33yr Old, 1 Child. 32aa Hopefully Going to B Cup - Worcester, GB

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So due to get surgery in three weeks. 200cc...

So due to get surgery in three weeks. 200cc teardrop overs as I do a lot of weight work. Been back and forth over decision and still have major worries like: will you feel the implant due to my lack of breast tissue (currently a AA cup) , worried about them not looking right and complications and scarring. Also stretch marks( does that happen). Dreading taking 6 weeks off weight lifting etc

3 days po

Four days po

9 days po

At nearly 3 weeks

5 weeks in

Feeling a bit disappointed tbh. Feel like if I was going to spend the money then I should have gone bigger. Swelling has gone down massively and I really hope there is no more to go. Still feel like I look small especially under clothes. Perhaps I'm just being greedy
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