50 Yr Old Redhead Born in Hawaii-1st Cancer at 30 - Woodstock, AL

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Having the blue light in a couple of hours- I've...

Having the blue light in a couple of hours- I've had 6 or 7 skin cancers on my face so we thought this was the best plan of attack, along with a host of major health elements.....I'm normally not the jittery type but I find myself at 4 am reading reviews With a nice bundle of nerves- follow along if you care to....

Day of blue light- not that much reaction

After reading the reviews on here, I thought I was going to leave the office very red and "sun burned" but after sitting with. The product on for about an hour, then under the lamp for 17min which only was a tad bit uncomfortable on my forehead--- I even fell asleep! Which I put down to taking my anti nausea Meds and a nervous night..... My face is mildly red with no discomfort what so ever. To the point that I'm wondering if this worked.....

Blue light- not bad at all

23rd of March - everything is all back to normal-- the blue light brought out just a few spots on my forehead and cheek that crusted up and peeled... I stayed red for a couple of days but nothing major- like a mild sunburn --- everything I had read made it seem terrible ( or maybe I'm use to sunburns ????) - I'm really hoping that got rid of any future problems-- I'm getting a little tired of getting cut on!
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Emily will perform blue light

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