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Looking forward to losing weight. I have been over...

Looking forward to losing weight. I have been over weight since the birth of my first child and have not been under 200lb since 2002. My highest weight was 238 and can't seem to lose more than 20-25lb and keep off. I have been contemplating the gastric sleeve for some time since I work in the Medical Center and have seen several of my coworkers and watched the weight fall off. I have read testimony after testimony leading up to this point and in one week from today I will be having surgery. I am excited, nervous and sad. I met my husband 12 years ago and he is from New Orleans and cooks extremely well and we enjoy every minute about food. Eating is enjoyment for us and our family so giving it up is like a funeral because you will never be able to have the same enjoyment as before. However gaining control of my health and my life is most important for me my children in my family who I love dearly. I look forward to sharing my success story with you. The reason I decided to finally have the surgery because my blood sugar is high borderline diabetic high cholesterol borderline high blood pressure and sleep apnea all of which I could die. That scares me more then anything. I can no longer stand to look at myself in pictures and in the mirror have become ashamed of myself. So I decided to take back my life and my vitality of life. So this journey is about gaining me back. This journey takes courage to be able to do because of the fear of the unknown. However I plan to be successful. I've already started eating my soup and vegetables and started changing my eating habits. I even have to resist my husband good cooking at times. I'm looking forward to seeing myself in pictures again and sharing my success with you soon. Stay tuned.

8days and waiting

I only have 8 days to go before my surgery. It's getting real now. I have a confession I broke up with Shipley donuts and cappuccino. It made me feel horrible today at work. I guess my body getting ready subconsciously. I have my pre-op visit on Friday and I guess I start my cleanse on Sunday. Sort of feelings eerie.

7 days to go to getting my RealSelf!!!

Gm, tomorrow is my pre-op visit and I will get my final instructions on what to expect on the day of surgery. This process has been so smooth considering I started in Oct. and got all of my visits done and blood work and was approved with a date by the end of Nov. and scheduled for surgery Dec. 22. That is amazing. I can't wait to see the new me in 2016.

Working hard

Pre-op day

Heading to my pre-op visit. I guess it's getting real now. Only a few more days until it's done....

I'm here about to walk in for pre-op appointment. I just put everything in the hands of God. Jesus I know you are guiding me and

Feeling anxious and scared

After my pre-op visit yesterday I got completely scared. Even while I was listening to the instructions I was frozen like what the heck am I going to do to my self. I couldn't sleep well last night and I was having a bit of anxiety. I know I have come this far and God has me, but it still a little funny seeing what I used to ear and how I will be able to eat for the rest of my life. I'm praying for strength to over come these obstacles and be very successful in my journey.

I'm finally sleeved.. So far so good!

Yesterday was my surgery day and I did much better than I expected. No nausea and vomiting. Just a little pain. I felt S little acid reflux but they gave me medicine for that. My mouth was so dry that I didn't mind taking the Barium this morning for my UGI. All went well I am heading home. This will be the test.

Pre-op weight :237
surgery weight :230

Nausea came

Just as I was getting discharged I started to feel woozy. They gave me my dope and I feel a little bit better. So far no issues swallowing . Heading to drug store for drugs at home

1st night home

Not bad at all. Just a little soreness near the incision sites. I feel the gas bubbles. I really can't tell when I'm hungry. But the broth and jello works well. About to walk around Walmart for last Christmas gifts. Merry Xmas to everyone.

The walk around Walmart

This morning I tagged along with my husband to Walmart. It was nice to get out, but I got tired towards the end. Still cannot tell when I'm hungry. I do feel the gas bubbles once I eat. But so far just taking pain meds and staying in the bed. I will get out and walk a little later.

Christmas Eve

I came to my mom house and of course she had all of my favorite foods. Surprisingly, it didn't bother me. But I took a sip of cold water.... Oh the pain... I got up and walked it out. I am getting ready to take my pain meds and go crawl back into the bed. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.


I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to pray for me and giving me words of encouragement. You never know how much it really means until you really need it. Today was one of those days. Thanks!!! Wishing for everyone success in 2016 and beyond. Good night.

