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So I went for my consult with Dr Phoon last Wed 8...

So I went for my consult with Dr Phoon last Wed 8 June after reading glowing reviews about him from past patients and liking his before and after pics, and I was not disappointed one little bit :D I found Dr Phoon really reassuring and professional, and it was clear that he knew his stuff. I really appreciated him sitting patiently through my three pages of questions, lol the poor guy! The consult kicked off with discussing my desired outcome, I brought along photos to give him a better idea as to what I was after, but made the mistake of choosing examples which had before images or body shapes too different from my own. Regardless, I think I was successful in getting Dr Phoon to understand what I want, which I was originally a little nervous about. Next, and easily the best part of the appointment, was the vectra machine... which was AMAZING!!!! I honestly cannot imagine going through the sizing process without it now! Dr Phoon took photos of me which were brought up on the computer monitor and able to be manipulated to show what I would look like if I were to choose various implant options. It was seriously an invaluable experience to be able to see what my body will look like from all different angles with all different types of implants... I highly recommend it! It also helped me realise how different each person's body can look with the same cc's (i went into the consult thinking I didn't want anything bigger than 250 cc's, based on photos of other BA patients and my fear of looking like a porn star, however now I know that getting less than 250cc's would not give me the volume I'm after and I would've been severely disappointed if I had stuck with my original plan). So now I'm tossing up between 340 and 390cc's (which is waaay bigger than what I thought I would ever go!) I also got to try on the 340 and 390cc implants with a fitting bra, both of which felt really big and strange when I touched them, but looked well proportioned with the rest of my body in the mirror. At this stage I think I'm leaning towards the 340's, because I am worried the 390's will be too obvious (I am not planning on telling anyone about my surgery, apart from my partner who already knows). I feeling torn as I don't want my BA to be obvious but I also do not want to be left with the notorious 'boob greed' regret... If anyone has some advice on this, I'd really appreciate it! Anyways, so I left Dr Phoon's office feeling super excited and energised about finally moving closer to my goals, and was so tempted to book a surgery date right then and there haha, but decided to go home, discuss it with my partner first and sleep on it for the night, just in case. The day after, despite knowing that i still had a few decisions to make, I knew I was completely happy with Dr Phoon, and so I decided to grab life by the balls and book my surgery date in for as soon as possible. So now, my $1000 deposit is paid and, after over fifteen years of wanting this for myself, I have finally booked in for a long awaited BA on 28th June 2016!!! Yay! :D My final consult before surgery is on 24th June, and I can barely contain my elation! (which is bad because no one, apart from my partner, knows why I am walking around with a huge smile constantly on my face :p) I am going to call Dr Phoon's office tomorrow to ask for the vectra photos with the 340 and 380 cc options, so I can agonize over them and hopefully make my mind up over the next week. I will post them and some before shots up soon too, so that hopefully I can get some opinions about which size to go for from you ladies out there :) One thing I am worried about is the huge zipper of a scar down my chest which i got from heart surgery a while back. Although, Dr Phoon has said it won't have any effect on my results, I am feeling quite apprehensive about it potentially pulling on and distorting my cleavage... I know I desperately need to stop ruminating over this and everything else that might go wrong, but I can't seem to help myself :( has anyone had any experience with prior scarring on the chest area and its effects on BA results? Well that's all from me for now, will post again once I hear back from Dr Phoon about those photos :)

Locked and loaded for 28th June!!!!

Went for my final pre-op consult on Wednesday, and I have decided to go with 390 cc in both breasts. Initially I thought I would need to have two slightly different implants for each side to even out asymmetry an accommodate for my scar, however I've decided to trust my doc's opinion that that is necessary... And I'm feeling good about our decisions :) still paranoia surrounding my scar distorting my cleavage, but consciously telling myself "I'm being silly, and trust the doc!"
Here are the Vextra simulated photos I mentioned in my prior post, I've included three photos from three different angles(front on, 45degrees, and side view), where the first image on the left in each photo is my original, pre-surgery self, the middle image is me with 345cc's, then right is me with 390cc's. If my new boobs actuallu turn out like these, I will be over the moon! :D
So excited... Just counting down the days now...

Surgery day!!

