bridge. He said that he will fix that - and finally make my nostrils symmetrical- I was always unhappy about my nostrils, but my prior surgeon was very forward in saying she is making my nose more functional rather than cosmetically pleasing.

I am hoping to hear from the nurse soon to schedule this sooner than later as I am having a lot of pain where she placed the graft as well as sinus pain! Ugh I almost wish I never touched my nose to begin with ????

I did it again, and now I'm 4 days post-op

Hello? Is this thing on? Does anyone read this anyway?! I like having this because it's like a journal of my progress and I like being able to have the pictures invade I need to refer back to them-- anyway that's not neither here nor there.

I just had my revision surgery on Friday March 31. So I'm about 4 days post op. I feel much better than I did at the first surgery. He didn't have to necessarily fix my septum so maybe that's why I'm not in as much pain. I was so incredibly happy with my doctor's bedside manner and professionalism. I hope that is shows on my face too. Cast comes off Friday.

This surgery consisted of removing the graft that had failed, and replacing it with cartilage from my ear! I kind of felt like the receiving end of a Mike Tyson bite! He also told on some fascia from the same area and applied it to the bridge to make a cushion of some sort so keep the bridge stable. He also said he worked on the symmetry of the nostrils because that was another issue. I can already see a difference and I'm happy with that! He shaved down the sides of the bridge to round out the bridge so it's not so flat on top.

So what hurts? Nothing really HURTS. Just more of an uncomfortable feeling where he replaced the graft, and of course the stitches I can feel them tugging. A slight headache but otherwise I feel ok. Yesterday was the worst as far as swelling and bruising, but things seem to be subsiding. I am also not as numb as I was the first go-around. I felt so much more comfortable with this surgeon and I can't wait until Friday to get this cast off!!

Cast off!

Finally had my cast removed yesterday! The cast came off painlessly and easily. I was really nervous for the stitches to come out because last time they came out I almost passed out on the floor! I was waiting for it to hurt and really it didn't- until he took the stitches out of my ear. Of all areas to be painful, my ear and location of the temporal fascia extraction is the worst.

I tried not to look at my nose because I was so nervous, but OMG I LOVE IT! He narrowed the 'plateau' on the bridge and my nostrils are much more symmetrical. Not perfect, but better than It has been, and probably the best it can be. I can't wait for the swelling to go down as the tip is still very swollen. But I am overall so very pleased!
Dr. Yushan Lisa Wilson

The doctor was very nice and through, she saw me before the procedure and went over everything, they informed me the surgery would be about 3 hours, however it went to 3 hours and 50 minutes! I just hope that she is a perfectionist and when this cast comes off my nose will be straight and functional

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