Christmas Day

Surprisingly I am doing great. I nursing a protein shake and waiting for some turkey broth. All is well. Not in a lot of pain. Just resting and enjoying hearing the kids play with their Christmas gifts. I will take it easy and get out of the house later. Have a blessed day!!!!

Made it through Christmas Day

I was waiting for the cravings to get the best of me today and I actually surprised myself. I didn't break down. One because I knew it would hurt. But I can't lie I did miss dressing,ham and turkey. But I survived. Thank you Jesus for the willpower to do this.

Weight loss update

Pre-op: 237
Surg day: 230
Today: 226

Small progress for only 4 days post on.

Pushing through

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, that was blessed and full of joy. I have been really relaxing and enjoying my time off. Getting used to my sleeve and how it works. No cold water! I am able to tolerate full liquids well. No major pain or nausea. I have not taken pain meds since last week. I'm doing really well so far. Really ready for puree or soft foods. But experimenting with jello and puddings. The chocolate sugar free pudding warmed is like heaven. My husband made some turkey broth it was good but I am tired of soup and broth already. Having my protein shake this morning. I wish everyone success this week, especially everyone who is having surgery this week. May God be with you and bless you real good. Take care.

Update on weight

Hw: 238
Sw: 230

Got some sun today

I think I was feeling bad from no sun this past week. This evening I went out with the kids walking and I felt really good even though it was 48' degrees and windy. I also bought a trampoline for the house. Winner with my daughter. I didn't jump just b rocked on it. But wait till I completely heal Me and baby girl will be jumping. No longer dizzy either, I think the sun helped. Natural healing.

Almost 20lbs gone!

Scares are healing well. No pain meds. 20lbs almost gone. Loving it!!

So ready for soft food phase

Although I am doing really well, I am ready for the next phase which is puree foods. I have become bored with soups, shakes, jello, and pudding. The mind is so hard to train. I am a natural lover of Mexican food and I smelled the most awesome smell yesterday of fajitas and being from Houston TX this is some of the best Mexican food. So I have enchilada cream soup on the menu for today.

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year to all my sleeved family! One more holiday and we through. Wishing everyone a blessed and safe New Year.

2wks out

Tomorrow makes 2 wk since surgery. Got my energy back and ready to get back into the swing of things. I have to say the most challenging part is knowing when you are full. Yesterday my husband made gumbo, so of course I ate the broth and crabs. OMG, it was so good. Trouble is I can't tell when I'm full. So I got uncomfortable and it came back up. So I have to slow down and stop before I get to that point. However this experience has been so much better than I expected. Can't wait to see you where I will be in a month.

22lbs gone

22lbs gone feeling good, healing well. What could be better. I have enjoyed watching my body transform and my clothes are getting too big. That's a good thing. I get to shopping soon.

Don't be cruel!!!

I join in another blog online and I was sharing some of my experiences in my journey. It's funny how people can be so insensitive to other people feelings. I have nothing to lie about or be ashamed of. I had surgery to better my life. I don't post my experience just for others, slot of it is for me to look back on where I come from. But to also encourage someone who might think having this surgery is hard or not worth the hassle. Yes you will miss eating your favorite foods. I am a southern girl, we cook with love and it surrounded by family and friends. But food can make you sick and the sleeve is a great tool to help curve the appetite and lose weight. We are not exaggerating about our experiences just sharing to help another fellow person know Yes you can make it to.


Eating like a bird

Eating is for once in my life a challenge. It is so hard to tell when I'm full. But your mind doesn't know that. So hear is a clue. When you feel the first burp, belch or hiccup stop. I learned the hard way. So tonight I had baked chicken and vegetables. Took the meat off the bone mashed it well. Two spoonfuls of vegetables. Was full not even half way through. First burp I stopped, put the rest in the microwave. About 2.5hrs later finished off the rest. Lessons learned eat slowly and stop the minute you stomach send you warnings.

