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Seven day countdown, hold my purse, ish is getting...

Seven day countdown, hold my purse, ish is getting real!! I've had all this time since my May consult to prepare and now its crunch time. The family is beginning to arrive from out of town for Christmas so these last few days are going to fly by. Thankfully, I have my amazing hubs to pick up any slack and fill in the gaps. He is going to be the best nurse ever (good to look at too)! I have scripts to pick up, a recovery room to prepare, a family of 10 to cook for and enjoy over the next week etc. There's not enough time! Next thing I know I'm going to be dreaming during surgery about my Sports Illustrated bikini photo shoot with my new fab belly, then I'll wake up with a big smack in the face from reality. I dread the pain, I'm really trying to separate myself from it and act like its not a thing. Gotta cope somehow, right?! So far I have acquired way too many post op supplies and a ton of confidence in my doc, his post op pics and reviews are stellar. I have been through seriously critical emergency surgery before to fix a crushed limb, so I am hoping my mental fortitude will see me through this experience as it did before. Current stats: 5'6" 160 lbs, down from 168, I eat clean and consciously, strict water drinker at a goal of 3 liters a day, ex-smoker and major outdoor/adventure/extreme sports lover. I have immensely enjoyed reading all of your reviews and it is all of you that have given me the courage to go through with this. Once all is said and done, I feel I am going to finally be the carefree old me that doesn't need to buy multiple margaritas for everyone sitting near me at the beach to feel comfy in my own skin clad in a bikini again.

Pouch Pics

I am so thankful and amazed that I was able to grow beautiful, smart, perfect humans inside of my body. Not so thankful for the aftermath on my abdomen. Time to say our goodbyes and part ways...

"The Call"

Just got the confirmation call from Dr.G's office confirming Monday's surgery, I think my heart just skipped a few beats!

3 More Days

So the fam and I are going out to enjoy some last minute frantic Christmas shopping people watching. Should be interesting, good news is that I'll get some much needed exercise to help relieve my surgery anxiety since we will have to park about a mile away from the mall. I feel like today is my very last chance for a "cheat" day as far as the diet goes for a while. I'm thinking fried chicken, it could quite possibly make me sick since I don't eat stuff like that regularly but I have a hankering. Hopefully that doesn't mean Aunt Flo is coming. I had my period earlier this month but stress can do cray things to your cycle.
Other than that my house doesn't feel clean enough, I'm afraid I've forgotten supplies, ugggh, any last minute advice from you TT vets?? I almost feel like I am nesting for a new baby...

A whole lot of Havarti

Two days until surgery, I started taking stool softeners yesterday, thankfully, because I believe I am responsible for the disappearance of a half a pound of Havarti cheese today. Let's justify that by saying I am testing the potency of the stool softeners before the effects of the opiates kick in on Monday. Wish me luck for 'smooth sailing.'

Day Three

Welp, RS took a dump right before my sx so I couldn't access any last minute advice for jitters or post any final thoughts. I am feeling good overall. The worst part is not being able to get comfy and I feel like I can't get a deep cleansing breath every time I want to yawn. I am using my spirometer the way I was told to. I feel like the main culprit is this tight binder and my anxiety. I quit the pain pump the first day and switched to a pill because the morphine wasn't agreeing with me. I felt hot, clammy, shallow(er) breath etc. No problems urinating, not super hungry but am managing with yogart, broth & water. Having my binder off was a scary experience when the nurse changed my dresssing around my drainage tubes. The right one seems to be a bit leaky, I suppose this is normal. The fluid is a good color and there doesn't seem to be "too much" draining. Overall, so far so good, this sx is not for the faint at heart but certainly not unbearable. Thanks to all of you ladies before me whose encouragement has focused my eyes are on the prize. Hope all of you are healing well and are comfy in your nests!

Day 11 Boring! Which is a GOOD thing!

