Total FX Recovery Experience

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I had Total FX done about 9 days ago - at the...

I had Total FX done about 9 days ago - at the second visit (5 days after the laser treatment)my doctor who did the laser treatment - was not happy on how my skin was healing - it seemed too red on one side - I told her that I design jewelry and was using a butane torch to work on some pieces - she told me to stop using the torch for the time being, I also complained that I could not get the Aquaphor out of my hair (my shampoo did not work) - She told me to use a liquid detergent that has grease cutting action in it -or a clarifying shampoo. I went out and bought a grease cutting liquid detergent - the following day I used the liquid detergent and I did my usual application of Biafine and Aquaphor ointment - later that day I applied Eucerine Mositurizing Creme (because i thought it would be less greasy and hold the Sun Screen better) After an hour or so, I washed my face and notice little bumps on one side ( the same side that was redder) - (on a side note, I found on the internet to use corn meal and clarifying shampoo - this works much better)

I saw the doctor 2 days later - She went off on me like a rocket and said that I should of never used Eucerine Moisture creme - and did not follow her post procedure - and that I might have scarred my face - I told her I have been following the post treatment care, except that I one time used the moisturizer with the sun screen which she gave me - I told her it could be the detergent which she suggested that I use in my hair.

So, presently she has me on Mometasone Furoate 2x day, Biafine and now Vasaline for the next five days. Any way, to make this shorter - Thank goodness I saw my brother-in-law (he and my sister are visiting from Seattle for xmas) Phil is a dermatologist - he looked at my face and said that I will not scar, that the bumps on face are a sign of a reaction (rash), and the redness is irritation that will subside in a couple of weeks - He thought the bumps were more likely from the use of the detergent i used to wash my hair, which he found horrifying to use at all in my hair and that she would suggest that I use it. Phil said I should see results in the next 2 days using the Mometasone Furoate. (the other doctor did not feel too confident if the M.F. cream would work, but I need to follow her instructions to the T - and wants to see me in 3 days - or call her immediately - if worsen) Phil personnally thought my skin looks good - "even" in tone (besides the reddness and bumps) and he could see the postive results from Total FX, but thought my doctor behaved poorly, more paranoid of malpractice and not as familiar with skin problems that derm. doctors deal with on a daily basis.

My over all experience was positive until my last visit with the doctor - and rather upset the way she acted and scaring me into (almost) tears.

Any feed back on what I experienced ?

But besides all this, I am happy with the results - I use to have blotchy skin and deep wrinkles - now my skin looks even complexed, and less wrinkles - all fine lines gone - (this doctor thinks my face is still swollen and really too early to see how effect the results are) BTW at Christmas eve. the rest of the family did not mention anything about my face - except my niece and asked me if I have a sunburn or had laser done.

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Right now I don't know what I think of this doctor - but probably would not recommend her.

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