Started my workout routine

20 jumping jacks. Jumping rope. Short jogging. 10 lunges. 20 minutes of exercise. Heart pumping, sweating, feeling good. Let the fun begin.

Pants falling down

It's a really good thing when your pants are falling down in the store. Some people my think why is she letting her pants fall down. Although I won't let them fall all the way down, they don't know that I have lost 25lbs in 15days. So pants falling down is a good thing. However I retired those pants last night, sending them to Goodwill. Passing the blessing on.

Great post-op visit

My Dr appointment was great. I can start puree and soft foods today. Between 23-25lbs gone with fluctuating scale. Today I was 217, so I am 17.Ibs from wonderland. So excited.

Dr wants me 199 in three months

I so got this. Dr wants me to come down below 199 in three months. How about 2 weeks. I'm coming wonderland. And I went shoe shopping today. My foot is a 1/2 a size smaller already. Amazing!!


Happy Sunday. Be blessed!!!


Vacation over!!!

Well although this experience has been exciting and eventful the time has come for me to go back to work. I had my surgery on 12/22/15 and I had to learn how to adjust to my new stomach. 3wks later and 26lbs lighter I can say that is awesome. I know my days will be long and stressful but I have packed a good lunch back with soup, water, juice and snacks to get me through the day. I work in a hospital so there will always be plenty of walking. Looking forward to continuing this journey.

My job is stressful

Today was my first day back at work. I really wish I could just stay home for a few more weeks. I had all of my snacks and water, but I realize stress makes you want to eat. I didn't though I ate fruit and soup, pudding g, water. For the first time I am in control of what I eat. I like having control of my appetite and winning.

Bruise on my right lower abdomen

OK as I was getting out of the shower I noticed a pretty big size bruise on my right side of my abdomen. Of course I touched it and it didn't hurt so I didn't think much more about it. Until later I laid down on my right side of course and ouch. So I got worried, so of course I looked up what it could be. It's probably just bruises from the surgery and it is still healing. So I calmed down and went to sleep. Has anyone else experienced bruising?

Getting past a stall

So I hit one of those stubborn stalls and it seemed like the scale wasn't moving so I decided I would go back to mostly liquids and still not moving like I wanted. So I added liquids with more protein and a few carbs. Bingo the scale moved 3.5lbs. Plus I took my measurements and the inches are moving even when the scale doesn't look like it wants to move. I happy again. Plus the clothes don't lie. I must have pulled up my pants and undies a thousand times and by the time I got home my pants fell off and I had a belt on. Imagine that!!!!

Me and the scale broke up

I stopped weighing myself everyday because it fluctuates every day. So I go by the way my clothes fit and I am enjoying trying on clothes in my closet. I'm still at 210 was hoping to be 208 at a month out. Anyway I still feel good. I can eat with no issues just can't eat much. I mix it up to keep from getting bored. But the work will pay off in the long run. I'm not worried about how fat the weight comes of as long as I don't go back up.

The sleeve difference

What a difference a month makes.

Getting out of a stall

I always read and do research out the gastric sleeve and I read other people post on different sites. Although we are all different most of us feel pretty bad bad when the scale doesn't move much. And the culprit could be not having enough calories during the day. Most days I stick strictly to the plan and the scale may go up and down. Well yesterday I had fruit in the morning with granola almonds and raisins. Then I had three bean chili packed with protein, because it had deer meat in it which has a lot of protein. I also had about 15 almonds later in the day. So at Popeye's on Tuesday they have a two piece special and I was running late for dinner so I got a ten piece. And of course I ate a drumstick and some jambalaya. Well work up this morning I had lost 1.5lbs. I said that to say eat something you like every now and then to break your stall. I'm glad I did. And I appreciate that little chicken.

Me and the scale made up

OK remember I was mad at the scale and broke up with it. Well this week the scale is in favor of me. I lost another pound. I have learned not to worry about the scale because our bodies have to adjust to what we are doing to it. So steady the course and follow the plan. Modify if need be to see what works for you. No two bodies are created equal. But never give up on the sleeve.

