33 Year Old Mom of 3, Mommy Makeover (Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck with Muscle and Hernia Repair)...1yr later - Worcester, MA

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Day 1 - Arrived at the hospital at 8:45am and was...

Day 1 - Arrived at the hospital at 8:45am and was taken right into my room. Changed and got an IV. Signed some paperwork and waited for the doctor. Dr. Ekstrom came in soon after and made marks on my skin as to where the cuts would be made. Then I was wheeled into the OR. All of the staff was so nice and I was out of it before I knew it. I woke up in recovery about 1hr after the surgery ended. Surgery was 4hrs long 10:15am-2:15pm. I was in and out of it for another 45 minutes and then they wheeled me back to my room to see my husband. I was able to see pictures of my new body then as pictures were taken in the OR for me. I hate waiting for things and knowing I would be bandaged up and not be able to see anything so I asked for pictures before they wrapped me up. At this point another hour went by and I was getting really nauseas. The nurse gave me another shot for nausea which was on top of the patch I was wearing and the nausea meds I was already given in the OR. I had a rough time getting to the wheel chair with this nausea. The anesthesiologist came in and said that I was given all I could be given for nausea meds and if I didn't feel better by 6pm, I would be transported to the hospital as they were closing for the day at the surgical center. Needless to say I pulled it together while they wheeled me outside and as soon as I had the wind blowing on my face I was much better! I arrived home at 6:30pm, climbed the stairs (hell) and got into my recliner which has been a god send. I had a catheter so I didn't have to get up and go to the bathroom the first night. I slept well and didn't remember visitors, meds worked wonders.

Day 2 - I woke up Tuesday and was sore but tolerable...3 out of 10. The nurse visited at 8am to change bandages and take the catheter out. This now meant I had to get up to pee and start moving around. I have my grandmother's walker to help me around the house, instead of holding on to someone which is awkward. I got to see my incisions which I couldn't be happier with. It seems like the scar will be low enough for me to wear a high brief bottom to a bikini. My boobs are perfect...love them, swollen but I think I decided on the perfect size for me. 375cc Silicone High Profile implant. I was "barely an A" prior to surgery with saggy nipples. Now I can fill out my shirts and look like a woman. I got up a few times throughout the day but slept a lot after each med dose which is every 4 hours.

Day 3 - I slept well and got up with more ease today. Able to sit back down unassisted at this point, give all the credit to my strong leg muscles from working out for 18 months prior to this surgery. My friend came over and gave me a pedicure and washed my hair in the sink, I felt great! I can't shower until Day 5 so every little bit helps when it comes to sponge baths. My under garment is from just under my boobs down to my knees with a crotch opening for me to go pee without having to take it off. The opening is pretty large so when I am able to have a bowel movement I am pretty sure I will not have to take it off then either. I haven't gone to the bathroom yet but have been taking stool softeners and Milk of Magnesia (MOM) a few times a day. Today I also started having weird sensations in my right thigh. Not cramps, not asleep pain, kind of like a numbness ache. I have been doing my exercises and walking a lot more today so I am not sure what is wrong. My husband is massaging it for me so that helps. Other than that the TT doesn't hurt unless I cough...holy hell that kills FYI! I have one drain as they said I was too small for two. I am 5'9" and 136lbs. My husband changed my dressing around my belly button and drain site but otherwise every other gauze pad was clean.

Day 4 - Today is my son's birthday so we gave him is gift this morning and got to spend a little time with all three kiddos before school. All three boys have been such a big help, getting me water, my walker, wash clothes, food, blankets, pillows...whatever I need someone is on the mission. Letting them help is helping them get through this time too. They are so good about not coming near me or climbing into the recliner with me even though they really want to. They are 6, 3, and 19 months. My husband has his hands full but he is doing an amazing job taking care of me and the boys!

Post Op appointment 4/19

Today I had my first post op appointment with my PS. She checked all of my incisions and changed my dressings. My drain was still producing too much fluid for the it to be removed but I am ok with that considering it isn't causing me too much pain. It is just an irritation at this point if the gauze isn't completely underneath it. I got to shower which felt amazing and put on a new garment. The new garment is really tight but it feels good at the same time, feel very supported. It should stretch out over the next day. I started taking my Vicodin again with every other dose as my breasts were bothering me. I have one area at the center of my belly that seems to be pulling a bit but I think it is just the numbness wearing off. I am loving the look of everything. I will update pictures soon when my kids are not around.

