26yo, 4kids, 32AA, 5'2, 110lbs, 350/375cc - Worcester, MA

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So im 14 days out from my surgery... sooo...

so im 14 days out from my surgery... sooo scared/nervous/excited/happy/anxious... ive been religiously following the other women on this site.. tmw is my pre op!!! i have had 4 beautiful children which i breastfed 2 of them they have officially deflated.. and its caused a huge impact on my self esteem.. after speaking with my PS we decided that over the muscle, sillicone 350cc or 375cc will be my best bet for large natural looking breasts...i will post throughout everything...

Wish Boooooobs


I had my pre op yesterday.. im sooo excited but also nervous... my breasts are tubular??? and they are going over the muscle because of this... im wondering if anyone has had it done over the muscle w MemoryGel and did they come out looking natural??.. I was prescribed Oxycodone which im unfamiliar with so i have to try it out?? not a fan of pills at all... ugh... idk...

ever so patiently waiting...

also decision is 375cc MemoryGel Round Moderate Plus Profile..

Rice Sizers

8 more dayssssss

day of surgery..

surgery went super smooth... yay was in n out so fast! now home... napped n relaxed.. :)

Day 2 Feeling good

Day 2 post op... feeling great.... dont even need my pain meds... a lil tender but i have a high pain tolerance.. :) cant wait to heal already lol


1 week post op

Im loving my new assets.. even though they are sore like all the time, ive been able to pick up my baby (3mths old) and play w my kids (2,4 & 8) and do all normal activities... which is great! I do however have bruised ribs :( which is irritating but normal...

3 weeks post op..

Love them although they are tender still... and sometimes when i bend over i can feel them move.. its weird.. got sized i feel the 32DD is kinda tight so i think im more 34DD... but yay big booooobies...

My skin burns a lil but on my breasts maybe because its still trying to figure things out?? HA IDK.. i dont like how veiny they look but i have thin skin so i guess it is what it is.... my husband is happy though lol loves me regardless ??? will post before and after pics later .. :)

Almost 2 Months post op

I feel like my breasts are too small :( i have some serious boob greed they really arent that big... and it makes me sad... but another issue im having is my left breast is much firmer than my right.. beginning of capsule contracture??? I hope not! My PS has put me on singulair once a day for the next 3mths.. hope it softens and drops like the other boob...
I just want bigger, softer breasts!! Is that so hard to ask???

4 months post op and I'm so sad

So I have a bad capsular contracture on my left breast and my right is starting to get firmer as well :( so I have to have both replaced and I hate that sooo much
Worcester Plastic Surgeon

so far she seems amazing.. ive only met her once.. tmw will be twice and she been very understanding to my needs and wants.. will update further when things happen :)

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