Had my surgery on Tuesday 28/6/16 and I still can't believe I have new boobs! I am absolutely ecstatic :) I honestly was barely nervous at all- if anything I was bouncing with excitement!
Woke up at 6am for a light brekkie- the nurse had suggested just a slice of toast, but I'm glad I went for two slices plus a small bowl of porridge, because I was absolutely STARVING for the last two hours before surgery! Also drank as much water as my stomach could tolerate before 6.30am which was my food cut off time. I Arrived at hospital at 11.30am, then went in with nurses at 12pm. After finishing consent paperwork, dr Phoon made the markings he needed on my chest and then my anesthetist, Dr Klugman, effortlessly put a canular into my arm, and walked me into the operating theatre. Dr Klugman gave me a sedative to begin with while they set up my heart monitor, blood pressure monitor etc and then before I knew it, I was asleep.
I woke up in very little pain from what I remember (which is very little at this point as I was heavily medicated lol). All I can recall is struggling to stay awake and the nurses encouraging me to continue to rest. I was so tired my vision was blurry and I couldn't even manage to lift my arms for longer than a second.
Once I was a little more alert, I was transferred to a comfy recliner lounge, and given some sandwiches and tea. I was surprised to find I wasn't nauseas at all. I managed to eat a little food to fill my stomach and then get dressed with the help of my partner. This was the point at which I finally started to feel some pain- when ever I strained my arms, shoulders or core, or moved my pectorials, I would feel pain and the tightness, which previously did not bother me, would intensify to the point where I was worried I might be over straining and moving my implants. Thankfully, about twenty minutes later, I was dressed and ready to have my cannula removed and head back to the hotel. Dr Phoon had given me this Velcro band which sits on top of my breasts to help reduce the swelling and encourage the implants to drop and fluff. So I'm currently wearing this band on top of the sports bra provided, and have been switching between having the band almost uncomfortably tight for as long as I can tolerate, and only slightly tight enough to apply limited pressure to the tops of my new boobies.
I was so glad to have decided to stay at a hotel nearby the hospital rather than having to make the 40 minute trip home, as I found even the slight bumps and stopping and starting whilst sitting in the taxi for a couple minutes from the hospital to the hotel was painful... Highly recommend minimizing travel time when first leaving hospital if possible! It was also esp helpful because dr Phoon likes to see his patients one to two days after surgery as well to check that everything is going well, so staying close by also meant making the trip the next day much easier too.
The worst part of surgery day was nighttime, where I couldn't manage to sleep and kept tossing and turning and feeling like I was pulling my pec muscles everytime I tried to readjust. I don't know how I would have gotten through this first night without my partner, and strongly suggest having someone sleep by you who can pass you your meds and water and readjust you pillows as needed throughout the first night. I probably slept no more than three to four hours, because I was so uncomfortable and sore, even though I was majorly exhausted. I slept upright, propped on two big pillows, however dr Phoon told me the next day that this was not necessary. He said that I should just sleep on my back, and side if I must, but definitely avoid sleeping on stomach... Which is a relief because I don't think I can do the sleeping upright thing again... Ever!!! ????
At this stage, my boobs are very high and stiff, and I'm feeling bruised all along my ribs and down the sides of my back. My pain is mostly tolerable apart from when i accidentally strain or reach too far, so I'm pretty happy with the meds I've been given.
Can't wait to see what they look like though! Haven't been game enough to take off my surgical bra yet, although I did lift it up a little to have a look at the scars...
Surgery done... And now on to recovery! :)

Day one post op

After a terrible night's "rest", I am exhausted and drowsy.. The meds prob don't help either with quite a few of them listing drowsiness as a side effect. I'm taking voltaren rapid 25mg for muscle pain, ondansetron orally disintegrating tablets 4mg for nausea, cephalexin 500mg (antibiotics), tramadol 50mg for breakthrough pain (this drug is amazing!), diazepam 5mg for muscle spasms (also calming and makes you happy) and movicol to prevent constipation and bloating. I spoke to my anesthetist the day before my surgery about my worries regarding constipation and meds which may set off my migraines, and so he was able to prescribe me a course of medication to minimise these issues after surgery... And so far so good- not feeling bloated or sore in my stomach, like I did after my heart surgery, and no migraines.. Yay!
I also went in to see dr Phoon for my follow up, and he said everything is looking good, that I have a lot of upper pole fullness, which was to be expected, and that I need to restrict my movements to that of a robot :) he said to minimise all straining and extending of my arms, and that it's not a matter of trying to work through the pain like in physiotherapy, but letting my muscles relax on their own and beig patient... Which I am definitely not good at! ???? And so starts the waiting game...
My boobs are slightly uneven and seem to be dropping at different rates, which again dr Phoon has said is normal... But overall, I'm pretty happy with the results so far :) cannot wait until they start to drop and fluff though!

Day three

Hello ladies! Day three and it all still seems surreal! When I touch my new boobies, it still feels like I'm wearing one of my ultra padded bras, because they're still so hard and just don't feel like they're part of me! A very strange sensation!
I have finally mastered my cushion arranging so that I am able to get in and out of bed on my own whilst hubby is away... Two pillows, one rolled up quilt and a cushion all strategically placed to form a gradual slope behind my back :p otherwise it is literally impossible to get out of bed without help.. Do not try it! The straining feels like you are ripping your pectorials open :(

I was feelin very tight yesterday, and still quite tight this morning, however the pain hasn't been too bad (apart from waking up at 4am this morning in pain because I had fallen asleep early and forgotten to wake up for my meds at 11.30pm). After that ordeal, I have promised myself I will religiously set alarms for my meds now.

My right breast seems higher than my left breast, so I'm wary about really trying to keep my compression strap tighter around my right side, but am still unsure as to whether this will actually make a difference. Does the level of effect of the compression strap depend on how tightly you wear the strap across you breast? Or is it merely just to hold your girls down? Any info would be greatly appreciated! :)

I also managed to have a shower last night but decided not to wash my hair, as I think hubby was struggling enough with washing my body... A challenge for tomorrow, I suppose :)

I love my boobs! Thank you dr Phoon!

Dr Phoon, hands down, is a brilliant, caring, artistic genius. 100% worth it, 100% grateful I decided to go with him as my doctor and 100% loving my new boobs.
I have a sister and a couple of friends who are umming and aahing about whether or not to take te plastic surgery plunge, and knowing how happy I am now, I will very enthusiastically pushing them all dr phoon's way.

Thanks doc, you're the best! :)
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