So day 11, I got my drains pulled this past Monday, super weird and pretty gross. Apparently, there can be a small pocket of fluid behind the drain that can come shooting out of the drain site immediately after the tube comes out; so that was a pretty neat trick. Been sleeping in the recliner which I am SO ready to break up with. Tried the bed and it felt weird. I am a side sleeper and I guess I am afraid of rolling over in my sleep and splitting a stitch or something.
My doc (sadist) believes in mega compression so I'm stuffed in this CG thing like a hot sausage link about to snap open on the grill. But, I haven't really had that swell hell feeling or any wiggle & jiggle when I walk so I guess the doc's compression theory is solid.
With my recent and very extensive HGTV viewing, I am now a home DIY renovation expert also, so if you need your bathroom crashed or tips on padding your incision, I got ya covered.
BTW the breathing issue I had mentioned last update resolved as soon as I was taken off the morphine pump. My anxiety and adjustment to the binder eased after the second day.
Also, my pics disappeared. Not that I had a giant gallery but I am gonna have to see about getting those back up for reference.
Started my period today. Hooray! Right on time and right after I had finshed rationing my pain pills. Didn't resort to licking the inside of the pill bottle because the doc cleared me for a fistful of ibuprofen. Tylenol just doesn't do it for me.
I'm still not super hungry but I keep water and Greek yogurt around which is typically enticing.
Anyhow, I hope all of you ladies are snug in your nests and healing happily!

Day 12 - Take Two - I know its only 830

Wooosaaaaa...had a mini melt down this morning because I haven't been sleeping well and thus feeling guilty about keeping my hubs awake all night with my tossing, scooching, spirometering and general tugging/cussing my binder. I made the damn coffee too weak, stepped in dog pee and cursed "the man" (obviously a man) who invented the maxi pad. As you already know Flo is with me and I am going the pad route this cycle based on the simple fact that I'm not positive I can contort myself to retrieve the dang tampon if I stick it up there. Anywho, I'm dressed to go to the dentist (another form of legal torture IMHO) drinking my weak coffee, guess I won't totally blow him away with my dragon's breath this way, and am hoping an uneventful drive there and back as this is my first solo flight. I'm thinking maybe a mani/pedi, since I'm already out lol, then a nice afternoon of movies and my daily imbibement of 3L of water, woohoo!

My Dear Binder, first thoughts for today...

Today is my first day back at work so I really hoped for a sound nights sleep. Alternatively, I've been tugging at my binder all night, I love it so much. It rides up on my hips while I'm sleeping so now I have this super itchy spot on the left side of my incision that I've been laying here awake, at this awful hour, imagining all of the hideous effects it may have, hooray. Gonna go with the leggings and shirt dress look today for work. Sounds comfortable and also will hide what I've got going on around my midsection. I can't just pop back to work completely fabulous, they'll totally know something is up. Btw, I've been out "having a hernia repaired" thats my story and, yep proverbially, I'm sticking to it. If I show up in a pencil skirt and an Oxford, I tell ya that must have been some hernia! I am down to 155 and have a flat belly now, even with the binder I am a whole lot smaller. Drastic changes in only two weeks!! I can only imagine my final result in 6 mos.
So, I've decided that salt is equally as evil as my binder. It causes me to swell big time. I haven't really been very active so I'm not sure about swelling from over doing it with activity yet. I'd love to have a cold beer but I'm afraid of the swelling consequences. Ive mostly spent my time over the past two weeks in the recliner and on the sofa. My body has gotten a lot of rest and I feel two weeks has been an ample amount of time off of work. I say that now and will probably report differently around 10 am. My brain is definitely ready for today's activity.
I look back on the past two weeks and it seems epic. So much has happened as far as recovery. I am truly amazed, once again, at what our bodies can endure and recover from. I was helpless two weeks ago laying in a hospital after being cut in half and today I am getting up and dressed by myself and am going to drive myself to work where people are going to pay me to do stuff, wow!!
Thanks for listening to my rambling, I hope all you other girls are healing well and have a great Monday, ttys!
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