67 Year Old with Sagging Eye Brows, Deep 11's, Bags Under Eyes, Sagging Mid Face, Jowls, and Double Chin! - The Woodlands, TX

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My journey has just begun. This site is wonderful...

My journey has just begun. This site is wonderful and has helped me tremendously.
I interviewed three plastic surgeons in The Woodlands Texas and three plastic surgeons downtown Houston Texas. I choose my Doctor, Thomas P. McHugh, M.D, PLLC, based on several categories. Type of procedure was very important. Dr McHugh performs brow lift endoscopic which is less evasive. Board Certified and number of years as a plastic surgeon gave me confidence in his practice. He was honest and upfront with me from the first meeting. His concerns were meeting my expectations. His experience with face/neck lift, and Lower Blepharoplasty was outstanding. Cost was a factor but not the most important. He was not the most expensive nor the cheapest so I felt comfortable with the cost. Dr McHugh also uses my own fat cells and blood to produce Platelet Fillers to be used mid face and under eyes. My own platelets will maximize quicker healing and compatibility. Dr McHugh and his entire staff are very professional but yet personable. He is a Godly Man with an eye for detail and perfection. How do I know he is a perfectionist? At one of my visits with Dr McHugh, he was distracted by a picture behind me that was crooked. He apologized and walked behind to straighten the picture. I made my final decision that day. My husband was puzzled why that picture deal influenced me. Most men would not even notice a crooked picture, but he did and it bothered him. I'm the same way and I know what attention I give to detail so if he will give that same attention and perfection to my face he will be my Hero! Time is drawing close. I am scared and excited. I don't sleep a lot of nights and worry as each of you have. Your posts have been so helpful and educational! Please take me under your wings of what is to come. Please pray for me and Dr McHugh. My brow lift,face/neck lift and lower Blepharoplasty is scheduled for July 29th. I will post again with pictures.

Awaiting Surgery July 29, 2016

HOW DID IT GO? Surgery on 8-1-2016

Surgery 8-1-2016! Surgery originally scheduled 7-29-16, but Dr McHugh had a death in his family and had a slight schedule change. You all remember how my journey chose #1 Plastic Surgeon Dr Thomas P McHugh to be my surgeon! He is an amazing Plastic Surgeon with skills of an artist and a Godly man with compassionion and kindness as his bedside manner!
8-1-2016, Dr McHugh entered pre-op room focused and confident to start his and my expectation! The journey had already developed complete faith in this man! We took my hand and my husbands with his strong but yet humble touch and spoke with God in prayer for his success and my speedy recovery! Yes, I closed my eyes in complete PEACE!
Awakened in Recovery, but I only remember moving to my hospital room where my husband and daughter were anxiously awaiting our reunion after a 5 hour surgery and 2 hour recovery! This surgery was a piece of cake ! You ask me how did it go, well I am posting pre op pictures and post op pictures. You decide and tell me how you think the surgery went? Don't forget we are still work in progress with bruising and swelling but on post Day 10 , I am so excited to see our completed journey of healing!


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