More protein

The more protein you get the easier you lose the weight. Get that protein.

The scale is really moving

For this week I upped my protein by adding more meat to my diet, very few carbs only veggies and fruit. The scale is moving me closer to wonderland. So I went to research the Atkins diet. Yep that's how you do it and I will not stop because it is working for me and I am excited. Also been using kettle bell and weights. Werking it!!

In a stall?

Increase your calorie intake to help you out of a stall. Mainly protein and reduce the shakes. Hope this helps.

Coming down

Scale still moving

I am loving this. I have been eating mostly meat and vegetables and just a few carbs and I am losing at least 1lbs every day or so. Last week I lost a total of 7lbs. I'm not joking. I should be in onederland soon. Just wanted to share if you meet that mean stall up your protein and lower your carbs.

Me and this protein got it going on

I am in love with this protein and vegetables. Obviously the scale is liking it too because every morning I am a few ounces or 1 lb lighter. Getting closer to onderland. My clothes are getting really big. Once I hit onderland I will buy a few things. But I am loving it. Just meat and vegetables for the past week and a half and almost 10lbs gone. Can't beat that with a stick. Keep on pushing

More oz. Gone

I'm loving this. Closer and closer to onderland.

Pants can't stay up

I need some new pants...... Seriously!!!!!

Eat more protein

Every since I started eating proteins like chicken, fish, pork chop, and vegetables the scale has been moving. Every day a few more ounces are gone. I have not been really exercising much because of my schedule and the time but my eating habits are good. I'm not sure how many calories I get because I don't track like I should but one thing is the weight and the inches are coming off. I am excited. Not quite at onderland but really close. This has been an amazing journey and I am glad I did this. It was definitely worth every penny and some.

About last night

Because I'm happy

What could be better!!!

This journey could not be better. Yesterday I went shopping and I truly didn't know what to try. I have went from 2x-3x top to a 1x. My pants were 16x. I can almost do 12. To anyone who doubted their decision about this surgery please believe me it's worth it. I have so much energy and feel so much better. Not to mention I feel sexy and like the way I look. I'm almost 40lbs.down and half way to my goal. I couldn't have done this alone. Thanks to my sleeve and all the advice from the Veterans on this page that share their success stories.

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day!!

Feeling good

Loving it

I'm just in awe how good it feels to be o the losing side and winning. This surgery is the best thing I could have done. Losing weight and looking good never felt better. And the best is yet to come.

Get that protein in

I started eating mostly meat and protein a few weeks ago and almost 15lbs later I am still losing. This process is winning for me and I don't exercise as much as I should. I don't count calories, but I do eat meat, veggies and fruits. Very few carbs. No sugar drinks and those inches and lbs are going away. For those who are about to join this journey go ahead don't be nervous or scared trust the tool. Stay motivated and get on the winning side.

For my coffee lovers

These little babies are so good. Taste like the real thing.

Starting walking yesterday!!

It was a beautiful day here in sunny Houston, Texas and the sun stayed out a hour longer. So I ran home change into my jogging pants and hit the road walking. It felt so good to be outside and enjoying the sun. I'm looking forward to the same thing this evening and I have so much energy it is unbelievable.

I'm loving it!

So Monday will make 2months being sleeved and I couldn't be happier. I'm 41.5 lbs lighter. Lots of energy and feeling so much better. Although I have enjoyed watching my body transform it hasn't all been easy. There have been days I wondered what am I doing wrong. I ate exactly like I should have and the scale did nothing. Then there were days when the stress of life got me and I ate something I shouldn't have and lost a pound. But for the most part it's been amazing and I pray for everyone who is walking this journey to not give up. Trust the process. If you fall off get back up. We all are human but real sleevers are in this together. Be blessed!

Just me

Loving on me!!

Grateful for my sleeve

I'm so happy I had this surgery. Words can't explain how I feel. I'm fitting in old clothes that have barely been worn and they fit. Not doing a whole lot of shopping just picking up a few items along the way. But I feel great. I read about so many people who have complications and pain. I honestly don't remember much pain other than drinking cold water in the beginning, eating too fast or too much. Once I learned what my tummy could handle it became so easy. I have 30lbs to go and loving every second of it.

