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OK ladies, I am stepping out of my comfort zone by...

OK ladies,
I am stepping out of my comfort zone by writing the review and posting pictures (ugggh, not a pretty sight). But if I can be of any help to anyone looking for a PS or just on the fence about having any of these procedures then I’m happy to share my experience.

This is my story. I am 56 y/o. 5’ 6” 152 #’s. Married. 2 kids, delivered by C-section and a hysterectomy via the c-section scars, hence the ugly belly that flops over the scar.

I had a TT, lipo of flanks, inner and outer thighs and implant exchange (poor placement of implants from another PS) going from Mentor 300 HP to Allergan Style 45 400 UHP. Dr. Gill is an awesome Dr. who truly loves his job which is evident by the work he does. If you are in the Houston area you really should consider going to see him. He is that good!!!

The big day....

uly 6, 2016: day of surgery. I woke up in recovery and was given the pain pump. I have a pretty good tolerance for pain but I also do not want to experience pain so I pressed that little button every time I got the green light. Dr. Gill has his patients spend the night in the hospital and are then released the next day. I really liked this that way my hubby could rest easy andknew that I was being taken care of.

and the next day.....

July 7, 2016, 2 days po: My catheter and pain pump were taken out sometime early morning. 6ish? Don’t really remember because I just was kinda in and out of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get released to go home because I couldn't pee. Also trying to pee with this CG on was not easy. Not really sure what happened because I was drinking all day since I had severe cotton mouth, super dehydrated. Anyway, somewhere around 1am my bladder decided to wake up, thank goodness.

Day 3

July 8, 2016, 3 days po: Dr. Gill came by to see me before I was sent home. The hospital was kind and gave me and extra CG and surgical bra. My mother and my sister picked me up from the hospital and took me home. I’ve had quite a bit of nausea really just retching but nothing ever really came up (sorry TMI) I guess because there wasn’t any food in my stomach. My sister had a walker she let me use which was a life saver for me.

Day 5

July 11, 2016, 5 days po: My mother is coming over this week to make sure I eat and help in general. I basically move from one chair to another. Walking, even with the walker is not fun. My back is killing me! And this CG is OK but trying to pee thru the hole without the pee going everywhere is a challenge. So I decided to buy a female urinal, paid extra to get 1 day shipping but I have to say it was well worth the money spent. I don’t have an appetite but am forcing food down only because I know I need the nourishment.

Day 8

July 14, 2016: OK, don’t judge but I took my fist shower today. I mean really, I haven’t been doing anything except sitting around, moving from chair to chair so I didn’t really feel the need to rush the shower thing. My sister came over with a shower chair which was once again a lifesaver. I’m not sure I could have taken one without it as my back is killing when I stand for more than 5 minutes. But I will say that shower felt so good.

Day 9

July 15, 2016: I had my first post op appointment and to my surprise I got the approval to get my drains out. Boy, I totally wasn't expecting that. My Dr. also said to start trying to walk upright now. So, I have ditched the walker and and am trying to walk a little more upright. Not easy, as I am so tight.

And the recovery continues..........

July 21, 2016 15 days po: I took a nice long shower today. Before I took a shower I decided I wanted to see how much I weighed even though I was told not to get on the scale just yet. I weigh nearly everyday so not getting on the scale was hard for me. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised, 148. Whoohooo! Back to the shower, I was a little nervous just because my backs hurts from too much standing and even though these CG are a pain and sometimes get uncomfortable but I much prefer wearing them than not. I even managed to snap a few pictures of this battered and bruised body. Ugggh, I don’t really like looking at it, kinda depressing. It is not a pretty picture right now.

Day 17

July 23, 2016; Last weekend I decided I was tired of sleeping in the recliner and wanted to try sleeping in the bed. Well that didn’t work out to well. Had to get up and go pee but could get up without help so I had to wake hubby, I hated to but no choice. This happened twice and I can never seem to empty my bladder with this CG on or maybe its just that I am drinking that much water, who knows. Anyway, hubby told me I needed to go back to the recliner. He said he was a afraid he was going to rollover and snuggle with me and hurt me. So back to the recliner I go. I’m tired of sleeping by myself.

