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I am 46, married with 2 kids ( ages 14 & 10 )....

I am 46, married with 2 kids ( ages 14 & 10 ). I am 5'10" and a size 12. The first Dr. I saw wanted to do 700cc mainly because of my height and the width of my breast...I guess I have a wide boob...Who knew? I was an A cup in high school and finally inched up to a C after some weight gain and 2 pregnancies. Now they're not horrible, just droopy. I started out wanting "fullness" and as the process went on I decided I really want to go for it! I want to go from sad C to DD. I decided on 500cc saline because I read one cup size equals 250cc, so 500cc should get me to DD. OF course I'm dwelling on cc's and have gone back and forth. 700 cc now seems insane but then again I am 5'10" . I just don't want the implant to get lost...any thoughts?
One question...Dr. said she was going to overfill implant to 550-575cc. Does that mean that after all is said and done that I am actually getting 575cc? Even though I asked for 500cc's?

One day post-op! I made it! Definitly sore, but...

one day post-op! I made it! Definitly sore, but manageable. I'm lucky enough to have my husband here today.I'm afraid to look at the I'll wait. Maybe tomorrow. Doctor called at 8:00 last night which I thought was a nice touch. She said she was really happy with the outcome and positioning of the implant. So glad it's over! Just need to rest. Totally drugged out now and staring at the t.v. My husband will take the kids to the mall and the house will quiet down. By the way, no one knows I did this. Just husband! Even my sister who is way liberal didn't think it was necessary when I brought it up 6 months ago, so I'll hide it for now. Just not sure how Thanksgiving will go?? Talk about "coming out party"
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