New pictures

Tomorrow is my 10 day post op...will update after my appointment

Drain removed! Day 10

Today I had my second post op appt and got my drain removed as well as my belly button stitches. Feel so much better after that damn drain was out. Luckily my belly is still numb and I didn't feel her pull it out seeing I was told that the tube in side me was more than a foot long! I just have to watch my "hip action" (bending, stairs) over the next few days so that fluid doesn't build up in my abdomen and have to be drained...via needle! I am so happy with my results so far. She took off the tape today and my scar is a simple line, no rippling of skin and I am so happy. My boobs are so pretty but still can't feel them. My nipples have been getting zaps of pain here and there but I think that is just nerves regaining feeling. I have some bruising at my incision sites on my breasts but that should fade soon. I am worried about a bulge I have under my right boob at my rib cage. It is swelling that is sore and causing pain to the point that I don't want to stand up straight. My PS said that it is likely fluid build up and will likely absorb over the next week or so. The bulge has been there though since Day 1 Post op, we shall see. Not sure if you can see it in my pictures uploaded from the 23rd. I feel great and haven't had meds since 7:30am and I only had tylenol and a muscle relaxer then. I will take a Vicodin before bed as I didn't sleep well last night.

Blood Clot!

So since day 1 I have had what I thought was swelling under my right breast on my rib cage. Well last night the pain and "swelling" got so bad that it looked like a softball was coming out of my chest! I called the PS and was told to apply heat and come into the office in the morning. I didn't know if it was a hernia, pooling of fluid, swelling...what was it!? I got to the office to have both the nurse and the PS drop their jaws! I was numbed and my PS stuck a LARGE needle into the softball to reveal that it was a BLOOD CLOT! A huge blood clot in my chest/abdomen...I was relieved that was what it was and thought that the aspiration of the blood was cool...62cc's of blood...until I left and realized that a blood clot is bad! After she aspirated the fluid she said there was still clot remaining but it was not liquified so I would have to apply more heat and come back tomorrow for additional aspiration. So we will see how tomorrow goes. I have so much relief as the pressure is no longer as bad and I can stand straighter as I don't have this huge ball restricting me. This picture is before the aspiration and the syringe is one of 6.2 used to partially drain my clot!

4 weeks post op

I have made it to the 4th week post op mark. I have been going to the PS daily for the last two weeks to have fluid extracted from my Seroma Hemotoma (which clotted over my first two weeks post op). This has set back my recovery only by causing pain from being stabbed by rather large needles several times each visit for 14 days! I love how I look and my transformation is crazy amazing to me! What do you guys think? I can't believe how amazing my scar looks...just a thin line! My breasts are a great size. Not sure of my actual size yet as I have only been wearing sports bras these days. Plan to get measured soon. I have had a successful weight loss journey since September of 2012 and lost 45lbs prior to my TT/BA. With these procedures my self confidence is so much greater and I love how I look. Sorry for tooting my own horn but I can't help it. My PS says that my health prior to surgery helped with my recovery. She is going to promote by coaching business in her practice to get her patience in better health prior to their procedures to improve their recovery potential. I made the best decision to do this for myself! Selfishness is a good thing sometimes.

8 Months Post Op!

I am 8 months post op and couldn't be happier with my life! I feel amazing and am finally confident in my own skin! I dedicated time finding my best self in November of 2012 and now I am where I wanted to be! I lost 45 lbs pre surgery and have maintained my weight loss to date! I am a beachbody coach and would love to help any of you find your best self as well! Please reach out and message me so that I can chat with you to reach your health and fitness goasl! I have my own website and would love for you to reach out and friend me...Heather Wright Storme.

Attaining goals 11 months post op!

New Results from the 21 Day Fix Extreme

Two weeks out from my year anniversary from a TT and Breast Augmentation. If you are interested in letting me help you with your health and fitness journey message me at stormeforce@gmail.com

2 years post op

I am 2 years post op and loving my results...keeping up with maintaining my weight...fluctuations here and there but overall doing good. I am an independent health coach so I have the tools to keep me eating healthy and working out to programs that WORK. If you are interested in more pictures message me and I would be happy to share. or email me at stormeforce@gmail.com as I don't always check this site.
Worcester Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ekstrom and staff were great. I felt as if I was treated with care from the moment I walked in for my consultation and through the weeks leading to the surgery. Dr. Ekstrom took the time to sit with me personally to go over my reservations with the TT as I was hesitant due to me being in the gray area of needing one and not needing one. Was I gonna have enough skin to pull down to have a low enough scar, etc. She answered all my questions and didn't pressure me in any way, she actually wanted me to be 100% sure before I scheduled my surgery. In regards to the size of my implants, my PS and staff made sure that I didn't choose a size that was too big for my base width. I have no regrets at all about these procedures. I am very happy thus far 4 days in.

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