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So after reading so many reviews and stories, I...

So after reading so many reviews and stories, I thought this would be a great place for me to share my upcoming experience as well! I went to see a rheumatologist in early June because I was getting some severe back pain and joint pain in my knees and hands. My mom went with me (she sees the rheumatologist, too) and the Doc said that I should see a plastic surgeon because the symptoms I listed didn't point to Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Fast forward a week, my mom and I went to see Dr. Thomas Shannon in The Woodlands, because of all the PS's our insurance (Aetna) referred us to, he had the most experience. He looked me over and measured my breasts. Turns out my right is bigger than the left (35cm R, 32 cm L). He told me that I am a good candidate for the surgery, but that I may need to get some support letters from my primary care physician and--even better--my rheumatologist. Lucky me, my follow up with my rheumatologist was pushed to two days after this consultation. My dad went with me to my follow up with my rheumatologist and we found out that I have spondyloarthropathy. Basically, it's a joint disease that can even affect the eye (which it already has) and my spine will be prone to begin curving forward. Well since I have such huge breasts, I'm helping the disease by hunching over!
I'm a 38G, have been active all my life up until college; I kinda let myself go. But then, my dad helped me get into CrossFit, which has been a huge blessing. Well, while CrossFit is super intense and it has helped me lose fat, it didn't help my bust shrink at all. Then while running I get this super sharp pain in my lower back. Well no wonder! The space in my vertebrates are shrinking! Of course I'm going to be in pain.
For some reason, I never put the pieces together: neck pain, rash under my bust from sports bras, back pain, and migraines. I always hated going shopping, so I knew my boobs were at fault for that, but I never associated all the pain with my boobs. Knowledge is power!
My mom and I have been worried that insurance won't cover the surgery. I got both of my doctors to send in support letters saying that the surgery would be a huge benefit. Also, a weird thing about our insurance, my mom has been chronically ill with multiple things and the way our insurance is set up is that if we meet all of our out of pocket and deductible expenses, then everything afterwards is covered.
So I am happy to report that we called our insurance and inquired about the status...they approved it!! So now it's just communication between insurance, the PS, and me! I am so happy!

The only thing I am worried about now is having to prepare for the school year. I just got a teaching position in Austin, so I have to move pretty soon, and I need this surgery done so I'm not in any more pain while I'm teaching. It's so much at the same time. But I believe that it can be done! If you have any tips for me about the surgery or recovery, please please share!
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