So the next night I decided I wanted to try again sleeping in our bed again last night. Worked out pretty good I was able to get in and out by myself. My mom told me how to do it. Roll on your side, pull your knees in and using your the opposite arm put it next to your shoulder that is on the mattress and push off. Worked like a charm. I’m sure someone has mentioned that but I just don't remember. I must sleep on my back for 6 weeks due to the implants. Still got up to go pee but at least I didn’t wake hubby.

Day 26

July 29, 2016: I had my 4 week post op appointment. Dr. said everything looked good. He asked me what I have been doing and my answer was moving from the chair to the couch back to the chair, I’m in recovery mode. He laughed. My tape is still on and he said if it’s not bothering me to just leave it. Of course after that appointment I have noticed some itching in one spot on my hip but I have picked of the tape where it is itching me on my skin. Otherwise no issues and the tape is still on.

WOW, I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks. My how time flies when you are having fun. Hubby says I am walking funny. Clearly he doesn’t understand how tight I am. It is getting better but the transition from sitting to standing is the hardest. On a positive note I’ve been really watching what I eat and the scale is showing it. My weight is down to 142. So I pretty pumped about that. I can’t wait to go shopping for new/fun clothes.

I have to say the recovery hasn't really been that bad. But I am a firm believer in taking it easy and not rushing things. It also helps that I don't have any kids at home. The only person I have to take care of is me and my furry child who sleeps alot.

8 wks.....

At my 6 week check up and got the all clear to not wear these compression garments. I took them off as soon as I got home and haven’t looked back. I wore them religiously for 6 weeks and am so glad to be rid of them.

I really can’t believe its been 8 weeks. I don’t have a lot to report other than it definitely is a slow process. I still have a little swelling on the inside on my thigh and knee so the Dr. suggested that I try doing some lymphatic massages. I got the first session free. I decided to do 4 sessions and see how it goes before I continue but I’m thinking that is all I will do. The nurse says it just helps speed up the process. I just finished the 3rd one today. I feel like it has improved a little. I am able to cross my legs without any pain.

I decided I needed to get back on the band wagon and start exercising, we have an elliptical so I started with that this week. Who knew you used your abs and core for that? I could definitely feel my abs so I opted not to use the arms. My weight is steady at 140 -141. Now to work on toning.

11 wks and the fun begins.....

Sept 21, 2016

Last week hubby convinced my to buy some a new swim suit. He's ready to start using the hot tub again. Weather should be getting a little cooler in the evenings. So I took his advice, I mean when hubby says you need to go shopping, then you go shopping. I have never had fun bathing suit shopping but this was loads of fun. The sales lady just kept bringing me more to try on. Anyway I came home with 3 swim suits. One 1-piece and 2 bikinis. I don’t think I have ever worn a bikini before. And that lovely scar, it is totally hidden by my bikini. Kudos to Dr. Gill! I had so much fun modeling them for hubby. He too is very impressed with Dr. Gill’s work. He’s says that was the best money he ever spent.

I’m still having pain when I sneeze but I can deal with it. I just didn’t realized I would still have the pain.

12 weeks

Sept 28, 2016

On the eve on my 12 week mark I got a lovely surprise from Dr. Gill and his staff. A nice bouquet of flowers and a sweet note. Boy was I surprised. He’s is the best!

If anyone is one the fence about this I say just do it. You may experience a little pain and some uncomfortableness but I found that it passes quickly and it is so worth it. I know that once you make the decision to have the surgery you are ready to get it done but for your own sake don’t rush into it without throughly researching and interviewing Dr’s. I cannot stress that enough. Take it from someone who had to have their BA re-done. Life is good and I am over the moon so happy!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gill is undoubtedly an exceptional Dr. He is very attentive and listens to your questions and concerns and takes his time, I have never felt rushed. He is very kind and gentle. In addition, all the ladies in the office from the receptionist to the patient coordinator to the nurses are the sweetest ladies. All are so caring. Dr. Gill and his staff get an A+++ rating in my book.

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