Support your friends

I have a friend who has been going through the process of getting approved for surgery. Well she called the other day all sad saying she could not have the procedure because it cost $5000, which is part of her deductible and coinsurance. So I was like wait, working with insurance in the hospital for 10.yrs I know they are going to try to get as much upfront as possible. So I told her to ask for a payment arrangement. Then we got to brainstorming and she was like I have Care credit. I was like OK what is the problem. All you need is $1200 more dollars. Well she's having the surgery in May now. I'm happy for my friend.


Bought a size 12 pants today. Tops 14/16 regular. I know I get so excited but I can't help it.
Hw: 238
Sw: 230

26lbs away then I will set some new goals. I still am amazing at my progress because I have tried for so long to get here. I thank God for the sleeve and giving me the courage to walk this journey.

Loving my sleeve

Such a great feeling to feel so good and feel like you look. I get so many compliments and I just smile and scream inside because all the sacrifices are paying off. My mom was like I really am starting to see your weight loss. Even my husband thinks I am stuck on my self. I'm like no I am just happy that I am accomplishing what I set out to do and it feels good. In the beginning it is difficult especially mentally. But I thank God I didn't give up. Happy Sunday!

Making the right choice

Although I am several weeks down and doing well I still have to make wise choices when I eat. Although I can eat pretty much anything with ease if I go back to old habits I can defeat the purpose. That's not to say I don't still enjoy food. I'm a southern girl at heart I just a eat much less and stop before getting full. I finally have control and I love it. The tool is working for me but I have to do my part.

Depression after surgery

I have read about some many people being depressed after this surgery because they are afraid of losing weight, or family and friends treat them different after weightloss. I'm so confused because I was slightly depressed before surgery because I was not having success losing and my levels kept rising. But now I feel great. I can't really explain other than I just feel good. I feel sorry for any one who is depressed because of losing weight, it's supposed to make us feel better.

Winning everyday

Feels good to wake up winning. Whether it is a lb. or ounces as long as it's not back up I'm in the winner's circle and I am glad about it.

HW 238
SW 230
GW 170
Size 12 pants
14/16 top
Shoes from 9.5 to 9 going to 8.5
25 more to go. Why not be happy.

Happy feelings

Happy Sunday, be blessed

The reason I smile. ..winning

Fat girl issues

I bought this lotion, very inexpensive like 3.99 or 4.00. Works pretty well. I use in the morning and night. My arms are not toned but the cellulite look is disappearing. I use on my legs and all over. I also use bio oil for stretch marks. Just wanted to share.

Rodeo ready

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Trust the process! !

Please let the process work for you. Don't get discouraged when the process gets hard. Find ways to mix things up. But remember to love on yourself no matter how fast or slow your body is moving. Just don't give up.

3 months out

HW 238
SW 230
GW 170

I'll take that! !


I am so thankful to the Lord above for giving me the strength and courage to walk this journey. It has been amazing. I love getting dressed, looking at myself and feeling great. We have no idea how much weight actually weighs us down mentally and physically. I hope this encourages someone to walk this journey and renew your life. Because I certainly have a new outlook on my health. Last year this time I was scared to death about dying from heart disease and diabetes. This year I'm 48lbs down and simply loving it. Be blessed my friends.

On a mission

20 lbs to go.

Happy Resurrection Day ???? ????! !

Lifestyle changes

The decision to go through this process is a life changing experience. Please do ad much research as possible. I read about so many people depressed and eating things to early on and sometimes becoming extremely ill. Don't take this surgery for granted. It mess you up if you don't follow the plan especially in the beginning. Make those life changes for a better you.

The faces of me.

Have a Blessed and Happy Weekend!

This,sleeve life

This journey has been nothing but amazing. I have wanted to be under 200 lbs for some time and now I am 190 and I am loving it. No I am not at my goal of 170 but I plan to get there in the coming months. This journey is awesome but you have to make it work for you. You have to make the lifestyle changes necessary to have good success. Don't continue to let food control your life. All your lifestyle changes to control what and how you eat. Be blessed and I wish everyone good success.

Health update

I went to my primary care Dr yesterday and she was amazed at how much weight l have lost. They checked my labs and the report came back as no hbp, cholesterol levels are significantly lower and A1C is almost in normal range. I thank God because none of this would be possible without him. Praise God for all his goodness.

A smile on my face

HW 238
SW 230
CW 189.5
GW 170

Fasting results

I started fasting this past Sunday for a week and I thought I was going to have a hard time. Not the case. I have lost 4.5lbs since Sunday. I hope to be at 10 lbs by this Sunday.

8lbs not bad

Last week I was fasting and my goal was to lose 10 lbs. Well I lost 8lbs. I'll take that. So happy 15 lbs from my goal of 170. Yaassss

Dr's Report

So I saw my surgeon today and I am 51.8lbs down. No longer on medication for diabetes and hbp. I'm so grateful for the change this process has brought me. My experience has been nothing but amazing and I am grateful for it.

So much to be thankful for

I am so grateful for God giving me the strength to change my life. I am no longer on medication, no longer over 200 lbs. No longer obese and I am enjoying the process. But please don't take the process for granted there are many challenges but it's all in what you make of it. Push pass the mental part and keep your eyes on the prize. I couldn't have been successful if my mind wasn't right. I know the power of prayer and God gave me the strength to get through it all. HW 238, SW 230 CW185 GW 170.

Grateful for change

In order to succeed you have to take the first step. Sometimes it's the first step that's so hard. But once you do you realize it wasn't really that bad. Don't be afraid just do it.

Back fat saying bye-bye

I have never been comfortable with my back out or arms for that matter. But when I say I am amazed at the areas the weight has left. It's definitely a struggle especially with the stalls but I won't give up until I reach my goal. I feel the best I have ever felt in years. I'm am extremely proud and excited of my success but do know that the struggle is real to eat right and exercise. But I am still doing it and if I can do it anyone can. Be blessed.

Who's that girl! !

I absolutely love the new me! I am falling in love with her more and more every day. I even love my scars because they remind me of where I come from. If I knew this journey would be so rewarding I would have done it a long time ago. I really regret not doing it sooner but it's never too late right?

5.5 months out. ..all worth it

If anyone has doubts or wondering about this wls journey let me say yasss it is worth it. Complaining about how much you can or can't eat won't help you get to your goal. I feel so good and I've got so much energy it's amazing. If you can't make up ur mind about this journey trust it is changing my life. It is awesome and challenging because you have to do your part in order for it to work. But life gets better each day and the rewards are priceless.

CW 183

HW 238 SW 230 CW 183 GW 170 Bra size 42DDD to 38 D Shoes 9.5 to 8.5 13 lbs to my goal Inches steady moving.

Waking up winning everyday

The changes in my body is impeccable. I couldn't have done this alone. Only God had the power to give me the strength.

60 lbs gone

Been stalled

I have been dealing with family issues with my aunt and uncle passing away and trying to juggle too many hats. As a result I have stalled and I have been eating way too many things I should not eat. It's true the appetite can come back. Although I juggle with the same 3 to 5 lbs it's still an issue I have to resolve. I'm 10 lbs away from my goal and I will get there. Life throws us curve balls but we have to keep moving forward to stay in the game.

Just me

Here I am at 180


Hey everybody!! I know it's been a long time but I have made a full year of wls. It has been nothing short of amazing. HW 238LBS CW 175 GW 170. 5lbs short but I am really close. Life has been challenging these last few months but I am still standing. Happy Holidays to you all.

Loving me

The Woodlands Bariatric Surgeon

Jason Balette of the Surgical Center of Houston. His nurse Cheryl is excellent. She set everything up and I went for my consultation Oct. 12 and having surgery December 22. With my insurance I only have to pay 179.00 on the day of surgery.

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